The Keepers

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Chapter 69

Lynn Peterson was waiting for them at the private hangar in Chicago. If there were any bad feelings about working with Sebastian he did a good job of hiding it. Of course The Conductor had surely given instructions to take care of his star prodigy.

Houston was Lynn Peterson’s town, so the three men piled into his Suburban and headed toward the city. James had never been privy to any of the other members’ operations and had to admit he was a little excited himself. Even though Sebastian was the one who would be taking over for The Conductor, James would be along for the ride as well. As far as he knew, they would be the only two members in modern history to see multiple operations. He had been to Lynn’s office downtown on several occasions over the years, and even to his penthouse a few times. But showing his own personal workspace to another member had to feel like an invasion of sorts.

James had no idea where they were heading, but it had to be uptown somewhere. They were weaving in and out of traffic impressively until they finally came to a stop. Lynn put the car in park and exited the vehicle. James was confused at first, but then it hit him. Of course. Lynn was about to make them both put on blindfolds. He didn’t blame him. If he was anything like James, he had gone to great lengths to keep this place a secret from the world. He might have to do what The Conductor says and share information with the two of them, but he didn’t have to give up the location. Smart move.

Lynn finally walked around to the passenger door and opened it himself.

“I was wondering when you would get to this part”, James said with a smile. “Come on Sebastian, you know the drill. Don’t worry Lynn, the kid is used to blindfolds by now.”

“Get out”, Lynn said without a hint of a smile.

After immediately recognizing that he wasn’t joking, James became incensed. “What is the meaning of this? You heard what The Conductor said! The instructions were very clear. You are to show Sebastian your operations and treat him like your own recruit for the next few days. Now get in the car and let’s go!”

Lynn didn’t move from his position but did nod at the two men approaching him from behind.

“Yes, James, the instructions were clear. I am to show SEBASTIAN my operation. Not you. My security team will escort you upstairs and make sure you have everything you need while we’re gone. I’ll let you know when we’re on our way back to town. Until then, relax. Enjoy yourself. My wife is out of town so you have the place to yourself. Mike and Raymond here will take good care of you.”

Seeing that he had no choice, James got out of the car without another word, and followed Lynn’s security team into the building.

Lynn got back into the car and turned to Sebastian. “Well, what are you waiting for? Get in the front seat. We’ve got a lot to cover and only a short time to get it done.”

Sebastian did what he was told and got in the front seat of the Suburban. As he buckled up, Lynn pulled away from the curb and back on the road again. For the second time this month, he was heading to an unknown location to learn secrets that would shape the future of business and world politics. As that thought crossed his mind, he had to smile, imagining the scene back at the garage, as Alex and Stephen were listening in on the whole thing.

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