The Lost She

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Chapter 15 Saving Her People

Chapter 15

It took her a whole paralyzing month to be able to clean the household and fold all the clothes of her deceased loved ones. It was difficult to do it, because it made her realize that she was never going to see them again. She spent most days crying while she still folded their clothes and cleaned the house, but it got better as the days progressed.

In that month, she was back at school, trying to catch up on everything she missed, including her bestfriend and her boyfriend.

The kids at school had heard what had happened and there were whispers going around the school premises that maybe she might be the reason for her family being slaughtered like they were. Kids can be cruel if they want to. But the funny is, nobody was able to voice out their thoughts to her like they did before, because they were still afraid of bullying her knowing very well that Bradley and Casey would say something about it, so they just talked about her behind her back.

She didn't give it much thought though, she went to school to learn and not listen to their absurd stories anymore. Besides, she had bigger things on her plate right now.

School wasn't the only thing she did though. Every weekend of the month she travelled with Bradley and Casey to Mrs. Bonneville's Chambers to receive physical training, learn how to bend her earth ability and read her family book to know more about herself and her family. Everything she did, strengthened her physically and mentally and a lot of questions she didn't understand, were answered.

Mrs. Bonneville made it clear that she needed physical training first, otherwise her body won't be able to take the powers within her, that's why she was able to learn a trick and many about her earth bending ability.

Mrs. Bonneville heard what happened the last time she was told that her guardians passed away. She fainted because her body couldn't take so much power at once. That's why she insisted that she doesn't stop training to prevent events like that not to occur again.

Today she wasn't feeling very well emotionally. Everything was becoming too much after making so much progress the past month. She kept touching the bracelet that Oliver gave to her last time he came to see her. Even though she tried to move on with her life, she couldn't get Oliver and the others out of her mind. Not knowing where they were made her curiosity grow even more.

The possiblity of them being alive were slim to none, but she couldn't shake this feeling inside her that they were alive wherever they were. They had to be. They are literally the only remaining family she has left right now and finding them would ease her conscience.

She packed her books inside her backpack while her teacher was in the middle of his lesson. She got up taking her backpack, walking towards the door.

"Ms. Montgomery, where do you think you're going?" He asked when she was half way to the door.

"I have to go and find my family sir." she replied softly.

"Find your family? Didn't they just die?" he asked and that statement made her stomach churn. It was so uncalled for.

Her classmates had their laugh, like always, no one stood up for her or called out the teacher for saying something like that. Yes, she was wrong for not asking permission to go out, but he didn't have to hit her were it hurts most. She literally just buried her family and her teacher was rubbing it in her face.

She closed her eyes, while her hand was on the doorknob and she felt uneasy. She wanted to just leave and not say anything but she couldn't just let this go.

She let go of the doorknob and walked back to her teachers desk. "What did you just say to me?" She dangerously asked placing her hand on his table.

When she asked him that, everyone got dead mute. No one expected that.

"Avery, I'm not going to repeat myself to you. Go back to your seat." he firmly asked. He had no remorse for what he just said about her family.

"Take back what you just said about my family. Apologize, sir." Tears build up in her eyes because his statement was very hurtful.

He just chuckled. "I don't have time for this nonsense. I'm writing you up for detention. He wrote and gave her a detention slip so she can go and see the principal.

She took the slip and tore it up in pieces and everyone was in shock, including the teacher. "You know what Mr. Manson, I've been tolerant to your treatment up until this point. Teachers and students like you have treated me like trash but the belittling stops here. I am not going anywhere until I get that apology." she slowly explained.

Her teacher saw the seriousness in her face, but his pride didn't let him accept his mistake and just say sorry. He knew very well that some of Avery's family members were missing, everyone at school knew too, even people from her neighborhood knew. So what he said was just cruel.

"I'm writing you another detention slip-"

Before he could even write it down, she slammed her hand on the table in anger and yelled at him in a firm manner, "APOLOGIZE!"

All the glass windows in the classroom shattered, making everyone scream and duck in fear, holding their heads down. Mr. Manson and everyone else looked at the windows then turned to her.

She was starring daggers at him with a tear running down her cheek, still waiting for that apology.

"Ms. Montgomery, I- I'm sorry about what I said about your uhm... your family. I apologize." he muttered.

She wiped off her tear looking satisfied with that apology. She leaned away from his desk and turned towards her classmates. She walked towards Keenan, who was sitting at the back. He tried to hide his cellphone under the desk when she approached him.

"Delete that video. Mr. Manson's apology wasn't for your entertainment purpose, now delete that video before I destroy your little gadget." she warned him.

"I don't know what you're talking about." he replied.

She bend down towards his ear whispering to him, "Do you want me to tell everyone about your sexual encounter with one of our teachers? I might be the weakest link at this school, but I see and hear everything, even though I chose to keep my mouth shut, because none of it concerns me. Now do I tell them or you'll delete that video?" she asked leaning away from him waiting for a response.

He quickly took out his cellphone from under the desk and quickly deleted that video, he even removed it from the recycle bin while she watched. He knew that if that little secret gets out he would never set foot in this school again including that teacher.

She sent him a small smile and she walked back to the door. She walked out of the classroom, heading out of the school premises.

She walked down the street because the wasn't any bus at this time. She hitchhiked to Mr. Huxley's workplace.

When the receptionist called for him, he was surprised to hear that Avery was looking for him. "Avery, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at school?" he asked when he saw her.

"I'm sorry that I came here unannounced Mr. Huxley, but I need your help."

"Come with me." He lead her to his office.

"I need to find Oliver and the others. I couldn't concentrate at school wrecking my mind about it. Oliver is my bestfriend, I feel like he needs my help. I just can't shake that feeling away." she sadly explained.

"Okay, I'll help you, but we need reinforcements for that." he advised.

"I can use all the help I can get." she replied.

"Yeah let's go."

"Before we go, I have to tell you something-" she paused looking guilty. Mr. Huxley had a feeling that it wasn't good. He waited for her response. "I kind off lost my temper at school and I threatened my teacher to apologize to me." she confessed.

"What? Avery Montgomery!"

"Mr. Huxley, my teacher was being rude to me so I had to defend myself." she defended.

"You didn't have to threaten him. Mrs. Bonneville asked you to be careful when it comes to your temper because you might hurt yourself and the people around you."

"I'm sorry, but that's too late." she replied feeling a little regretful.

"What happened?" he asked

"Uhmm, I broke the windows in my classroom during my outburst, but I'm pretty sure nobody will believe that I did that. They'll probably think it's the wind or something like that."

Mr. Huxley ran his hands through hair when he heard that, then replied feeling a little uneasy. "I don't think so, but let's hope they do."

"I do think that you and Mrs. Huxley should wait for a phone call from the principal because I'm pretty sure my teacher will report me, even though he apologized." she quickly said before she walked out leaving him hanging.

Mr. Huxley just watched her walk away. The day they agreed to be her legal guardians they knew the responsibility behind it. He didn't hold it against her because she was a teenager, who was slowly learning to control her emotions and powers all at once. She needed time.

He left work after talking with a colleague to cover for him for a few days. They went home and discussed with Mrs. Huxley on what Avery had in mind about looking for Oliver and the others.

This was very important to her and it was also a part of saving her people, so they had to help.

They waited for Bradley and Casey after Mr. Huxley texted them to meet at the house after school. They had a plan in motion and discussed it thoroughly. The five of them drove to the orphanage and retrieved Oliver and Michelle's garments. They were going to use their scent to track them down. At this point it was the only option.

Casey was the youngest, so that meant her senses were stronger than her parents. They parked the car at a gas station and walked out of the road and into the woods. In order to take in their scent she had to change into wolf form.

"You won't run away from me again, are you?" Casey teased Avery.

She chuckled then replied, "No, I'm not."

Casey took off her dress and changed into her wolf form. Avery wasn't sure how she still felt about it, but it definitely wasn't easy to adjust. She walked towards Casey and hesitantly touched her beautiful fur. Casey leaned into her bestfriend's hand in approval. She took out Oliver and Michelle's garments out of her backpack and Casey took in their scent.

The started their journey walking around the woods while Casey lead the way. They talked and had snacks because they walked for hours.

They came across a village that looked deserted and they walked in it and there seemed to be no one close by until they got surrounded. Everyone panicked because they didn't expect to see anyone.

A woman with silver, creamy hair approached them. She looked beautiful with her light pink puffy cheeks and green eyes. She gracefully walked towards them with a faint look on her face.

"Who are you people and what are you doing in our village?" Was the first thing she asked.

"We are not here to cause any trouble. We come from the city and we're looking for our friends." Bradley answered her.

"Well, whoever you're looking for, isn't here. Now get out of our village before you get us in trouble." she quickly said looking a little disturbed and agitated.

In a concerned manner, Mr. Huxley asked her. "Trouble? What kind of trouble?"

"We were told not to let anyone come here without permission. I'm surprised that you even got through to this village without them cutting your heads off."

"Who are you so afraid of? Whose them?" Mrs. Huxley asked.

"People you don't want to mess with. Vampires." the silver haired lady answered.

"Are you vampires too?" Avery asked her.

"Yes, we are. Now that we answered you, you need to get out of our village or do you have a death wish?"

"No one is going to die today, okay?" Mr. Huxley said to her.

"Says who?" A man with a long beard asked walking towards us.

He was followed by men who looked like guards and they were dragging people inside village. It was clear that these people were their slaves by the looks of it because they were carrying all these heavy crates in their hands, even the elderly people. Some members of the village even bowed before him these men.

"Says me. Who are you and why are you treating these people like this?" Avery stood up to him.

"Little girl, when grown ups talk, close your trap." The bearded man said.

Bradley walked towards him, "Don't you dare talk to her like that."

"You kids are just giving me a headache. Are you going to leave or do you want me to make all of you my prisoners too? This is a pretty good bargain."

"I'd prefer if you leave my people alone." Avery said to him.

"Your people?" He chuckled annoyingly.

"Yes, my people." She answered going towards the lady with silver hair. "What's your name?" she asked.

"I'm Amity." she answered in a doubtful manner.

"Amity, that's a very beautiful name. If I'm not mistaken it means friendship and harmony, right?" Avery asked her.

"Yes, how did you know that?" she asked in awe.

"That's not important right now. You need to listen to me. You can't live like this. You can't let him and his men wield power over you. Fight for your village."

"We can't do that. They suppressed our powers and they told us that if we do as they say then we'll live peacefully."

"Don't listen to them. Fight for what is yours. You can't live like this. What would it take for you not to let these people abuse and suppress your powers?"

"Our guardian angel. The Phoenix. It was told that someday she might come and save us, but we lost hope. We think she's dead. There's no point in trying to hold onto that hope." An elderly woman commented leaving the buckets she was holding in her arms.

Avery looked at her and glanced around, remembering the book that Mrs. Bonneville showed to her when she started her training. Honestly, she wasn't fully ready to be in these kind of situations, but she had to try and save her people from becoming slaves and peasants to these cruel vampires.

"I'm getting sick and tired of this. This is my last warning before I cut off your head little girl." The bearded man said to Avery, but she ignored him.

"Everyone, listen to me. Your powers might be suppressed but you can still fight." She urged everyone, walking around them to get their attention. "I am the Phoenix. I recently found that I am and I was just as scared as you are. Don't let these bullies take your village away from you. You are strong and powerful, your identity is engraved in you."

The bearded man and some of his guards started laughing.

"What we know about the Phoenix is that she's an earth bender from birth because the earth represents her whole being. You don't look like youre-"

Before he could even finish his sentence Avery used the dirt beneath her to shut him up by throwing a pile of it at him and he fell on his back covered in dirt. That's one of the tricks she learned during her training. Mrs. Bonneville had already told her that the earth is an extension of who she really is. Even though her powers were suppressed for that long, her earth bending powers have always been on the surface.

"She's not supposed to be alive, kill her! Right now!" The bearded man yelled.

Casey's parents changed into their wolf form and Bradley prepared himself too.

"Are you going to let them kill our guardian angel?" Bradley asked them and they started chanting amongst themselves.

One thing that Avery doesn't have is speed like Vampires do, but she can sense danger from afar. They tried to ambush her, but she built a wall of dirt in front of her as they crashed into it.

Bradley, Casey and her parents fought them off as best as they could since they were too many. "I think you guys ought to help us now.... Avery trailed off and they seemed to gain strength and hope from seeing the five of them try to protect them.

They finally helped fighting these other rebel Vamps off and they started gaining their dignity and strength back.

Once the rebel vampires saw that they were being defeated, the remaining ones ran away since the others were killed.

The village was in harmony after that.

Avery used her powers to gather every dead body, dug a huge grave with her bare hands and the bodies were thrown in the pit.

"You really helped us." The beautiful silver haired lady said to Avery. "I'm Yeardley, this is my brother Raymond and this is my grandmother Giada. I'll introduce you to everyone else later."

"Are you really the Phoenix? We won't start having hope for nothing, right?" Raymond asked.

"I really am. It's not a hoax." she replied.

"Where have you been all this time?" Giada asked.

"I didn't know about my strength until recently, but I've been here all this time. You don't have to worry about anything anymore." she assured them.

Casey and her parents came back outside wearing the borrowed clothes, since they changed unexpectedly into wolf form earlier on, ruining their clothes.

"What I don't understand is why did you let them do this to you for as long as you did?" Mr. Huxley asked.

"These rebel vampires feel like there isn't balance on earth because of who they are and how they came to be. Being immortal isn't enough for them, having benders on earth makes them feel less powerful. So they go village to village to wield power over every supernatural being, including their kind. They got greedy when time went by." Yeardley explained.

"So having you back will keep the balance on earth because you are the only person that can save everyone and stop them from enslaving and killing everyone who doesn't obey them." Giada explained.

"I will. I promise." Avery assured them.

They were given tents to sleep in for the night because it was too late for them to go back to the city. Avery couldn't sleep though, she was tossing and turning irritably. She ended up waking up and getting out of the tent to take a walk. She saw a lot of vampires outside, some of them were sitting around the fire. She also saw Bradley from afar and she walked towards him. She placed her hands on his eyes behind him and he chuckled.

"Guess who?" she asked him.

"Montgomery, you do know that I already sensed your presence the minute you left your tent right?" he asked with a soft chuckle.

She removed her hands from his eyes and replied. "I know, but the illusion helps." she replied smiling at him when he turned around.

"Now tell me why are you still up?" He asked holding her hands in his.

"I can't sleep hey. Maybe I need to stop thinking so much."

"What are you thinking about?"

"Finding Michelle, Oliver and the others."

"We will find them. Don't worry too about it Montgomery."

"I need a distraction." she suggested.

"What kind of distraction?" he asked.

"Show me your ability. I want to see how fast you are." she suggested.

"Seriously?" he asked with a smile on his face and she nodded smiling too. "Okay, harp on my little adventurer and hold on tight." He slightly crouched down and she got on his back holding onto him.

He started running towards the nearby mountains, behind the village, like lightning. His speed was unbelievable. He climbed and got off the trees like a monkey and that excited Avery. Her eyes were wide open the entire time as she enjoyed the ride. He stopped when they saw a beautiful lake behind the mountains. She slowly got off his back and they walked towards the beautiful lake, surrounded by green grass and different flowers.

"Wow, this place is the definition of stunning." she said in awe.

"It's amazing isn't it? The night time glow gives it that attraction." he replied holding her hand and they both sat down looking at it.

"I wouldn't mind living here." she said resting her head on his shoulder.

Me too." He said squeezing her hand in assurance.

"Do vampires really don't sleep?" she asked out of nowhere.

"Yes, they don't. Including myself. We are literally never tired."

"And then you lot age gracefully too. Have you seen the aftermath of a human that is sleep deprived? We gain huge eye bags under our eyes, that makes us look twice our age." she said to him making them both laugh.

"You are something else Montgomery." he commented. "I thought after today you'll find me repulsive, after seeing what I did to those vampires. I didn't think you'd be sitting here with me cracking jokes."

"No baby, I told you that accept you as you are. You were doing what you had to do. It's in your nature. I will never find you repulsive."

"Did you just call me with a pet name?" he asked with a smile on his face.

"Did I? I guess I just did." she teased him and he smiled softly running his fingers on top of her hand, gently tracing a pattern there.

"Being with you has been the happiest I've ever been in a long time. I know we are still young and we don't know each other that well, but there isn't anyone else I want to be with if not you." he stated out tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear.

"I feel the same way. You've made everything in my life ten times better. I never thought I'd have someone like you in my life. I always thought I'd always end up alone, but you changed that for me." she added.

He stood up and helped her up, then coaxed her in his arms and she let him get closer as he leaned into her ear, "It's our birthday tomorrow. Would you like to go on a date with me?" he whispered.

"Wait... our birthday?" she asked in a surprised manner because she didn't know they shared the same birthdate, which they don't.

"Well, technically mine comes two days after yours, so why not combine them and celebrate it on the same day." he suggested.

"I didn't know we shared the same month hey, that's very sweet. I've never celebrated my birthday though, it has always been just another day to me."

"Well, we can change that now, right?" he asked and she nodded with a faint smile on her face. "It'll fun, I promise."

After that conversation, they went back to the village. Bradley stayed up with her until she fell asleep.
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