The Keepers

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Chapter 70

“Hah!”, exclaimed Alex. “Did you hear that? Peterson is taking him to his hideout now.” Stephen had never seen his friend so excited. He couldn’t blame him though. Sebastian was really doing it. He was going into the lion’s den and if all went right, he would be bringing back footage of everything he saw. Just the conversations that they had overheard were unbelievable, but if Sebastian was actually able to bring back video of Lynn Peterson’s operations, Alex and Stephen would be the only people on the planet who weren’t members to see the inner workings of ‘The Keepers’.

At least the only people who lived to tell about it. Before he could think about that too much, Alex shook him out of his trance and handed him a cold beer.

“Cheers, Stephen. I’d say we deserve a little celebration. If they were going to discover any devices on Sebastian he wouldn’t have made it this far. Can you hear what they’re saying now?”

Both of them turned their ears closer to the speaker to try and make out what Sebastian and Lynn were talking about. After deciding that it was nothing more than friendly conversation they relaxed a little and took a seat.

“You know, we’ve spent the last decade or more working on this project”, Stephen said. “I don’t know if I ever really thought we would get to this point though.”

“We haven’t gotten there yet, but I know what you’re saying. We’re not at the finish line, but we can damn sure see it from here.”

“Amen.” Stephen raised the beer bottle for a toast before continuing. “Here’s to Sebastian. Who knew that it would take a twenty two year old college student to bring down ‘The Keepers’?”

Alex paused before touching his bottle to Stephen’s. “We can’t forget about Anthony. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be here right now. That’s a fact.”

“Amen again. Maybe when all of this is over, and the light is shone on ‘The Keepers’, Anthony will be able to come home and celebrate with us.”

The two friends toasted again.

“Just one problem with that though”, Alex responded.

“What’s that?”

“We have absolutely trashed this garage.”

They both laughed and downed the rest of their beer. Stephen got up to go get another round as Alex turned his attention back to the speaker and the conversation between Sebastian and Lynn Peterson. They weren’t saying anything at the moment, so the only sounds they could hear were a low static sound from the speaker and a car that was parked outside being started up and driving off. Alex looked out the window to see if it was anybody outside the garage, but all he saw was the taillights of a dark sedan pulling away down the street.

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