The Lost She

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Chapter 13 The unexpected

Chapter 13

Avery slowly regained her strength back as the days progressed, plus the medication was wearing off, so it was a good thing for her. She had already informed everyone that she was going home for a while. Casey and Bradley volunteered to take her back.

Mrs. Bonneville and her husband asked Stellan and Zadie to accompany them and afterwards they can go on their mission to find other people with special abilities, especially the ones in danger, so they can bring them back to the chambers. They took the SUV back to the city, driving her back to the orphanage.

She wanted to recuperate at home which was a good idea, but she was also happy that she was going to see everyone after such a long time. On their way back home, she was trying to find the words to say to Mrs. Welch, to convince her to let her stay at the orphanage for a little while, but nothing convincing came up. Maybe jinxing it will be better than preparation.

They finally arrived at the orphanage and she quickly opened the door, jumping out of the car in excitement. She froze on the driveway when she saw red stains leading to and from the house. She kneeled down and touched the red stain and realized that it was blood. She panicked, she was wondering why was there so much blood on the floor.

Bradley walked towards the door, that was slightly opened and his heart almost stopped after what he saw. He quickly closed the door because he didn't want Avery to see what he just saw, because it's going to wreck her heart apart.

She got up and walked towards the door, but he stopped her from going near the door. "I don't think anybody is home, I checked." he lied.

"What? It's only after four, by now everyone is back from school. How can there be no one around. Plus, it's a Thursday, Mrs. Welch never leaves the orphanage at this time. " she explained going around him. "I'll check her office, she's usually in there." she added.

"Montgomery, please..." he plead.

Avery saw the worry and desperation in his eyes and she knew in her gut that something was wrong. She turned back to the door, opening it and a sharp pain literally went from her stomach to her heart when she saw blood everywhere. She slowly walked inside the house and she saw blood on the walls, the floors, the couches. It looked like a slaughtering house, it was a mess. Everything in the living room was wrecked.

Avery ran up the stairs to check the rooms and the first room she entered, she saw Charmaine's tiny body on the floor, she had huge scratches coming from her face to her neck and blood coming out of her mouth. Avery felt nauseated by this scene. She ran to the bathroom and threw up after what she saw. She came back to the bedroom and checked her pulse but she was gone. The devastation she felt was overwhelming. She had always considered Charmaine a sister but now she was gone.

Bradley was standing at the door, looking at Avery sobbing while kneeling next to Charmaine's body. He called her out, walking inside, "Montgomery..." she slowly got up and turned to him.

"What happened here Brad, Charmaine is... dead.." she cried out and he hugged her, trying to console her. She quickly pulled back from him when she thought about the others. She was hoping that they were alive.

She walked out of this room and went to check the other rooms. In Oliver's room, there seemed like there was a struggle but he wasn't in the room. The same thing seemed to have occurred in Michelle and Brianna's room and they also weren't there.

She went up to Mrs. Welch's office and what she saw was devastating. She was tied up in her chair and she seemed to have been tortured. She walked closer to her and realized that she was still breathing.

"Mrs. Welch... Mrs. Welch, can you hear me?" she called her out and she slowly looked up at Avery.

In her tired voice, she called out her name, looking very weak. "Ave-Avery.."

Hearing her guardian call out her name in such desperation saddened her even more. She sobbed hard but she tried to get some information out of her, to understand what really happened and why it happened, "Mrs. Welch, what happened, who did this to you?"

She muttered under her tired voice, "The-they were looking for-for you. Run-run away and never come back here."

"Who, who was looking for me?"

"You-you need to-to go. For-Forgive me for everything I ever did to you." she said those words and a tear dropped from her left eye. Avery looked at her in shock because she was surprised to hear those words coming out of her guardians mouth. Was this the woman who mistreated her for the past eight years? Avery didn't even get a chance to process those words, she just wanted help her.

"Mrs. Welch, just hang in there, I'm going to call for help." she quickly took her office phone and dialed 911. She gave them the description of the condition she found her guardian in. "Mrs. Welch, please stay with put, okay? I'm going to check up on everybody else. Please just hang in there." she begged her and she quickly walked out of the office to see if anybody else in the house was still alive.

She found Casey and Stellan scrambling around the room to find towels to stop Teresa from bleeding to death. They found enough towels and they placed it over her wounds and covered them, while putting pressure on them. Avery kneeled next to Teresa and palmed her bloody cheek with silent tears streaming down her cheeks. She placed her head on Teresa's shoulder and cried her eyes out. She couldn't understand why someone would do this to her family. When she looked over Teresa's left side, she saw Claudia's dead body.

While everyone was dazed by the scene before them, they heard the ambulance sirens getting closer to the house. When the paramedics arrived they helped Mrs. Welch and Teresa. They were taken to the hospital, with Avery in the back of the Van.

She was wishing for a miracle while holding Teresa's hand. She wanted them to make it through this. She couldn't afford to lose her family like this.

They arrived at the hospital and they were both taken to the intensive care unit while she paced up and down in the waiting room. Her friends came to be with her. Casey stood up, walking towards her bestfriend.


She looked at her bestfriend and tears just fell down her cheeks uncontrollably. "How does something like this happen Case? My family was slaughtered and now Oliver, Michelle and the others are missing. What if they were killed as well and were thrown somewhere in a ditch?" she cried out to her.

"Don't think like that Ave.. we will find them. I promise." she assured her with a hug.

Two policemen came to the waiting room, interrupting them and asked Avery and the others about the scene at the house since they were also informed about it and they answered their questions to the best of their ability, except for Avery. She couldn't say much because she was still in shock.

Casey gave them her home address because they wanted one in order to find Avery whenever they had a lead. They left the hospital afterwards.

They waited another thirty-five minutes to receive news about Mrs. Welch and Teresa. Two doctors came to the waiting room, holding their theatre caps close to their chests, looking distraught. The look on their faces said it all, then the words that followed broke Avery's heart to pieces.

"We're so sorry Ms. Montgomery, we couldn't save either of them. The damage was too huge, we-" the words he said next didn't catch her ears, all she could see was his mouth moving but everything went silent and she slowly turned around and started walking out of the waiting room.

She found herself outside the hospital and she started running, not knowing where she was going. The pain she felt was suffocating, she felt like her whole world was tumbling down yet again. This is the same feeling she had when she lost her parents. It felt like history was repeating itself.

Why did it feel like the people who were close to her were somehow getting killed.

Her friends kept calling her out and she finally stopped in the middle of the road facing her friends. They were surrounded by houses in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

All she could think about was the woman who took care of her for the past eight years, despite how she treated her, she still put her head under her roof. Not many people are fortunate to have a place to stay but at least she didn't go to bed hungry. Then she thought about the woman who loved her like a sister. Teresa has been there for her for as long as she can remember and now she was just gone.

They were both dead, including the kids that were murdered so brutally. She also lost and buried her parents and she also lost a classmate. That was too much. The more she thought about it, it made her more mad than sad. She felt torn and so many more emotions surfaced inside of her. Her emotions built up into something more, something she couldn't control.

Avery's hands turned into fists and they literally brought out flames from the anger she felt. It started to get windy around them. The wind grew even more with her anger and it started to blow away the trees around them, including the cars. Everyone who was outside ran inside their houses because it felt like a natural disaster waiting to happen.

Her red-velvet hair turned dark- blood red. Her rare violet eyes darkened to black. She screamed, releasing the anger she felt inside her chest and almost ten houses on the opposite streets arose and started floating in the air. Everything was disastrous. Her friends didn't know what to do to stop her. The wind around her was so strong that Bradley had to crawl towards her so he could help her because people would die if they didn't do something stop her.

Bradley reached and hugged her tightly. "Montgomery, please listen to my voice, you need to calm down baby. I will help you through this pain you're going through. If you don't stop, your people will get hurt instead of you protecting them." he said to her and his words seemed to be reaching her, because the flames in her fists slowly disappeared, her hair went back to it's original form, including her eyes and she fainted in his arms.

Stellan and Zadie had to use their elemental abilities to keep the floating houses from crashing down and crushing people that were actually inside them. Casey went and helped the people that were stuck under the trees and checked if their injuries were severe. Once she realized that their injuries were severe, she called 911 and they came to the rescue.

In the meantime Bradley took Avery to their car to rest because she was still unconscious. Her body was in shock because it had used too much power and that was enough to make her faint. She really needed to start with the process of unleashing her powers slowly, otherwise she's just a danger to herself and everybody else.

Bradley went back to the scene and helped where he could. After the four of them managed to stabilize the scene, they left before the paramedics got there, heading to the palace.

They took Avery to the palace. Bradley explained to his parents about what happened and they were saddened by the news of Avery's family being slaughtered the way they did, but they were shocked when they found out about the damage she did.

She was out of it the whole day. Her mind and body were exhausted from using all that power. At least she woke up in the late evening. She found Bradley, Casey and their new friends sitting in the living room conversating.

Bradley had already known she was awake. He felt her presence the moment she woke up. He got up and went to meet her half way, he held her hand and looked at her.

Before they walked back to the living room, he asked, "Are you okay?"

She softly replied, "I am okay, still a little hazy but I'm alright."

"Come and sit. Everyone is in the living room," He said, walking side by side with her to the living room.

The moment she entered the living room, everyone was relieved to see that she was alright. Casey quickly got up and embraced her friend in a warm tight hug. She hugged Casey back, but she suddenly burst into tears.

Casey quickly pulled her back, wondering why was she suddenly crying. "Bestie, what's wrong?"

She quickly wiped her tears off and replied, "I remember what happened."

"Ohm bestie, come and sit." She took her hand and they sat next to each other.

"Guys, I'm terrified of myself. How can I fathom so much power? It doesn't make any sense to me." she asked looking at her hands.

"It doesn't make any sense to us either. We were also terrified when we first found out about our abilities but in time we learned to accept and control them so that they don't control us." Zadie said to her.

"I don't think I want to know how powerful I am Zadie. I'm literally starting to feel it in me. The moment I saw my family's blood scattered across the house, I started to feel this insane power surfacing inside of me. It's mortifying the hell out of me." she confessed and Casey held her hand to comfort her.

Bradley got up and walked towards her. He kneeled in front of her, holding her other hand. "Montgomery, you are going to be fine. I actually want you to start with your training as soon as we're done preparing a memorial service and a funeral for your family."

She briefly closed her eyes after hearing that. She had been trying to make herself forget that her guardians actually passed away. She freed herself from her bestfriend and boyfriends embrace standing up. "I need some air." she walked out of the living room, heading down the hall of the palace.

She leaned against the wall and slowly felt herself go. She squatted on the floor and started crying uncontrollably. This pain she felt was enormous and unbearable.

Getting over it was going to take a lot from her. It wasn't going to be easy. She needed to give herself time to heal and reflect on everything.

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