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The Unfolding Mystery

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Chapter 2

My travel diaries were always full. You might wonder that I am a vagabond without a destination. You are mistaken. I am a news- reporter who travels to the places of India to get information about the local people living there and film their lifestyle.

My film will be featured in a weekly program called “The Pride Of India.” By the way not only India, I’ve been to Paris, California, Geneva, Tokyo, Seoul and Melbourne to attend some conferences and get an idea about the works of famous journalists.

I always travel with Joyce, my cameraman. He takes charge of filming accurately my interviews with the locals and such kind. And of course, I take my Buddy and travel-partner Brown, the doggie everywhere I go.

Brown in an awesome fur-coated spaniel. He looks really adorable and cute. He was gifted to me by my aunt when I was ten years old and when it was two-weeks. It has grown tremendously and it’s appetite increased with it’s size. He has been with me throughout my five years of my traveling. And of course, my camera will always been with me. Apart from traveling, I take a lot of photographs. You should see my happiness when my picture got selected for the annual magazine’s cover.

This is all my life. Travel, News, Photography and Brown. This was all I knew.

“Ms. Mia Elizabeth?“. There was a sudden call when I looked up from my desk in the office.

“Yes, Please?“. I answered. It was George, our helper in office since years. He was old and kind. His wrinkles were visible but his smile never faded.

“Ms. Mia, you have been called to the manager’s cabin urgently.”

“Urgently?” I asked a bit surprised. Since I never received any urgent calls from the day I joined office.

“Yes, Rose is calling you to her cabin right now.”

“Okay, Thank you. I will be right there.”

Rose was a smart officer. Everyone praised her for her efforts in bringing the news channel to the top of most viewed in India. We have been very proud of it as it was our first time since ages. Rose also surprised everyone by achieving this record in only two months since her recruitment. And of course, She was well respected among everyone.

As I walked towards the elevator, I received some from friendly glances from my colleagues Maya and Jack as if to ask what was going on. I gave them an assuring look and pointed out to tell them that I was going to Rose. They smiled and I stepped inside.

Maya and Jack have always been my best friends in office. It was nice to trust them and have a shoulder to cry. Maya is an year younger to me and Jack is a year elder. Yet, we were always the same. Hanging out on Friday Evenings for the weekly fair to have yummy burgers and a hot cup of natural tea freshly brought by the locals from the vast fields.

It is really nice experience.
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