The Keepers

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Chapter 91

Back at the garage, Stephen is furiously typing away on his laptop. He and Alex had been grilling the three young recruits for several hours now and they decided to give them a break. Now he was busy trying to take everything that they told them and put them into some kind of outline. There was way too much information to go through, so it was going to be his job to take enough of it and not overwhelm the public who would be reading it.

Pete mostly sat on the sidelines during all of this, only chiming in to fill in holes when necessary. Since he didn’t have access to all of the Keeper’s day to day operations, even he was surprised at some of the revelations that the recruits had learned over the past few months. Not surprised by the information, he knew all of that. But learning about all of the secret locations around the world and how the members maintained these secrets was fascinating to him. Even the founder of ‘The Keepers’ was sometimes astonished at how powerful they had become. Which made his decision to end it even easier for him.

“He’s on a roll now”, Alex said of Stephen. “This is where he excels. Taking all of this information and breaking it down for the average reader is what makes him a great journalist. They don’t make them like him anymore.”

Pete could only nod in agreement. He had no doubt that Alex and Stephen would put together a comprehensive piece on everything that ‘The Keepers’ were up to. They couldn’t know everything about it’s past because the current members didn’t know everything about it. Only he had that information. Some secrets were better left as secrets.

Alex looked over and saw Sebastian and Shin passed out on the couch and Marie doing the same in the recliner. He understood their exhaustion but knew that he couldn’t afford to do the same.

“I need some more coffee”, he mentioned to Pete. “Can I get you a cup?”

“No thanks, never touch the stuff.”

He watched as Alex went to the kitchen, then glanced at his watch. He grabbed his jacket and snuck out the back door unnoticed as always. He had what he hoped was one more meeting with ‘The Keepers’.

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