The Keepers

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Chapter 76

The Conductor decided to give the kid a break for a few days. He had just crammed years worth of information into the last month. He had to be exhausted. But he couldn’t rest for too long. Wheels were in motion now that couldn’t be stopped. So a few days after he got home, Sebastian was back on the road with James Ellison.

Gone were the blindfolds and the secrecy. He was one of them now. The Conductor had been clear. Sebastian had a good background of what the group did in the past and what their plans for the future were. Now it was time to show him what his new life would be like.

Considering what happened when James visited his workplace, Sebastian was even more cautious as he entered the doors of SandCorp. He knew he was on James’ home turf now and was on guard for any suspicious activity.

James met him in the lobby and they went to his private elevator for the ride up to the executive floor level. If he was trying to impress him, it worked. This was a Fortune 500 company and they spared no expense in the décor. Since it was a tech company and most of it’s employees were under forty, it wasn’t your typical corporate headquarters. High definition displays were everywhere. State of the art security features seemed to be everywhere you looked. Since he had obviously activated the anti-tracking software on his phone before arriving, he was actually excited to test it out here. If there was ever a place that would find holes in his system, it would be here.

They finally made it to James’ office, but only stayed briefly to grab a notepad from his desk. As accomplished and innovative as James Ellison was, he was apparently still old school when it came to taking notes. Sebastian was amazed but he could see the logic behind it. It’s a lot harder to hack into a notepad than a smartphone.

When they finally got to their destination, Sebastian was surprised once more. They walked into what had to be the research and development wing of SandCorp. It was a large room taking up an entire floor of the building. Everything was so white and clean. There seemed to be four separate groups working on different projects at the same time. He followed James to one of the groups in the corner.

“Good morning guys”, James said in greeting the group of engineers working on what appeared to be some type of drone device. “I want to introduce you all to Sebastian Cosgrove. He’s going to be working on some projects for me for the next couple of weeks. Sebastian, these are just a few of the best engineers the world has to offer. What are you working on today?”

Two of the engineers glanced at each other uneasily before answering, not sure what all they were allowed to talk about.

“Good morning Mr. Ellison, Mr. Cosgrove. This is one of the drones that we have been working on. As you know, we are trying to increase the altitude in which this can work effectively. The higher the elevation we can achieve also helps our stealth ability that we are working on as well.”

Sebastian was already intrigued. “So if you’re trying to increase visibility and range by gaining altitude, why not use satellites? Don’t they serve a similar purpose?”

“Generally speaking, they serve the same purpose, gathering information from above. But if you are wanting a macro vision of an area, satellites are the way to go. If you’re looking for a micro view though you’re going to need a drone. Not to mention the price tag is much cheaper. Satellite imagery will give you a broad view of an area, which is fine and ideal when you want to gather large amounts of data without getting too detailed. Take for instance a farmer. He or she can actually get use from both tools. Historical data about different growing seasons can be gathered quickly and on a large scale with satellites. But if they want to know day to day how their crops are doing, then drone technology is more effective.”

This made sense to Sebastian. “If you’re able to replicate some of a satellites capabilities and incorporate that into a drone I guess that would be more ideal. Especially in agriculture. Farmers can’t afford to launch their own satellites. But there probably aren’t many farmers now who don’t use some type of drone technology. If they had the data that a satellite could provide for the cost of a drone, that would be a game changer.”

“Exactly”, one of the engineers replied. “Not just in agriculture either. The uses would be endless. Numerous industries would cut costs and increase efficiency if we can perfect this technology.”

James Ellison finally interrupted. “Then it sounds like we shouldn’t hold you guys up any further. Sebastian, let’s go. We have more people to bother today. Good day ladies and gentlemen.”

Sebastian said goodbye and followed James out the front door. While they were talking to that particular group of engineers, he never noticed the group in the corner. When James Ellison announced the name Sebastian Cosgrove, all the members of that group quietly exited the research floor, taking their work with them. As Sebastian and James left however, they returned to their work of trying to duplicate his anti-tracking software.

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