The Lost She

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Chapter 12 A helping hand

Chapter 12

Aubrielle’s parents called Casey’s parents in the evening, letting them know that they spoke with their daughter and she was more than willing to help because she loved and embraced her abilities, because her parents always deemed her as special. They just didn’t want her to use them often because it wasn’t safe for her.

Most of the vampires that knew about her birth thought that being conceived by a human was unnatural, which it was. She's the first child that's half mortal and half immortal. So no one knew if she was going to be dangerous or not in the future, but she just grew up gracefully and she didn't pose any threat so far.

They next day, Casey's parents packed up their belongings and left with Bradley, after he said his goodbyes to his parents. They drove to the Hubert's house and picked up Aubrielle.

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert didn’t tag along because they trust Alexandra and Sage to keep their daughter safe. They know that they will take good care of their daughter, especially because they’re family and they know Aubrielle very well.

They arrived at the chambers a few hours later because of the traffic they got stuck in during their drive here. Mr. Bonneville and his wife welcomed all of them with open arms. They were glad to see them because it has been two days since they left.

Yesterday was a difficult day for them. The spell that was cast on Avery wore off and she woke up. When she realized that she was bound to her bed, she started pulling her restraints, wanting to break free but Mrs. Bonneville had to put her back to sleep. It wasn’t pleasant to watch by anyone, especially Casey. She saw the whole scene and she was saddened by it.

She was sitting next to her bestfriends bed again today, just staring at her and hoping that her parent’s will come through for her bestfriend and her wish came true when she saw them walk through the door with Bradley and Aubrielle. She was so happy to see them, so she got up and went to embrace her parents into a warm hug.

She looked rather relieved to see his cousin mostly, “Brad...” she called him out and they embraced each other in a hug. Bradley was glad to see Casey in one piece because after her parents told them what happened he was very worried.

"I'm so glad to see you. You don't know how worried I was when my Aunt and Uncle told me what happened." Bradley said to her as they pulled apart.

"I'm as strong as they come Brad." Casey replied and they shared a brief moment because they were really glad to see each other.

Casey turned to Aubrielle. "Hey B, haven't seen you in ages, are you okay?" Casey said, hugging her.

"I'm fine, just been busy with school." she shortly replied hugging Casey back.

Bradley turned to Avery’s bed. He slowly walked towards her bed and saw how pale she looked. He looked at the restraints and felt rather uncomfortable watching them on both her hands and feet.

“Is all this necessary?” He asked still looking at the restraints.

“It is, otherwise she will hurt herself and everyone else.” His uncle replied placing his hand on his shoulder. “It pleases no one that she’s like this, that’s why we need to help her.” He added and Bradley nodded stroking her hair.

“She’s very beautiful-” Aubrielle smiled warmly looking at Bradley. “Is she your girlfriend?” she bluntly asked.

Bradley looked up at her and replied. “She is.”

“I will help her. Do you want to see her memories with me?” she sweetly asked because she was already briefed by her parents on what to do. So she knew what needed to be done.

“Can you do that?” He asked and she nodded. “Then I’d loved to.” He replied.

“Can I start?” She asked Viviana and she nodded as everyone gathered around, but giving her enough space.

She sat down next to Avery with Bradley and she held his hand. She closed her eyes and touched Avery’s cheek accessing her mind. She and Bradley were both able to see some of Avery’s past memories, some of them seemed to have been blocked because Aubrielle couldn’t access them.

She knew that all the blocked memories were all the traumatic memories she had throughout her life. Throughout the years of having this ability, she learned not to force herself to access these kind of memories because they might get wiped out once the victim gains consciousness. So she skipped to her other memories to see if she can’t find anything useful.

It took her hours because a person has too many memories to access. She paused when she came across a certain memory. She was able to access it but it was too powerful. She and Bradley started bleeding from their noses but she continued anyway, but something powerful pushed them out of her mind and they both slowly opened their eyes looking at each other in shock.

“What was that?” Bradley asked her, feeling his nose bleed.

“I think it was her mom.” Aubrielle replied.

“What did you two see?” Casey asked them the question that’s been lingering on everyone’s mind.

“She has so many special abilities, it's remarkable. When she was four years old, she was able to manipulate all four elements but she almost killed everyone.” Bradley explained what he saw.

“When she turned five, her parents realized that she was able to summon objects to herself, until she hurt herself and almost burned their house down. “Aubrielle explained.

“It seemed like they weren’t very sure about all she could do. She seemed to get stronger and stronger everyday, as she grew up.” Bradley added.

Aubrielle looked up at Viviana, “He’s right. She just kept growing stronger every single day. When she was just six years old, something major happened but we cannot see it. We can only see her mom casting a spell on her that suppressed her powers.”

“Did you see what kind of spell it is? Maybe we can use that to help her regain her abilities slowly.” Viviana said in anticipation.

“She used a suppression sigil spell.” Aubrielle said.

Everyone turned to Viviana. “Can you help her?” Casey asked her.

“I can, but I have to wake her up for this. What I’m going to do will be very painful for her, but she will be alright. Then from there we have to explain to her what’s going on so can slowly access her powers. She has to be willing to accept her powers, otherwise, all this was in vain.” She explained to everyone. “I need everyone to stand back.” She said.

She reversed her spell on Avery and her eyes flew open. She slowly sat up and saw the restraints on her again and she aggressively pulled them, trying to break free.

"Kleidaria Laudanum..” Viviana said holding out her hands, pointing them at Avery.

Avery screamed to the top of her lungs, feeling pain in every area of her body. Once the spell that Viviana cast on her worked, Avery fell back on the bed but she was her normal self again. She was exhausted and out of breath, so she lost consciousness.

“Did it work?” Sage asked with worry.

“It did. Now we have to let the doctor take care of her. She needs all the rest she can get.” She replied.

The doctor sedated her and her IV was pumped with a fluid painkiller. She was going to need all the rest she can get.

“When last did she eat? She has lost so much weight.” Bradley asked going to sit back next to her, holding her hand.

“It’s been a few days now.” The doctor replied.

“Can’t you feed her through a tube or something?” he asked.

“We tried but her body rejected it.” he shortly answered.

“I see. Well ,she doesn’t need these anymore, right?” he asked, untying the restraints. Aubrielle and Casey helped him untie and remove all the restraints.

“No, she doesn’t need them anymore.” Viviana replied.

“I’m just glad she’s going to be okay.” Sage said, looking relieved.

Casey covered her bestfriends body with a blanket. She looked at peace while she was sleeping.

Viviana and Niko offered everyone some food and a place to stay for as long as they needed to. The chambers were huge and they had enough bedrooms.

They all walked out of the infirmary, heading to the dining hall. Everyone was given food they eat. Viviana and Niko were stunned when they found out that Bradley was a hybrid. It was the first time they saw an original hybrid.

After everyone filled their stomachs, they were given a tour of the chambers. The chambers also included a kindergarten school, a high school and a university. Viviana and her husband really thought ahead when they built these chambers.

After the tour, it was advised that Aubrielle goes to take a nap because seemed exhausted. She did a lot today and everyone was thankful for her help. Casey and Bradley walked to the room that was prepared for her and they tucked her in.

“Rest well, okay?” Casey sweetly said to her and she nodded.

They left her room, letting her rest.

Bradley and Casey met a few other pupils around the premises that Stellan, Zadie and Penn introduced to them. They also showed them other interesting sights of the chambers, like the experimental rooms, which are used for educational purposes only and they found it very intriguing.

Spending time with similar people like them made Casey and Bradley feel at home. At their school they were always careful around other students and here it felt like they belong.

In the evening, everyone had supper and they departed to their rooms. As soon as Bradley laid down his head, memories from his girlfriend's mind surfaced and he remembered seeing Avery really happy. She had an awesome childhood when she lived with her parents.

His keen senses arose when he heard Avery waking up. Being able to hear from miles away was an awesome ability from his kind, so he used his speed to go and see her. As soon as he entered her room, they locked eyes as she sat up.

In a questionable but relieved manner, she called out his name, "Bradley?"

He walked to her side and called her out too, "Montgomery- Are you okay?" he asked and she slowly looked away when she remembered her dad saying she was a Montague, a Montgomery and a De La Croix. Her last name has never felt so meaningful until Bradley said it.

Calling her by her last name and asking that meaningful question just riled up her inner emotions, stirring them up and she remembered her dream, her vision, whatever that was, when she spoke to her parents. She remembered their familiar voices, their familiar touch and she realized how much she missed them.

She remembered every single thing they said to hear.

She looked back at him and silent tears started forming in her eyes, they fell on her cheeks as she began crying. And just like that she continued sobbing hard. Uncontrollably. Bradley got worried, but he let her cry to her hearts desire. He sat next to her on the bed, hugging her tightly and she sobbed for a while. This was the first time he saw her cry this much and he had no idea what those tears really meant. He had no clue, but for some reason he felt relieved to see her letting herself go like this. It was good for her.

Just being there for her was enough to calm her down. He gently pulled her back and saw the swelling around her eyes, her bloodshot eyes and her puffy face. He went to get her a tissue and a glass of water. She wiped her runny nose and drank down her glass of water as she slowly calmed down.

He looked at her, trying to catch her gaze and their eyes met again. "Feeling better?" he asked and she nodded, releasing a faint sigh. "I'm glad. Stay here, I'll be right back." he suddenly said and he went out of her room.

Avery stayed behind wondering what Bradley was up to. She felt sore around her wrists and ankles. She saw faint bruises on them and wondered what really happened to her. She observed her surroundings with a frown and she suddenly remembered Casey. She asked herself if her bestfriend was okay, but she didn't dare move since she felt a little fuzzy from the drugs she was given, plus the crying session she just came out of.

After fifteen minutes he walked back inside her room with the doctor. He checked up on her thoroughly and said she was okay.

"So, I can take her out for a walk?" Bradley asked the doctor.

"Yes, you can. She isn't in any danger." he assured him.

The doctor left them alone and he turned to her. "Come on, let's go out for a walk." he suggested.

She carefully got out of bed as he held her hand steadily. She tried walking but she almost tripped. Bradley quickly held her up, which made him realize that she still felt a little weak.

They both locked eyes and realized how much they missed being in each other's presence. They had a special connection. Avery didn't realize how lonely her existence was until she met him and the same goes for him, how desperately they missed another person's touch until they appeared into each other's lives. Standing inches away from her, Bradley watched her through a hooded gaze, observing her beautiful face, intently.

Avery swallowed hard looking at his handsome face. Bradley attempted to kiss her but she discreetly disturbed him. "I think maybe I shouldn't take that walk because I feel a little weak." she softly said.

"That won't do because I have a surprise for you- he paused, then continued. "I'll carry you." he picked her up bridal style, not giving her a chance to object. Both her arms subconsciously wrapped around his neck, holding onto him.

He carried her in his arms and walked out of the infirmary. He walked were he prepared a surprise for her.

"Montgomery, I'm going to be honest with you right now. I missed the hell out of you."

She looked up at him, and trailed off.. "Brad.."

"I am not messing with your head, or misleading you to anything because I know you're still skeptical about me-"

She quickly replied. "I'm not- she paused and he stood his tracks looking down at her.

He asked for assurance, "You're not?"

She softly replied. "I accept you as you are."

A small smile formed on his lips, "So you're not afraid of me?"

She shook her head, assuring him with a warm smile. "I would like to see what you can do, besides what you did last time." she urged him.

"When you get better, I'll definitely show you." he replied with his gorgeous smile.

He started walking to the area where he set up his surprise for her. "Surprise." he smiled and Avery looked over to her side.

Avery saw a light blue picnic blanket, a non-alcohol champagne, with lots of filling foods and a few candles surrounding their little picnic set up. "Wow, what is all this Brad?"

"I heard that you haven't properly eaten in days, so I did this for you so that you can fill yourself up to your hearts desire."

"Everything looks delicious." she looked at all these different kinds of foods.

He gently placed her down on the picnic blanket and he sat down as well. Avery started tucking in and tasted the different kinds of foods that her boyfriend prepared for her.

She drank down the champagne and complimented the food she just ate. "Everything tastes really good."

"I'm glad you enjoyed that. Are you sure that you're satisfied though?" he sweetly asked, wiping some grease from the buffalo wings on her cheek.

"I am very satisfied. By the way, who helped you organized all these so fast?"

"Mrs. Bonneville helped after I told her that you were awake. I also asked her to give us some time to spend together before she talks to you."

"What does she want to talk to me about?"

"Something very important. I don't even know how to explain it to you, but I think it'll be more subtle and understandable if it comes from her."

"Brad, please tell me, is it something bad?"

"No, it's nothing bad. To me it's amazing."

"Then-" she urged him. "Tell me."

"Well- " Bradley started telling her everything he knew. He told her everything that his aunt and uncle told him and his parents, when they came to let him know that she needed all the help she could get. Avery couldn't believe that all of that happened to her. Worst of all, she couldn't remember a single thing that Bradley said happened to her, but some of the things he mentioned made sense when she remembered seeing and talking to her parents in her vision like-dream. She also told him what her parents said to her after he explained everything to the best of his ability.

"Brad, there must be some mistake, I can't be who my parents and Mrs. Bonneville say I am right? I am a nobody, I'm literally no one that important."

"First of all, there's no way I'm letting you talk about yourself in that manner. You are important. You matter to me, to Casey, to your parents and right now you matter to everyone who's counting on you."

"It's just that all of this is still hard to believe. How can I have this power that everyone says I have? And now I have to save everyone?"

"I know, that's why you need to give yourself time to stomach everything we just talked about."

"I don't think I want to be here right now. I need time to think, but not here. Maybe I should go home for a while and be with people I'm familiar with. Maybe being with them will help me process all this slowly."

He asked, "You mean the orphanage?" she nodded. "Well, whatever you're comfortable with Montgomery, I'll support you."

"Thank you."

They spoke briefly and Bradley took her back to the infirmary when she started yawning, she was pretty beat and full. He stayed by her side until she fell asleep.

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