The Keepers

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Chapter 95

Pete lied to Sebastian. All of the secret locations belonging to ‘The Keepers’ weren’t destroyed. There was one left. However, this place didn’t hold any top-secret information or cutting-edge technology. This was a place that only he knew about. He came here to unwind, relax and just get away from all group business. For lack of a better word, this was home.

Of course, he never stayed here for very long. Alone with his thoughts was a scary place. When you’ve seen all that Pete has seen throughout the years, self-reflection was not your friend.

He took out a tablet and opened his browser. It didn’t take long to find what he was looking for. The first story was about a young man in Japan who was committed to a mental health institution after family and friends became worried about his mental well-being. Apparently, he had been posting bizarre messages on social media about shadow organizations controlling world affairs. When no one listened to him, he barged into the corporate office demanding to see an unnamed executive, who had been reported missing weeks ago.

There was a very similar story on a French news site, this one involving a young lady. The details were slightly different, but the end result was the same. She was locked away for further evaluation.

The last story was harder for Pete to read. An American named Sebastian Cosgrove was arrested after threatening his employers at Win-Tech when they told him that he was terminated. He had been making wild accusations about the recent purchase of the company by SandCorp and it’s former CTO James Ellison. Ellison recently retired and had been keeping a low profile for the last few weeks. But according Ellison’s wife, disappearing for weeks at a time was quite normal for her husband, and that she expected him home at any time.

The story took a weird twist though. When Cosgrove was being transported from his holding cell to a mental health facility, he escaped. He somehow commandeered a truck and made a run for it from the police. He ran off the road along the coastline and the truck plunged into the water. No body was found but he was presumed dead.

Pete smiled despite himself and could only whisper quietly, “You clever bastard.”

He got up from his bed and reached into a hidden compartment along the wall. He took out a bottle of pills that he always seemed to have with him. He looked into the mirror and something came over him. Instead of taking another dose, like he did every day, he took the cap off the bottle and dumped them in the trash. He then walked to his closet and pulled a mirror to the side. Behind it was shelves from the floor to the ceiling. Hundreds of bottles just like the empty one in his hand covered the shelves. He grabbed the trash can from the other room, sat it in front of the shelves and lit a match.

As flames jumped from the trash can and reached the walls, carpet and clothes that were hanging in the closet, Pete calmly turned around and walked out of the room. He didn’t stop walking until he was outside sitting in his car. He stared at the flames as they grew larger and smoke billowed out the windows.

He pulled out of the driveway not knowing where he was heading next. But he knew one thing for sure.

His mission was now complete. Finally.

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