The Lost She

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Avery Montgomery lost her parents in the most tragic way. She needed nothing but comfort but she never got it but she made it work. Growing up taught her that life you need to face every thing head on. While she was trying to build up herself she had to face challenges at school. She's strong because she has managed to get through everything on her own with a little help from her bestfriend Casey. She has been a little insecure because of her peers at school and at the Orphanage. Things starts to change for her the moment she spends a day with a Prince without even knowing. Things get really interesting when her life completely changes and she enters a whole new life she never knew existed.

Mystery / Fantasy
Bae'Bless Makokoe
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Chapter 1 Losing Her Parents

Chapter 1

Avery Montgomery whose only 16 years old became an orphan at only eight years old.

A child never imagines to lose her parents at all, never mind at such a young age. She always thought about how great the last time she saw them was but that day turned into a tragedy.

It was a Sunday afternoon when little Avery was with her father.

She remembers the sun setting so beautifully while she and her dad were spending some quality time together outdoors while her mom was out doing some grocery shopping for dinner tonight.

It was a special occasion because Mr. Montgomery got a promotion at work and her wife was so proud of him because he worked so hard for it. It wasn't easy getting into his boss's good books but eventually he did.

Avery and her father were playing her favorite board game, chess. She loved it because it stimulated her mind and it taught her how to concentrate especially on the most important things in her day to day life. Another reason why she loved it was because she beat her dad ninety percent of the time.

Her mom came back home with the groceries and she immediately started chopping all the vegetables that was needed for the meal she was preparing. She placed her pots on the stove. Little Avery went to kitchen to be useful because she loved cooking with her mom. She always taught her daughter how to make the best meals. Having a mom for a chef was a bargain.

Her dad was an a Project Manager in a construction company and her mom was a chef in one of the classiest restaurants in her hometown. Her parents were also both scientists. They had turned their basement into a science lab that Avery never entered. It was like a secret getaway place for her parents and she was never allowed to enter it.

Avery was always curious about what were they always experimenting on but she never asked. She stayed with her curiosity eating away at her.

It was around 4pm when the weather started to change, it was getting cloudy and it looked like it was about to rain.

Rain was Avery's favorite.

She ran out of the kitchen, took off her shoes when she got outside and she started running around as the rain droplets started to fall on her face then her arms and afterwards it started increasing getting her clothes all wet and she laughed and smiled happily.

Her mom and dad went to stand at the door looking at their one and only daughter twirling around in the rain.

"Mommy, daddy come join me." She called them out happily.

"Come on honey." Mr. Montgomery said to his wife taking her hand.

They joined their daughter in the rain and these were one of Avery's most precious memories that she always cherished. After playing in the rain they went indoors to dry themselves.

Once they were all dried up and changed their clothes, Mrs. Montgomery dished up for her family and they ate together while watching Boss baby on Netflix.

"Honey I'm going to the post office tomorrow, do you want me to post anything for you?" Isabella asked her husband.

"Yes please my love. The envelope is in my office on top of the table. It's ready. I've been dreading to go to the post office hey." He said to his wife.

"Well what would you do without me?" She teased him.

"I'd be lost without you my love." He replied then winked at his wife.

That night after they watched the movie series and once they finished eating they washed the dishes together and Avery put them away.

Avery's mom went outside to take the trash out when suddenly she felt this strong force around her.

She had never felt anything like that.

One thing that Avery didn't know was that her mother was a very powerful witch. She was a very good one. Her father was a water bender and they had kept this secret for decades even from their one and only daughter.

The force she felt was getting even more closer and she suddenly saw a man in black coming towards their yard. She used her powers to shield their house but he used his powers to break her spell. She fought him with every spell she knew but this force was way too powerful. He tore her body leaving her with scratches that got her bleeding a lot.

"What do you want?" She asked in her tired and defeated breath.

"Your daughter." He replied with a robotic deep voice.

"My daughter is not for you to have." She replied.

She knew that she was never going to be able to defeat this creature of a man so she used the last spell that made this powerful creature unconscious which bought her time to warn her husband. She struggled to walk inside the house but she managed to.

When she finally got inside the house her husband ran towards her and she fell on his arms.

Little Avery was in total shock. She was terrified to see her mother that way. She didn't scream nor cry but she was so scared that her heartbeat was beating through her ears.

She fell on her knees next to her mother's bleeding body.

"He's here. He's coming for our daughter Todd." She said. "I tried to keep him away for as long as I can but he's too strong." She added. "Keep our...our... daughter safe Todd." She muttered under her tired voice."

"I will honey. Please save your strength. Don't talk." Todd said feeling a sob on his throat. He was losing the love of his life and that made him extremely sad.

Isabella slowly turned to her daughter, holding her hand... "I love you pumpkin with all my heart. Every we did was to protect you. Never forget that. She said to her daughter.

Those were her last words. Tears started to fall from Avery's eyes, as she held her mother's hand tightly and laid her tiny head on her chest where she didn't hear her heartbeat anymore.

Todd closed his wife's eyes with the palm of his hand. While Avery was starting to mourn her mother, she was picked up by her father and they went straight to the basement.

This was the very first time she saw their lab and it was a phenomenal place. She didn't have time to take it in because she was placed inside the bunker of the lab.

"My beautiful daughter you've always been the love of my life. You're going to grow to be a warrior and I need you to embrace it." He said but Avery was a little confused. "Daddy loves you so much. You have to be quiet as you possible can. You can't get out even if you hear any sound, okay?" He said and she just nodded.

He went to one of his cupboards and took out a small bottle that had a purple liquid in it. It looked like a potion. He rubbed it on her daughter and gave her the rest of the bottle. "Use it whenever you get scared or when you feel someone is following you, okay?" He firmly said. She just nodded. He hugged and kissed his daughter goodbye. He shut the door close and sealed the bunker. She placed the potion in her pajama pocket.

Like any other kid she was supposed to be screaming and calling out for her mommy and daddy not to leave her but she didn't. She was so calm it was as if she knew what was going on but she didn't have a clue.

Her calmness made her sane even though none of this made any sense.

She heard a few noises that shook her a bit but she did what her father told her. She never moved an inch and she kept quiet.

Once the noise stopped she sat down pulling her legs against herself.

Seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into hours of waiting for someone to rescue her.

After hours of waiting. She tried pushing the doors open but they were sealed tightly. She kept pushing and pushing but her emotions were getting all over the place because she thought to herself that she was going to be locked up in here forever.

She screamed to the top of her lungs still pushing the door and the steel door flew right off the frame and she immediately fell to her knees wondering what just happened. She looked at her hands and wondered what kind of freaky magic was that. She had never believed in magic and she was not going to any time soon.

There had to be an explanation.

That little effort she made to open the doors drained her out. She gathered some strength and slowly got up from the cold floor, walking out of the bunker and into the secret lab.

Her tummy started to growl and she realized that she was very hungry. She tiptoed out of the lab, afraid to make any noise.

She walked up the stairs that took her to her house and there was trail of blood that scared her. Once she reached the hallway she saw her father's legs and she rushed towards him and kneeled down but she saw something that she had never seen before.

His heart was ripped out of his chest. And there were awful scratches on his neck, his hands were cold as ice, his eyes were blue and he wasn't breathing anymore. Her dad was dead.

She ran out the house passing the living room that had so many special memories, tears running down her cheeks. This is when she started to sob really hard. She couldn't stop crying, sadness filled her heart, fear started to build up inside her when she thought about what kind of person who just murder her parents in cold blood.

She was outside in front of their yard when police cars and an ambulance came rushing in and parked on their front porch. The sirens echoed in her ears. One of the paramedics walked towards her and took her away while the neighbors were gathered around looking at the whole scene.

The lady from the ambulance asked Avery time and time again if she was alright and she nodded once again. She wasn't physically hurt but she was torn up inside.

She saw her parents bodies been taken out of the house and into the ambulance while covered up. That was a really hard moment for her because more tears fell on her cheeks.

She was taken to the police station and asked a few questions about what she knows and what she saw. At first the police suspected her but as they questioned her they saw that the little girl was clueless about what happened.

A social worker was appointed for her and she was found a temporary home for a day when they couldn't find any other members of Avery's family. The couple that took her in for that day were very sweet and they had already applied to adopt so the system trusted them to take very good care of Avery.

After that day she was placed in an orphanage because the system still couldn't find any members of her family. The couple that took her in before were sweet enough to organize a funeral on Avery's behalf after they heard about her tragedy.

They felt sorry for the little girl. At least Avery will be able to say a proper goodbye to her beloved parents. The day of the funeral came and everyone who was able to attend it came. She said her last goodbyes to her loving parents before they left the cemetery.

She was taken back to the orphanage that afternoon. She stayed in her room and cried her eyes out until her pillow was soaked in her tears.

She finally had closure but closure doesn't mean you forget. It just means you find a better way forward.

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