The Lost She

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Chapter 7 Life changing events

Chapter 7
Next morning Avery woke up before everyone else as usual but today she was up way too early. She was a bit restless throughout the night but it wasn't anything new with her messed up sleeping routine. Even an hours sleep she appreciates it because sometimes she doesn't sleep at all.

Waking up early it's a habit she can't compress even if she tried though. She always has to wake up before everyone else to make breakfast, get the children's backpacks ready for school, make sure the geyser on and so forth.

The one thing she enjoys doing is waking Oliver up, seeing his handsome face every morning gets her through most mornings. She still hasn't told him that she likes him. Another part of her is that she's afraid she might lose him as a friend if she confesses her feelings to him, but time will tell.

She got out of bed and realized that she wasn't in her room. She wasn't even at home. Then she remembered that she slept in Casey's bedroom. She looked at her bestfriend who was sleeping so peacefully. She smiled walking to the bathroom and just rinsed her mouth since she didn't bring her toothbrush.

She had a lot on her mind this morning. She thought a lot about the little kids at the orphanage. Who was going to take care of them when she wasn't there? Michelle and Brianna would definitely not help them. She knew that she wasn't supposed to go back there but she just wanted to help. She quickly went back to the bedroom and wore her clothes from last night. She took her backpack and wrote a note for Casey letting her know that she'll be back later so she doesn't worry about her whereabouts.

It was around 4:45 when she left Casey's house. She decided to walk to the orphanage. It took her an hour and forty minutes to get there by foot. It would've been less if she took a cab but she forgot about the money she was given yesterday to catch a cab.

She turned the front doorknob and realized that it wasn't locked. If she doesn't check the doors then no one does and it's not safe sleeping with the doors unlocked. Teresa is the only one that checks but when she leaves early it's a problem. She walked inside and she already knew that everyone was still sleeping. The first thing she did was wash her hands then started making breakfast and their lunchboxes. She cooked Mrs. Welch's breakfast last since she wants all her meals still warm.

She went to get the kids backpacks ready, placing their lunchboxes and snacks inside. She put fresh name tags on their backpacks because they have the habit of removing them but she knows how kids are. They always play with things that are not toys.

She switched on the geyser so long.

Since it was still early to wake anyone up she cleaned the living room and it was spotless after she was done. She went to the bathroom and ran a bath for the first kids she was going to help bathe. She went to Claudia, Sierra and Charmaine's room and she found Charmaine in silent tears pressing her hand on her stomach.

"Hi sweetie, what's wrong? Are you feeling sick?" Avery asked her and she nodded. "Is it a tummy ache?" She asked her and she nodded still in tears. "Come with me, we'll take care of that." She said to her and they walked to the kitchen hand in hand. She picked up 5 year old Charmaine and sat her on the kitchen counter. She took out the medication from the cupboard and gave her a spoon of medicine for tummy aches.

They went back to the bedroom. Avery woke Sierra and Claudia and sent them to the bathroom while she did their beds and told Charmaine to sleep on top of the made up bed. She placed a light blanket on top of her once she laid down, so she can rest. She won't be able to go to school feeling like this. She went to the bathroom and checked on the two girls, they were already brushing their teeth.

She helped them take a bath after brushing their teeth. Once they were done, she cleaned the bathtub and ran another bunch of kids a bath. Everyone took a turn until all the kids were done and she went to give everyone of them breakfast and they sat in the living eating their food. Teresa came to work and she found Avery giving the kids their food.

"Good morning." Avery greeted her.

"Morning to you too. Are you okay? You never came back home yesterday, what happened?" Teresa asked worriedly.

"Don't worry about it Teresa, I'm here now that's what matters." She replied faking a smile to make her less worried. "By the way Charmaine is sick today. I gave her the tummy ache medicine so she's resting now." Avery said to her.

"Okay I'll check up on her. Just get ready for school, I'll pick up where you left off." Teresa said to her.

"After yesterday's incident, we were advised not to go to school so I have a few days off." She explained. While they were talking Brianna walked down the stairs looking terrible. She was also pressing her hand on her stomach. Teresa rushed towards her and held her in tact.

"Brianna what's wrong?" Teresa asked her.

"I have a terrible tummy ache. I've been throwing up so much that my throat is all sore now." She explained.

"Did you eat anything else except what we ate last night?" Teresa asked her and they walked to the kitchen and Avery poured her a glass of water. She drank it down.

"I ate those cookies that Michelle bought last week. It wasn't just me though." She replied.

"Did Charmaine also have them?" Avery asked her and she nodded.

"Including Michelle and Oliver. The four of us couldn't sleep last night so we came to the kitchen and ate some snacks, including those cookies." She explained. Avery went to check the cookie bucket and she realized that the cookies had already expired.

"The cookies are expired. That's why you're so sick." She said to her.

"Go and check on Oliver, I'll take Brianna up to their room and I'll also check on Michelle." Teresa said.

Avery hurried up to Oliver's room. He was in bed looking pale from throwing up. "Hey can you hear me?" Avery asked him sitting on his bed and held his hand.

"Ave..."He called her out.

"I'm here. You're going to be okay." She assured him, squeezing his hand.

She placed her hand on his forehead and his temperature was sky high. Avery knew that Oliver needed medical attention. His symptoms were worse than Brianna's and Charmaine's. Oliver quickly turned to his side and threw up a dark liquid on the floor and he laid back on the bed weakly. Avery was terrified now, so she took Oliver's phone on his bedside table and dialed 911. She explained that 4 of the kids here were sick from eating expired food. They let her know that they were coming to the orphanage soon.

She quickly walked to Mrs. Welch's bedroom and woke her up. She didn't want to worry about the ultimatum she gave her yesterday so she swallowed her fear of facing her again and just woke her up. Before her guardian could scold her she told her that Michelle and the others were very sick and that she called 911. When she heard that Michelle was part of the people that were sick she quickly got up and got dressed then went to check on her niece.

While they waited for the paramedics Avery walked the little kids to the bus stop so they don't have to witness the commotion at the house. They waited patiently for the bus and got on once it came. She waved goodbye at them and they left.

She walked back to the house and she found the paramedics doing their job. They were helping everyone. They informed everyone that it was food poisoning after checking up on them. The four of them didn't need to go to the Hospital but they had to stay indoors all day today with the IV's stuck to their forearms. The paramedics left when they started to feel better. They were so patient and kind.

Avery looked at everyone and she was glad that they got the help they needed. She was satisfied that they'll recover well. "Bye everyone. I'm going to miss you." She whispered to herself.

She remembered that she fulfilled what she came here to do, so she quietly walked up to her room to pack some clothes, toothbrush and other accessories she'll need.

Once she was done packing, she opened her bedroom window and sneaked out with it. She honestly didn't want to come across Mrs. Welch at this point. She didn't want to be asked why she came back, so she saw it fit to leave before she gets kicked out, besides she wasn't needed anymore. Oliver, Michelle, Brianna and Charmaine were in good hands. As long as they were out of danger.

She looked at the place she called home for the past eight years for the last time then she turned to leave.

She walked away, and the more she got further away she felt more free than she ever did. Maybe she needed this, maybe she needed to get away from this place to feel sane again. She slowly lifted up her arms in the air and smiled enjoying the breath of fresh air. It felt kind of different today. The smile that appeared on her face was refreshing, even to herself.

She picked up different kinds of flowers on the way to Casey's house, kicking stones and singing random songs. She started running and laughing, which is something she rarely does. This kind of laughter was relieving of many of her pant up emotions.

An hour and a few minutes later she arrived at Casey's house and the only person she found there was Casey's dad.

"Hi Mr. Alexandro." She greeted him once she stepped inside the house.

"Avery. I've been expecting you. Casey told me you'll be back at any time. Are you alright?" He asked sweetly.

"I'm alright sir. Where did Casey go?" She asked.

"She and her mom had to go see Casey's aunt. There was a bit of an emergency." He replied.

"I see. Well I'll just be in her bedroom." She said wanting to make herself scarce.

"Before you do that, your English teacher called Casey. Apparently you two have to go fetch an assignment at her house since you're not going to school for a few days." He said to her.

"Oh, I'll go there now." She replied. "But I'd like to take a bath first and change." She said.

"Alright do that. There are clean towels in the bathroom cupboard, incase you need them." He said to her and she nodded.

She went to take a bath and changed the clothes she wore from yesterday. She felt a little fresh after that bath. She brushed her teeth using her toothbrush and her toothpaste. Once she was done, she went back to the living room where Mr. Alexandro was reading his book and having a glass of wine.

"Oh you're done. Come on, I'll give you lift to your teachers house." He offered.

"No please sir, I don't want to bother you. At least call me a cab, that'll be much better." She suggested and he agreed.

He called a cab for her and paid upfront for her. The cab driver took Avery to Mrs. Grey's house. She got out of the cab, thanking the driver and walked towards her teachers cottage house. It was simple and cute.

She knocked a few times and her teacher opened the door. Mrs. Grey smiled warmly when she saw Avery at the door. "Avery, so glad you're here. Come on in." She said and she walked inside. "I thought you'd be here with Casey." She said to her.

"She had an errand to run with her mom." She shortly replied.

"Right... well I'm sure you're wondering why I called you and Casey to come here to fetch your assignments. After talking to you girls yesterday I was very worried, especially about you." She explained herself.

"I'm sorry that I worried you Mrs. Grey." She replied.

"It's okay sweetheart. I just want you to be free to talk to me or any other teacher about the things that bother you." She said.

"I will." She shortly replied.

"Good. Here's your assignment. Please give this one to Casey too." She placed two A4 envelopes on the table. "Anyway would you like something to drink, tea, coffee, juice?" She asked.

"Juice is fine." She replied.

Mrs. Grey walked to her kitchen and poured two glasses of juice and brought it with her to the living room. She gave one to Avery as they continued talking.

"Mrs. Grey, about Gordon... did anybody see what happened to him or everyone just saw his corpse there?" Avery asked curiously.

"No one saw anything hey. The police asked everyone that came to the scene first but no one saw anything. I think this is going to be a very difficult case." She explained.

"He really died in the most tragic way." Avery said thinking about the state of the corpse.

Her teachers phone rang while they were still talking. "Make yourself at home, I have to take this." Mrs. Grey said and she walked towards the bedrooms.

Avery drank down her juice then stood up and saw the paintings on the wall. They were really pretty. She recognized Bradley's signature at the bottom. He must've done this for Mrs. Grey too, he really is talented. She suddenly heard a shuffling sound outside and out of curiosity she followed the sound. She ended up in Mrs. Greys beautiful backyard but she didn't see the source of the sound. She actually came across three puppies. They were so cute. She started patting them and they snuggled up to her.

The puppies ran towards a very portable backroom and she followed them playfully. The puppies used their tiny door to get inside so she opened the main door.

She stopped in her tracks when she saw someone in there. She had her headphones on, that's why she didn't hear Avery open the door. Avery almost had a heart attack when she saw what the girl was doing. She was growing plants with her bare hands.

This was something out of the ordinary. This can't be, right? Was this magic? How the hell was she able to do this with her bare hands? She definitely had magic powers. But, wait? When did she ever believe in magic? She has never believed in it. There had to be an explanation to this.

"Hey!-what the?! What are you doing here, who are you?" The girl asked walking towards Avery, because she was startled to see her at the door.

"I... I'm sorry, I uh.. uhm... I'm sorry I didn't mean to intrude. I just followed the puppies here and then I saw you..." she tried explaining but she was panicking too.

"What did you see?!" her question came out in a threatening way.

"Nothing! I saw nothing.." she lied.

"Don't you dare lie to me, get in here." she grabbed Avery by her shoulders and shoved her inside the back room, closing the door behind them. "I know for a fact that you saw what I was doing, otherwise you wouldn't be so shaken. Now tell me who you are and what are you doing here before I call the police and get you arrested for trespassing." she added in a serious tone.

In a terrified manner, she replied. "Please don't... I'm just here to collect my assignment from my teacher. She got a phone call, so she said I could make myself at home, so I came out here when I heard a loud noise. I didn't know where it was coming from, that's when I saw the puppies entering this room. I didn't mean to just come in here. I'm really sorry, I'll just leave, I promise I won't say anything." she attempted to leave.

She sighed walking towards her plants. "Wait... I'm sorry, I guess I overreacted because I know that you saw what I was doing. You have to keep your promise though. If you don't, my life could be in danger."

Avery got curious when this beautiful stranger mentioned her life being in danger. "What kind of danger?"

"It's a long and heavy story. You don't need to know all the details. Just keep your mouth shut and don't mention this to anyone." she added picking up one of the puppies.

Avery walked towards her. "I won't, but I need to know how did you do that? I'm really curious now. I've never seen anyone grow plants with their bare hands? Is it some kind of magic?"

She chuckled in amusement. "This is far from magic, it's beyond you and I...- she paused looking at Avery while patting her puppy. "I can't change the fact that you saw what I did so I might as well tell you...- she stated hesitantly. "I'm an elemental. An earth bender, to be specific." she confessed.

Avery gasped in surprise and she replied looking fascinated. "No freaken way!"

"I'm being serious." she replied.

"I can't believe this... People like you exist? I've only read books about mythic beings but I didn't think you actually exist."

"You need to keep your voice down. You seem to be too excited about this. Forget what you saw and heard today. Just go back to my mom, take your homework and leave. Lastly, keep your mouth shut about any of this." she firmly said, heading to the door and lead Avery out of her back room.

Avery had a lot of questions about this but she wasn't given a chance to ask them. She was still fascinated about what she saw and heard. She walked back to the house, spoke with her teacher briefly and she took the assignments she was given. Mrs. Grey drove her to Casey's house and she went back home.

Throughout the rest of the day, she couldn't stop thinking about what she saw earlier on. Even Casey saw that she was distracted, but didn't ask her bestfriend what was wrong because she thought she was still contemplating about Mrs. Welch and her absurd ultimatums. So she just let her be.
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