The Keepers

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Chapter 71

As they were heading towards Lynn’s secret location, Sebastian couldn’t help but feel something different about this trip. There were no pills to knock him out, no blindfolds to keep him from seeing where they were going. And the way that Lynn was talking to him wasn’t the same as James. He felt a teacher/student relationship with James, whereas he almost felt like an equal being around Lynn. He guessed it could be as simple as the difference in their personalities, but he didn’t think so. From his conversations with James about this trip, he knew that The Conductor arranged all of this, and that it was highly unusual for a recruit to be mentored by multiple members.

As he was busy trying to process all of this, he noticed Lynn pulling into what looked like a plain old warehouse. They weren’t exactly in the middle of nowhere like James’ silo, which was surprising considering how much secrecy and privacy was valued in their group.

Lynn pushed a button from a remote inside his car and a bay door opened on the side of the building. He pulled inside and the door closed behind them. He then drove around to a back corner of the building until he was between two half walls. He signaled for Sebastian to follow him and get out of the car. Once they did, Lynn pulled out his keys and pressed a button, which prompted a third half wall to slide in front of the car, then a hydraulic roof system came down over the top of the whole thing. The whole process took only ten seconds or so, but the result was that there were no traces of a vehicle inside the empty warehouse.

Sebastian began to look around for servers and file cabinets such as the ones he found in the silo, but didn’t see anything like that. Lynn was walking towards a door near the back of the building so Sebastian began to follow him. He stopped halfway there when he noticed the sign on the door read ‘Restroom’. Lynn opened the door and entered, so Sebastian waited outside until he was finished. After a couple of seconds, Lynn opened the door and asked, “Well, are you coming are what?”

At this point nothing was surprising him, so he walked into the restroom as well. It looked just like a regular bathroom, so Sebastian was starting to wonder what was really going on here. Lynn opened the one stall and waited until Sebastian entered, then closed the door. He then pushed a button on the inside of the stall and the part of the floor that they were standing on suddenly started to descend. When they reached the bottom, he looked up to see that a panel had slid across to cover the hole in the floor of the bathroom. If anyone had somehow broken into the warehouse and went in the restroom, all they would find would be an empty toilet stall.

“So, how does this compare to James’ hideout?”, a smiling Lynn Peterson asked. “Scratch that, we’re not supposed to ask any questions like that.”

“I have to say, this is impressive. You went to a lot of trouble to build this. You did all this yourself?”

“I sure did”, replied Lynn. “My dad was a contractor so I’m pretty good with my hands. I couldn’t exactly call a carpenter from the yellow pages to come do this could I?”

“I guess not.”

Even though the building’s location wasn’t the same as James’, once they were inside the actual workspace, it was eerily similar. Servers, monitors and metal file cabinets covered almost every square inch of the concrete floor.

“Okay, have a seat. I won’t bore you with the whole spiel that James had to give you when you first started. I’m sure you know by now what you’re getting yourself into. At least I hope you do.”

Sebastian pulled up a chair and for the second time this month began taking notes from a member of ‘The Keepers’.

As he furiously took notes of everything that he was hearing and seeing, he began to feel information overload. Then he remembered that he would be going through all of this again two more times after Lynn was through with him.

What was he getting himself into?

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