The Keepers

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Chapter 78

Marcus was surprisingly welcoming when Sebastian showed up for his tour of the facilities. Out of all the ‘Keeper’ members, Sebastian saw more of himself in Marcus than the others. He was dedicated to his mission as a member but also seemed to be passionate about the medical field and all of the advancements that were being made. Sebastian didn’t have any proof but he imagined that Marcus questioned the actions of the group more than the other three members that he had been around.

“Sebastian, come in. I’m glad you came today. There’s actually some interesting work going on right now. Let’s go to the lab.”

Sebastian followed him down the hall and entered a clean room. He had to wash up and change into a special suit to enter the lab.

Once they entered a group of scientists seemed to be waiting for Marcus and Sebastian to arrive.

“Welcome Marcus”, one of the waiting scientists said. “I take it this is Sebastian?”

“Hi, yes, I’m Sebastian, nice to meet you all”. The usual greetings and introductions were made and Marcus took over.

“Do you remember what we talked about earlier? About nanotechnology? This is where all of that work is going. Ellie, why don’t you explain what you are working on?”

“Sure Marcus.” They were looking into what appeared to be the most advanced microscope Sebastian had ever seen. Luckily the images were being projected onto a screen on the wall.

“What you’re looking at here is actually a nanorobot. It is almost invisible to the naked eye but is equipped with enough sensors to be used to extract data from the air. There are infinite uses for nanotechnology but the most exciting uses for us are in delivering medicine directly to cells and diagnosing diseases at such an early stage that we can prevent and cure most fatal diseases.”

Sebastian had actually read a lot about nanotechnology recently. It really was a fascinating field. However there were just as many detractors out there as fans. Proponents of the technology pointed to the obvious good that it could be used for.

But there were just as many people out there pointing out the ethical issues involved in using nanotechnology. Instruments like the ones the scientists here showed him were reportedly being equipped with cameras and used for surveillance. Some doctors and scientists were even developing nanorobots to be injected into the body for supposed diagnosing of diseases. But it’s not a big leap to imagine the unethical uses of that technology by government and militaries around the world.

As if reading his mind, Ellie continued. “Yes, I am aware of the ethical issues with devices such as this. But we have to weigh the good and the bad. For me, I believe the good that can be done will far outweigh the bad. We just have to have trust that there is enough oversight from government officials to keep this from being abused.”

Sebastian wasn’t convinced but didn’t say anything. He thanked the scientists and followed Marcus out of the room.

“I know what you’re thinking”, Marcus said as soon as they were in the hallway. “Is our group using this technology for good or evil? Our intentions are always good. Even if they don’t always give that appearance.”

Sensing that Sebastian was still skeptical, he continued.

“Look, this technology is out there. Better that it’s in our hands than someone else’s right?”

Sebastian wasn’t so sure.

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