The Lost She

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Chapter 11 Just a glimpse of her strength

Chapter 11

Avery and Viviana were taken to the infirmary to be taken care off. It was nothing major for Viviana because her nosebleed stopped and she stopped shaking the moment she collapsed. A few minutes after her blood pressure was taken she woke up feeling a little hazy, but she remembered what happened. Her husband was worried though but she assured him that she was alright and honestly, she was feeling much better as soon as her blood pressure was contained.

Avery never woke up that instant. The memory that entered her mind had somehow locked her into her own mind. She saw her parents and it felt like she was finally in a good place. She was in a familiar place with her parents and she realized that it was her home. She smiled at her mom and dad, feeling very content being in their presence.

“How are you my baby?” her mom asked her.

“I’m not sure mom, is this real? Are you really here? You don't know how happy I am to see you and dad.” she spoke to her mom and she felt her mom’s touch after so many years of longing for her.

Her dad gently patting her head like he used to, said to her. “None of this has been easy for you sweetheart, right?” her dad asked and a tear fell on her cheek.

“My whole life hasn't been easy dad. None of this makes sense to me daddy. I don’t know what is happening because suddenly everyone around me has these special abilities.” she confided in her father.

His dad held her hand in assurance, “That shouldn’t scare you my beautiful baby girl, because you are no different from them.”

“I’m no different from them? What does that even mean daddy?” she asked.

Her mom rubbed her cheek lovingly. “Your father and I are so proud of the woman you’ve become. You have grown to be so beautiful and strong. We’ve protected you since you were a child and we think it’s time the spell we cast on you is reversed.”

Avery looked at her parents with clear confusion in her eyes. “Mom, what are you talking about?” she asked her.

“Avery, listen to me very carefully. You are a Montague, a Montgomery and De la Croix combined, which makes you the strongest person on earth. You are the only person in this entire world that can save your people. Take your rightful place and save everyone.” her father said embracing her in a hug.

Her mom hugged her too. “Take your father’s words to heart my angel and you’ll be alright. I'm sorry that we kept this from you, but I hope you'll understand why, some day.” her mom said then kissed her forehead. She slowly let go of her daughter.

"Mom, dad, please don't go. Don't leave me, please don't leave me..." she begged, with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Her mom placed the palm of her hand on her daughters chest and Avery came out of her slumber, gasping for air and sounds of gurgling came out of her mouth. It suddenly sounded like she was choking, as her eyes flew open and she started having a seizure.

“Avery, Avery, can you hear me?” Mrs. Bonneville asked holding her down.

Her heart rate was beating abnormally fast to a point where she started to loose consciousness.

“She’s going under cardiac arrest.” The doctor said to Viviana.

He immediately attended Avery and everyone was asked to leave by the nurses. The doctor helped Avery and made sure her heart beat went back to normal because she would've died if she didn’t receive help fast enough. The doctor did everything he could to help her and he succeeded.

He came out of her room and gave Viviana, her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Huxley some good news about her health.

“She’s going to be okay, even though I don’t know what’s the core of the problem. No one has ever had symptoms likes hers. A few hours ago, she was perfectly healthy and now she’s like this. I can’t explain it.” the doctor said to them.

“Just make sure that she’s alright.” Mrs. Bonneville replied desperately.

She stepped outside of the infirmary with her husband and Casey’s parents.

“Can you please tell us what exactly is going on? Why is Avery suddenly sick?” Mr. Huxley asked in a worried tone.

“She's not sick. I do not have all the details but I think I know what’s happening to her. Come with me, I need to show you something.” Mrs. Bonneville said to them and they followed her to their huge relic library.

It was an old building but it was renovated with such beautiful pieces of metal and wood combined, making it look very modernized. She walked to her office with them and unlocked her safe. She took out a heavy and old book from her safe and placed it on the table, were they gathered.

“This book comes from my side of the family. The first few pages explains our bloodline and how our forefathers passed on their abilities to the next generation. Avery’s mom and her sister were the remaining witches of our clan before they died but no one knew about me because my parents hid me, when they realized that people from my family were being slaughtered because of their powers. First it was our great grandparents, then our grandparents followed, then Avery’s parents, then Avery's moms sister followed. I was going to be next, but they never found me.” she explained turning the pages in the book.

“So you and Avery are somehow related to each other, right?” her husband asked and she nodded.

“Yes I am. I know this is going to sound crazy but Avery is the missing key to all of this. She’s the child the book talks about. The book says once she unleashes her powers, she’ll be able to save her people. She’s our savior.” She explained.

“That can't be true.” Mr. Huxley said.

“I know, it’s hard to believe. I can’t wrap my head around it too, but I wish all of you could've felt the power in her when I touched her. She's powerful beyond measure.” Viviana said to them.

“The question I’m asking myself is that, will she believe all of this. The reason why she’s here is because she was scared to see her friend transform into a werewolf. How will she react to all of this about herself?” Mr. Bonneville asked.

"We need to find a way to ease her into this." Viviana explained.

The briefly spoke, trying to come up with ideas to help Avery come to terms with all of this and eventually it got late. Mr. and Mrs. Bonneville prepared a room for Casey’s parents because it was late for them to leave the chambers, besides, they didn’t want to leave their daughter and Avery behind. So it made sense for them to stay the night.

Around midnight Avery woke up with a loud scream because she was in pain. Her body felt like it was on fire and she started coughing out blood. The doctor quickly approached her to see what was wrong but immediately when he touched her, she sent him flying with just one hit from her forearm. Everyone became afraid to go near her. One of the nurses went to call Mrs. Bonneville and she came rushing to the infirmary.

Avery wasn’t aware of her state at this moment. She got out of bed, slowly walking out of her room. She was like this because her powers were slowly being unleashed. It was from the effect that her mom had on her when she touched her chest, she revoked the spell from her daughter.

The only problem is that her powers were suppressed for all the years of her existence, so now her body couldn’t contain them inside anymore. The spell that her mom cast on her, was being reversed and now she was like a bull in a cage because she didn’t know what was happening to her. The most parts of her body felt like they were on fire. Every guard, nurse and doctor that tried to restrain her, she threw them away from her. No elemental powers were a match for what was brewing inside of her and this was just a glimpse of her strength.

“Avery stop.” Mrs. Bonneville said to her standing in front of her but she didn’t stop, it’s like she wasn’t in control of her body anymore. She walked towards Viviana looking like a zombie.

Viviana used a spell that makes one collapse and fall into a deep sleep and luckily it worked. Avery collapsed on one of the doctors arms and she was taken back to her bed and this time she was restrained to her bed.

At least this will give everyone time to figure out how will they help Avery. Viviana needed someone who could access Avery’s mind and see what happened in the past in order to find a way to help her now. She needed to find a clue that could help unravel Avery's power slowly, with ease. The spell she cast on her wasn’t going to last for long as this rate. Time was not on their side. If they couldn’t help her unleash her powers slowly, she was going to harm herself and everyone around her.

The next day Viviana gathered her husband, Casey’s parents and two other elders in her office and explained what happened with Avery a few hours ago. They were all shocked, but they agreed that this was a matter of urgency.

“I think I know who can help us.” Mrs. Huxley stated.

“Who is it?” her husband asked.

“Aubrielle.” She shortly stated and he looked at her surprised.

“Honey, should we drag a child into this?” Alexandra asked in a concerned manner.

“I don’t think we have a choice at this point. We cannot let Avery hurt herself while we could’ve done something to prevent it.” she reasoned and he caved because honestly there wasn’t any other option.

“So whose Aubrielle?” Mr. Bonneville asked.

“She’s half human, half vampire. She’s only 13 years old and she comes from the side of our family.” she explained.

“Wait, how is that even possible? Half human, half vampire?” Niko asked.

“Her father fell in love with a human and they had a child together but there were complications during birth which cost Aubrielle’s mother to die but her father revived her by turning her mom into a Vampire. That’s the short version of the story, but the child is healthy and happy.” Mrs. Huxley explained.

“Wow, that’s a first. Well, if you can bring the child on board then we can start helping Avery as soon as possible. Viviana said.

Mr. and Mrs. Huxley went to check on their daughter after their meeting with the other elders. Besides, the doctor notified them that she was awake. Casey was so happy to see them, that she ignored her injuries and hugged them. She already knew how they found her because this wasn’t the first time they found her in this manner. She asked about her bestfriend and they told her everything that happened, including the fact that her bestfriend needs help as soon as possible.

Casey couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Are you telling me that my bestfriend is our savior?” she asked and her parents nodded. “Whoa.. that’s amazing. My bestie turns out to be the most powerful human being on earth? Does she know?”

“We don’t think she’s aware at this point.” her dad answered.

“So how do we help her?” Casey asked.

“Your mother thinks we should ask Aubrielle’s parents to let their daughter access Avery’s mind like Mrs. Bonneville suggested.”

Casey was just as skeptical as her father, “Will they agree? They have always been protective of her.”

“We have to try sweetie.” her mom said.

“Well, I really hope they agree mom. I want to see Avery though, can I go see her?” Casey asked.

“Yes you can, are you up to it though?” her mom asked worriedly.

"I'll be fine mom. Don't look so worried." Casey assured them.

Casey went to Avery’s room and found her bestfriend sleeping very peacefully, well not by choice but at least she was resting. She held her bestfriends hand, letting her know that she will always be by her side to love and support her. She wasn't very happy about the fact that Avery was restrained to her bed like a prisoner but they told her that they didn't have a choice.

Once she was satisfied seeing her bestie, she went back to her room and rested because she was still in a little bit of pain. She didn’t fall asleep though, she just laid down staring at the ceiling.

Her parents came to her room and found her still wide awake.

“We’re getting ready to leave now. Your father and I think the sooner we talk to Aubrielle’s parents the better.” her mom said.

She agreed, “I agree. I hope everything goes well.”

“We hope so too. By the way we will bring you and Avery clean clothes and toiletries when we come back.” her mom said.

“Thank you mom.” she smiled warmly. ”Oh... by the way did you tell Bradley that his girlfriend is here?” she asked.

“We haven’t said anything to him. They parted ways in an upsetting manner, I wasn’t sure if I should contact him.” her dad stated.

“I think being by Avery’s side will be good for her. Please just tell him what’s going on dad. They mean a lot to each other.” Casey convinced her dad.

“Okay I’ll do that. Now rest, please my princess.” his dad said kissing her forehead.

Her mom kissed her cheek. “We’ll see you in a few days.” she assured her.

Her parents left the chambers and went to get everything in order. The next day they packed a traveling back for Casey and Avery and filled it with everything the girls will need. They also packed a bag for themselves because it wasn't guaranteed how long were they going to go back and forth. After packing and loading all their things in their car, they went to see Aubrielle's parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert welcomed them with open arms because they haven't seen them in a long time. They don't visit each other often because they've all been busy with their personal lives. Mr. and Mrs. Huxley went straight to the point but explained respectfully about their grievances and what's going on.

Lilly and Grant couldn't believe what they were hearing about Avery. They've always known her to be Casey's bestfriend but they've never met her and hearing all this about her was very shocking, but as shocking as it was they were skeptical about letting Aubrielle do this.

"We understand the urgency of this matter but we don't want our daughter to be disturbed by all of this. She's been doing so good at school and everything has been settled in our lives. We avoid getting her into other people's minds because it always has an impact on her and you know this Sage. You're a mother too, so you know how it feels to want to protect your child from harm." Renata said to Mrs. Huxley.

"I understand your concerns Renata, but wouldn't you like to be in a world where you don't have to worry about your child and be unsettled every second she's out of your side? Avery can provide that safety for us and our children. She's our only hope. If she harms herself and dies then we will always live with this fear." Sage said to her, making her see reason.

Renata and Fabian seemed to really think about it.

"Please, we wouldn't be asking for your help if it wasn't a serious and urgent matter." Alexandra plead with them.

"If we agree to this, do you guarantee that our daughter will be safe in the future?" Mrs. Hubert asked.

"We do, we promise you that." Alexandra replied.

"Okay, we'll talk to Aubrielle once she gets back from school and we'll call you after wards." Grant said holding his wife's hand.

"Thank you. Truly, we thank you. You won't regret this." Sage assured them.

They said their goodbyes and left the Hubert's house. They were so relieved to be able to convince the couple to let their daughter help Avery. It felt like a little weight had been lifted off their shoulders. They had to make one more pitstop at the Howards palace and tell Bradley and his parents about what's going.

They exchanged pleasantries as always when they got to the palace and their nephew Bradley was very glad to see them. He loves having them over but it felt kind of weird because they always brought Casey with them but this time it was just them.

Bradley and his parents knew something was off when Viviana said. "There's something we need to tell you."

"Alexandra, what is it? You both look troubled." King Howard asked them.

They told them everything, from the moment Avery found out that Casey is a werewolf, to finding out that Avery can save them all. It was a hard thing to explain but they explained as best as they could and they assured them that Casey was alright.

Bradley was very upset to hear all this about his cousin and his girlfriend. He couldn't process all this at once.

"Everything you just said is so hard believe. She seemed so normal. How does she have so much power, so sudden?" he asked wanting to understand because none of this made any sense.

"We don't have all the answers yet, but what we know is that Avery is going to need you now more than ever. Casey thinks you should come and be with her." his uncle said and he nodded.

He turned to his parents. "Mom, Dad, can I go? I also want to be by her side. Is that okay?" he asked in a pleading manner.

"How long does he have to be away from home?" his mom asked.

"We can't put a timeframe on this. It all depends how quickly Avery receives the help she needs." Mr. Huxley replied.

"Alright, we understand. We are placing him under your care then. Guard him with your life-" he paused looking at Alexandra. Then he continued. "You are free to go son." King Howard said, granting his son permission.

"Thank you so much dad." Bradley said to him.

"Well, we leave immediately after hearing from the Hubert's. We think we should spend the night here, so it doesn't require us to go back and forth." Alexandra stated.

The king and queen didn't have a problem with that. They made sure a room was prepared for them and they spent the night.

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