The Keepers

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Chapter 86

For the second time that week, all four American ‘Keeper’ members were assembled together. Well, almost all of them. They were still waiting on James to arrive. He was the unofficial leader of the American’s and was the person who called this meeting again. After several minutes of waiting, James Ellison walked in the door of his offices where his three colleagues are waiting. There was no secret location to meet up this time. They were well past that now.

“Gentlemen, let’s skip the pleasantries. I think we all know why I called you together. We need to address this situation once and for all.” James was visibly upset, which was definitely out of character for the usually laid back CTO of SandCorp.

“Have you heard from Sebastian yet?”, Lynn asked hesitantly.

“No, and our guys in the field haven’t seen him anywhere either. It looks like he’s just disappeared. He hasn’t shown up for work this week, but he at least called in and used his sick days.”

“Maybe he is actually sick then”, answered Marcus.

“Not likely. Our team swept his apartment and we checked his insurance records. He hasn’t checked into any hospital or visited any doctor. This can’t be a coincidence with everything that’s going on with The Conductor.”

“Speaking of. I’m guessing no word from him either?”, Lynn asked. “I haven’t heard from him.”

“No, but I have a feeling we will be hearing from him soon.”

The other three men looked around the room at each other in confusion before Marcus spoke up.

“How can you be so sure? We never have any warning as to when he’s going to call on us.”

“Well, the reason I was running late today was this. I was on the phone with our friends in Europe and Asia. There were two separate flights leaving Paris and Tokyo yesterday. According to our contacts in both airports, there were two very clear descriptions of two of the passengers. A young French woman with catlike green eyes and jet black straight hair was seen boarding a plane in Paris. Around that same time a young Japanese man with a shaved head was boarding a plane in Tokyo.”

“Okay, James, let’s say that it’s who you obviously think it is. So what? They both took a flight on the same day?”, Marcus queried.

“Both flights made two separate layovers that day. Passengers got off and on during both stops on both planes. But not our two passengers. They stayed on until the final destination. Which for both planes was the same place. LAX. Both passengers picked up their luggage, walked outside and waited for a cab. Neither passenger made contact with the other one while they waited. But neither were picked up by a cab. First, the French woman was picked up by someone driving a black Nissan Altima. After the luggage was put in the trunk, the same car pulled up to where the Japanese man was standing and he got in as well.”

Now that the picture was becoming more clear, there was just one question.

“Before you ask”, James continued. “No, we didn’t get a look at who was driving the car and we didn’t have anyone on the ground that could follow them after they left.”

“Shit, so they just got away?”, Lynn asked angrily.

“Well, luckily our contact at LAX is a pretty resourceful guy. He was able to write down the license plate number of the car and was actually able to place a tracking device on it before the car left the airport.”

“Great!”, exclaimed Marcus. “So we know who has them and where?”

“Yes and no. The car is registered to a young lady by the name of Anna Cooper.” James looked around the room to see if the name meant anything to them. After seeing blank looks in return he continued.

“Anna is actually the daughter of one of my employees, Glenn Cooper. You’ve all met him at some of our parties.”

More confused looks around the room as Marcus asked, “So, you had Anna pick them up?”

“No, unfortunately, I was unaware of all of this. But, what I am aware of is this. When my wife and I had the party where I approached Sebastian, I’ll give you guys one guess who his date was that night.”

“You’re kidding”, Lynn asked incredulously. “That’s either a huge coincidence or she’s working with them.”

“Or it’s her dad”, asked Marcus. “Didn’t you say he was the one who spoke so highly of Sebastian around you all the time James? How well do you know this Glenn Cooper?”

“It’s not Glenn, trust me. He’s a competent enough guy, but he’s not sharp enough to pull this off.”

Finally Lynn interrupted. “What are we talking about here? We know who picked them up and we have a tracking device in place. Let’s find out where she took them and who is pulling the strings of this operation. Maybe Sebastian isn’t involved at all.”

“That sounds great, but here’s the thing. Yes we know who the car is registered to but that’s about it. The tracking device was put in place, but it’s useless now.”

“Why is that?”, asked Lynn.

“It seems to have been destroyed using some highly effective anti-tracking software.”

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