The Keepers

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Chapter 88

Lynn, Will and Marcus continued to stare at the table in front of them. Neither had spoken a word since James answered his cell phone just a few minutes earlier. For that matter, James hadn’t spoken many words himself since accepting the call. Finally, he pressed the end button as the other three men in the room waited for his response.

“Well, what did he say?”, Lynn finally blurted out.

“The meeting is on for tomorrow. Same location as last time. Just one difference.”

“What?”, Marcus asked impatiently.

“We won’t be the only attendees. Apparently his new protégé will be joining us as well.”

“Maybe this is what we’ve been expecting. The Conductor will announce that Sebastian is taking over his role”, Marcus replied. “That’s what all this secrecy has been about.”

James mulled this over for a few seconds before replying. “Maybe. Maybe not.”

“What do you mean?”, asked Lynn. “What else could it be? The three of us only have a few months left anyway. He’s just making it official. Maybe The Conductor is ready to check out early and is going to leave Sebastian to handle the final transition.”

“Yeah, that makes sense to me”, answered Marcus. “What do you think James?”

“That sounds reasonable enough. And I hope you’re right. But ask yourselves this. Why include us at all? Like you said Lynn, we’re all going to be out in a few months. This has always been a need to know business. If I was in The Conductor’s position I would just give us as little information as was necessary for the transition and nothing more.”

“But you’re not The Conductor”, Lynn said, stating the obvious. “Who knows what’s going on his head.”

“You’re right on both counts”, James answered. “I’m not The Conductor. And no one in this room knows what he has planned for us tomorrow night. I just want us all to be prepared for every possible scenario.”

“I agree”, Marcus replied. “Hope for the best, plan for the worst.”

But neither of the men in the room wanted to imagine what the worst might include.

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