The Keepers

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Chapter 72

After a few hours, Lynn could tell that the kid had had enough. He tried to keep in mind all that he had taken in from James over the last several weeks and didn’t want to overwhelm him.

“Okay, I think we need a break. You’re starting to get this dazed look in your eyes. I need you sharp and focused. Let’s get some fresh air.”

Sebastian followed him to the makeshift elevator that they came down in, and the two men eventually made their way outside. He wasn’t sure that it was a good idea that they would be seen outside together. After all, the warehouse was in a fairly busy part of town. But Lynn didn’t seem too concerned about it.

“Are you sure it’s safe out here?”, Sebastian asked.

“Yeah, it’s fine”, Lynn replied. “This is actually an oilfield supply warehouse that I own. During business hours, there is actual work being done here. If anybody were to drive by, they would just see the boss outside talking to a potential new hire. You’ll learn kid, sometimes the best hiding places are right out in the open.”

It made sense to Sebastian. A normal observer wouldn’t think anything shady was going on if they saw two well dressed men standing around talking outside of a place of business.

“So is that part of my lesson today?”, Sebastian inquired. “I thought we were taking a break.”

Lynn laughed as he replied. “We are taking a break from the information overload, but learning never stops. It’s not just about the information in those file cabinets and servers, it’s how you carry yourself everyday. What you observe and what others observe when they see you. Make no mistake, this business we’re in is serious. The stakes are as high as they get. Every move you make is important.”

Sebastian nodded along as he was listening. He was under no delusion about how high the stakes were. Alex and Stephen had shown him enough to realize what would happen if he was discovered.

“Okay”, Lynn said, “break’s over. We don’t have much time. A few more days with me and then Marcus gets a hold of you. If you think James’ tech talk and my energy lessons are boring, wait until Marcus starts in with the pharmaceutical side. You’ll be main lining coffee just to stay awake.”

Sebastian wasn’t exactly looking forward to that either, but he tried to keep his focus on his real objective. He wasn’t here to learn the ropes of ‘The Keepers’. He was here to infiltrate them and use any information they gave him to bring them down.

So he got back to work.

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