The Keepers

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Chapter 7

“Welcome back folks. We’re still here with our panelists. I’m hoping that commercial break gave everyone a chance to catch their breath and calm down.” TV talk show host Charles Kramer welcomes back his national audience to a fierce debate that is being had on every 24 hour news channel this week.

“I may have caught my breath, Charles, but I’m still far from calm,” replied conservative columnist Edgar Murray. “The left just doesn’t get it. This guy doesn’t understand diplomacy. He’s laughing at us right now. The only thing a thug like Mombozi understands is brute force. But this administration wants to talk to him. Yeah, good luck with that.”

Sarah Paulson, the editor of Progressive Weekly, a leading liberal leaning magazine, had to speak up.

“That’s where you’re wrong Edgar. That’s what the right doesn’t understand about guys like Mombozi. Sure, they’re brutal, ruthless dictators who have fought and killed thousands of their own people to get where they’re at, but force is not the only thing they understand. Money is what drives a man like him. You can go in and bomb his country, killing thousands of innocent civilians in the process, and maybe even take him out. But you know as well as I do that another Mombozi is waiting in the wings to take his place. With even more motivated soldiers by his side after they watch us kill their families and neighbors.”

“So what do you suggest, Sarah? Pay him off? Brilliant.”

“No, I’m talking about pressuring the oil companies to stop doing business with him. That’s the only pressure he would respond to. Without the billions that he is bringing in yearly from them, he’s nothing more than a common criminal.”

“That would take years to make any difference to him, and would probably give him all the excuse he needs to carry out the inevitable.”

Show host Charles Kramer faces the camera and says, “For those of you just joining us, I’m here with Sarah Paulson, editor of Progressive Weekly and Edgar Murray, conservative columnist whose work can be read in just about every newspaper in America. We are of course discussing the disturbing news that was first reported by our own Cynthia Williams, that the countries of Marwan and Everland have reached a deal, that would provide Everland with much needed oil imports and revenue and would provide nuclear technology to Marwan. The latter is the topic of concern for the rest of the civilized world at the moment, and is of course our topic today. Now, Edgar, your article this morning, I think perfectly stated the fears that most of us are having today. And that’s the fact that, nuclear technology in the hands of a man like Echo Mombozi is extremely dangerous to the rest of the world, his neighboring countries especially.”

“First off, let’s cut the crap. Nuclear technology? Who are they kidding? Jacobsen flat out sold Mombozi nuclear weapons. They can’t come out and say that, of course. They have to go through with the pretense that they are interested in nuclear power plants for energy purposes, but even Sarah has to admit that’s bogus.”

“Of course it’s bogus. Jacobsen is desperately trying to save his own skin, and has put the rest of the world in danger. And the fact that he did so without consulting his so called allies shows that he knew what he was doing was disastrous. No, Mombozi is not interested in nuclear technology. He wants nuclear weapons, and he may or may not already have it.”

“He has it already, trust me. He’s not giving up that much cash and interest in his oil fields for the possibility of nuclear weapons.”

“Agreed. But that’s not the issue now. The deal is done. What is the world’s response going to be? That’s what he’s waiting on.”

“There’s only one response. We have to take him and his regime out now. Today. Not next week, not next month, now. Before it’s too late.”

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