The Keepers

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Chapter 89

While the four current American ‘Keeper’ members were contemplating their next move and Conductor’s motives for tomorrow’s meeting, the three star recruits were already in the middle of laying out everything they’ve learned during their respective training around the globe. Alex and Stephen were furiously taking notes and transferring files that the recruits had taken from secret ‘Keeper’ locations all over the world. Even Pete was surprised by some of the revelations and information that was being presented to the journalist and professor. As per ‘Keeper’ protocol, even The Conductor himself didn’t know this inside information. As he sat in the corner of the room watching all of this unfold in front of him, he couldn’t help but take a moment to appreciate what was happening.

Not since ‘The Event’, had all of ‘The Keepers’ data and research been in the same room before. He still knew what had to be done, but he also knew how much he was throwing away in the process. As long as he had been around, his memory of those early days was still vivid. The gathering of information with all of his friends, the late night meetings, the arguing over what should be included and what shouldn’t. Friends like Keith and Raj, who, although they were right there with him collecting as much relevant data as they could get their hands on, still skeptical about the necessity of it. Right down to the last days. He tried not to think about how much they suffered during those last couple of days, but sometimes he couldn’t help it. Which was the main reason he always kept past, current and future members at an arms’ length.

There were always going to be sacrifices for the good of the group and therefore the world. There would be decisions he would have to make that would cause the deaths and suffering of a lot of people. It was with those thoughts in mind as he sat and watched another group of bright, dedicated people doing his bidding that he felt more resolute than ever that he was doing the right thing. And one thought in particular that was at the top of the list.

I can’t wait for this to be over.

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