The Keepers

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Chapter 77

After a couple of days with James, he was once again back with Lynn. He remembered the outside of the downtown Houston office from the last time he met Lynn, but this time he actually walked inside the main lobby. Lynn was there waiting on him as expected. But instead of walking up to his office, Lynn surprised him by leading him to the garage and into his jacked up pick up truck.

“Let’s go for a ride”, Lynn announced as they entered the garage. “The office is nice, but in this business, the field is where the action is.”

Sebastian didn’t say anything, just jumped in the passenger side and prepared himself for a long ride. He was surprised however about how quickly the city disappeared once you left downtown. It didn’t take long and they were driving down a gravel road with multiple drilling rigs and pump jacks in sight. Will waved at a security guard and they passed through without stopping. He obviously was well known around here.

They pulled up to a rig where a lot of activity was going on. Roughnecks, covered in dirt and grease were everywhere. One of the supervisors recognized Will and came over to greet them.

“Will, what brings you out here? Come to get your hands dirty?”, the old company man joked.

“You know better than that Frank”, Will replied. “I’m showing my protégé here around the field. Sebastian this is Frank. Frank, Sebastian.”

Sebastian shook the man’s well calloused hands in what could only be described as a death grip of a shake.

“Don’t let him fool you Sebastian. He might look like a tough old snake, but he can put that drill bit anywhere we ask him to miles below the ground.”

“Better not forget it Will”, laughed the old man. “I’ll remember that when my contract is up. Is there anything I can show you? Not much going on. Just a cement job right now.”

“Nah, just riding around, showing him what it’s like out here. We’ll get out of your hair. Or what’s left of it. Take it easy Frank.”

The old man walked back to his office trailer and Lynn and Sebastian drove away. They drove a few more miles down the road before turning down yet another gravel road. This time the only people they saw were standing at the tailgate of a pickup truck staring down at a tablet that one man was holding. They looked up as Will and Sebastian drove up.

“Will, just in time”, one of the men called out. “Come look.”

They got out of the truck and joined the men. After quick introductions their attention went to the tablet as well.

“Look at this. See these areas in red? They should actually be in green, because this is the mother lode.” The men were obviously excited about what they were looking at, which was apparently an unknown oil reserve underneath them.

Will let out a slow whistle before replying. “Damn boys. You found it this time. Come look Sebastian.”

He tried to follow along while the men explained the technology that was being used. Seismic reflection imaging was being used to find previously unknown reserves without actually having to drill the wells first. So called ‘wildcatting’ was a thing of the past. Equipment and manpower was so expensive that companies wanted to know for sure before investing in wells.

“So how does this work”, Sebastian asked curiously.

“We send many advanced sensors to pass through rocks deep underground. Using that we can get a picture of that seismic activity. We then use that data to produce a geological map of that area. Then our scientists in the lab take these maps and visualize and interpret these images to determine where our best chances for success lie.”

“And you can tell from this screen that this is going to be a good location?”

“Me? No, not at all. But these images are being shared with our team in the lab right now and they are really excited about the possibilities here.”

Sebastian knew enough about the oil and gas industry that he understood the implications. In an area this large, if they could tap into a new reservoir, they could stand to make billions of dollars in just this one area. He now understood why ‘The Keepers’ were so heavily involved in this business.

After a few more minutes of talking with the men, Will announced it was time to leave. They made a few more stops before getting back on the interstate and heading back downtown. Sebastian was quiet on the ride back and Will noticed.

“Something on your mind kid? I know it’s a lot to take in, but I figured you’d get a kick out of that.”

“No, it’s not that. That was really interesting stuff. But I have to ask. Shouldn’t the technology be more focused on renewable energy? You guys have to know how bad fossil fuels are for the environment right? Did your group have to deal with anything like global warming in the past?”

Will thought about how to answer. “I understand where you’re coming from, I really do. And yes, we obviously have interest in renewable energy sources. There will come a time where we reveal more and more renewable technology to the world. But right now we are still in the age of oil. It’s the end of the oil age, but we still have to go by the plan. As far as global warming goes, again, you just have to trust in the groups plan.

Sebastian should have known that ‘The Keepers’ would already have green energy technology. The fact they sat on it for profit was no surprise either. He was already tired of hearing about ‘the plan’ that this group and The Conductor supposedly had.

The more he learned about this group the more he knew that he was making the right decision to destroy them.

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