The Keepers

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Chapter 73

It was now Marcus’ turn with Sebastian. This was the one that he was dreading. He could obviously stay interested when training with James. Tech was his field after all. Training with Lynn was interesting too. They talked a lot about the advancements in oil and gas technology. He had no idea some of the techniques used today were so high-tech. Petroleum engineering was a popular major these days. He was actually looking forward to part four of the training when he would meet up with Will Kellerman and learn about the military and weapons industry.

But medicine? He tried to talk himself into getting excited about it, but just couldn’t do it. Marcus’ dry personality didn’t help. Neither did the fact that he had spent a month straight cramming as much information into his head as possible.

Now here he was. His disinterest at first was now replaced with confusion and frustration. He could understand ‘The Keepers’ withholding their knowledge from the world when it came to tech and energy, but sitting on information that they knew could save lives was infuriating to Sebastian. Countless epidemics could have easily been averted if they had chosen to do so. But as Marcus kept saying, almost defensively so, ‘The Keepers’ mission always came first. He noted that they always eventually released the solution, and a lot sooner than the first time around, before the ‘Event’.

Sebastian still wasn’t sure about that, but kept it to himself. They obviously convinced themselves that they were doing the right thing, for the greater good. He imagined that most members, if not all had sleepless nights over the years. He just wondered if these men held secrets that would solve some of today’s problems and if and when he would have access to that information.

That thought made him stop cold. It was something that he, Alex and Stephen had never discussed. What if in the process of exposing ‘The Keepers’, they unwittingly destroyed life-saving information and knowledge forever? He could easily see this group, after being discovered, destroying all files and records of their existence. That was something that he needed to discuss with his two partners as soon as possible.

But for now he had to concentrate on learning as much as possible. When the topic of nanotechnology came up in regards to medicine, he finally became interested. This technology was already being used but the future potential of this was mind blowing. It was of course a ‘Keeper’ product so they had the blueprints and controlled all the patents involved in its use. The patent system was also a ‘Keeper’ product and quickly became a very useful tool in keeping independent researchers from getting an upper hand on the group.

Throughout the years, lawyers had become just as big a part of ‘The Keepers’ success as new innovations. As people outside the group became more and more successful in inventing new products, lawyers hired by the group were paid very well to remain discrete. Patent lawyers had prevented thousands of new ideas from hitting the market before ‘The Keepers’ could figure out a way to get control and use it to their advantage.

Sebastian was becoming sincerely interested in the subject of nanotechnology. So much so that during a break with Marcus he brought up an idea.

“So Marcus, what are the chances of actually seeing you guys in action? I trained with James in tech and Lynn in the energy sector, but it was basically just the history of the group in regards to those subjects. They didn’t show me anything about their actual day to day activities. I’d be really interested to see how you guys implement your knowledge in real world situations. Do you think that would be okay?”

Marcus, ever the cautious one, took his time thinking before responding.

“Hmm, that’s actually a good question. I think that would actually be very beneficial. I’d have to check with my colleagues first. Give me a second.”

Marcus walked away and pulled out his phone. He made four different phone calls, though Sebastian couldn’t hear any of the conversations. He had to figure the first three were to the other American members. The last had to be to the man they called The Conductor. Although he couldn’t hear exactly what was said, he could tell his tone changed for the last call.

Finally, he hung up and walked back to where Sebastian was waiting.

“Alright, it’s a plan. After you’re done here, you’ll go to Will for your basic training for our military history. That will be the end of your initial training. After that, we’ve decided that it would be a good idea for you to trail us during our daily routine. See what our jobs really entail. You’ll start in the same order you began. James will get you for a week, then Lynn, myself and lastly Will. But first, let’s finish up here.”

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