The Lost She

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Chapter 2 Feeling Unwanted

Chapter 2

Avery lived in Lenasia Orphanage for the past 8 years of her life.

It was 8 years from hell.

She went from being the most loved kid by her parents to the most hated one by her guardian Mrs. Welch.

Mrs. Welch is one of those giant, scary women with big hands and big feet. She had a large mole on her nose and that's something Avery got used to seeing. The only thing that bothered her the most was her hostility towards her. She never understood why her guardian hated her so much.

On the other hand there was a really sweet assistant that helped Mrs. Welch. Teresa. She was a darling and she loved the kids at the orphanage with all her heart. The main reason was that she couldn't have kids of her own due to an accident that occurred earlier in her life so she made it her point to love the ones that didn't have parents or that didn't receive enough love.

Avery still wondered how she got this job. Did she really want to work for this horrible woman? Well she'll never know and she'll never ask anyway. She always suppressed her curiosity ever since she was a child.

She loved Teresa though, she cared a lot about Avery and they talked about a lot of things that helped Avery to open up and not keep things inside.

Well this was the closest thing to a family that Avery had for the past 8 years.

She had friend that she had met throughout the years named Oliver. They got along really well and they became really close friends. Oliver considered Avery his best friend while she had a huge crush on him.

She never thought she'd have romantic feelings towards her friend but she did and it made things a little awkward for her but she kept that part of her life to herself.

As Oliver grew older he became more muscular and handsome and those were the features that Avery couldn't ignore. He was 6'5 with dark brown hair and blue ocean eyes that took her breath away every time he looked at her when they were talking.

She was looking at Oliver telling her about his day at school today since they went to two different schools and she was just staring at his beautiful eyes when Michelle, Mrs. Welch's niece interrupted them.

"What do you want Michelle?" Avery asked her raising her brow in askance.

"I want to talk to Oliver alone. It's a private matter." She said. "Come find me when you're done here Ol." She said looking at Avery crossed side then she walked away.

"Well let me not keep you helmet." Avery said to him.

"I love it when you call me helmet." Oliver smiled at her and her heart melted due to that breathtaking smile.

"Don't change the subject. Michelle wants to talk to you." She said to him.

"Fine... but we'll continue this later right?" He asked and she nodded. Oliver left, going to talk to Michelle while she continued cooking supper for everyone.

Michelle has been under her aunt's care for as long as she can remember. She lost her mom during child birth. Her mom died after she gave birth to her. So it was just her dad and herself for a while. When she was just 11 years old her dad died from a heart attack. So her aunt took her in.

Michelle is one of those pretty girls that always gets the guys and the attention. She's a beautiful brunette with greenish eyes and a body that every girl could kill for. She has the perfect body, the perfect hair and skin.

Sometimes Avery envied her beauty. She wished to be beautiful just like her.

She never saw her own beauty because it was shielded by her insecurities. She always has been a red head with beautiful violet Rose eyes that she got from her mom. Those were considered rare but how will she know that if she doesn't embrace them.

"Avery get here! Now!" She heard her supervisor call her out while she was finishing up to cook. She placed the stove on a low level so that anything doesn't burn the she hurried upstairs to Mrs. Welch's office.

"Yes ma'am?" She answered a little out of breath from her running up the stairs.

Michelle was sitting on one of the chairs in the office popping her gum and texting on her phone.

"Why the hell aren't these kids all bathed and clean?" She asked me as if it was my turn to bath the kids. I had already done my chores for the day and the last thing was cooking.

"Mrs. Welch no disrespect but Brianna had to bath the kids today. I already did my chores." Avery explained to her.

"Well I'm telling you to go and do that now." She said to her.

"But Mrs. Welch I'm still cooking. I can't.." She trailed off.

"You can't?!" She asked standing up from her chair walking towards Avery. "Or you won't?" She harshly asked.

"Ma'am please understand that I have an assignment that's due tomorrow. I have to do it immediately after cooking otherwise I won't be able to finish it in time."

Mrs. Welch slapped Avery so hard that she lost balance and fell on her butt.

"I can't believe how disrespectful you are little girl. I've taken you under my wing for years now and you talk back at me? I guess your momma didn't teach you any manners. When I say you do something. You do it, you hear me?" She harshly said pointing a finger at her and she nodded frantically while wiping off her silent tears and rubbing her throbbing cheek.

She sent her off. At this moment Avery felt unwanted. She looked at Michelle who was grinning. She enjoyed every minute of this little scene. She probably is the one that told Mrs. Welch about the kids not being bathed and Brianna won't be punished for it because she's Michelle's bestfriend. They probably came up with an excuse for Brianna not to do her chore.

She went back downstairs with tears rolling down her cheeks. She stepped into the kitchen wiping off her tears and finished cooking. She needed to talk to Teresa but she wasn't available today because she had knocked off early to attend a personal meeting.

She ran the kids a bath and bathed all of them. She was exhausted at this point because she had to help 10 small kids to bath. After that she had to dish up for everyone. Oliver came to help her and he saw that she wasn't okay. He asked what was wrong but she kept it to herself and told him that she was okay. He still helped her dish up for everyone. At this point she had lost her appetite.

She went up to her room that she shares with two 11 year old's and started to work on her assignment. They were still downstairs eating and she managed to get the first half of her assignment done.

They came back upstairs and started pillow fighting making noise disturbing Avery.

"Girls can you please tone it down a notch, I need to concentrate." She sweetly said to them.

They kept it quiet for a few seconds but started to go at it again. They were being very playful like always. She took her books and her assignment paper and walked to the kitchen and it was a mess. There were plates everywhere. Michelle was the one responsible for washing them today but she wasn't here and the possibility was that she wasn't going to wash them and then Avery will be blamed for this mess. She decided to wash them and finish her assignment later just to avoid being scolded and hit like earlier on.

It took her more than an hour to wash all the dishes, pots, cleaning the tables, sweeping and mopping the floor.

She suddenly heard voices coming downstairs. There appeared Mrs. Welch and Michelle entering the kitchen.

"I told you it was.....dirty." Michelle choked on her words when she saw the kitchen all spotless.

"You said the kitchen was dirty Michelle. Why are you wasting my time?" Mrs. Welch asked her. She just wanted to get Avery in trouble because after everyone finished eating she went to her aunt's office who was still on a conference call, after her call she lied to her and told her that Avery left the kitchen all dirty and very untidy.

Mrs. Welch went back to her office. Michelle was pissed that her little plan wasn't successful so she stomped out of the kitchen but Avery followed her.

"Michelle wait..." she called her out while she was on the stairs and she stopped in her tracks and turned to her. "I'm sorry." Avery said to her sadly.

"What for?" Michelle asked looking surprised.

"For whatever I did to make you hate me so much. I feel like you won't tell me why you hate me but I feel the need to apologize to you. I'm really sorry." Avery said. "I really wish we could get along." She added and Michelle just stood there tongue tied. She just turned her back on Avery and went about her business.

Avery walked back to the kitchen to finish off her assignment. When she felt sleepy she made herself a cup of coffee to keep herself up. She drank it while she worked. At this point everyone had gone to bed. She switched off the kitchen lights and used the rechargeable light because she didn't want to get scolded for wasting electricity.

After two hours she finally finished her assignment. She fell asleep on her arms that were resting on the table.

In The Morning.

"Ave, wake up." She felt someone gently shaking her. She slowly opened her eyes and got up from her arms and she saw Teresa. "Sweetheart you slept here throughout the night?" She asked her.

"I guess I did. I just wanted to take a nap after finishing off my assignment but I dosed off." She explained and a yawn escaped her mouth.

"Well you should go and sleep in your bed. I'm pretty sure it's more comfortable than the chair you're sitting on." She suggested.

"What time is it?" She asked.

"It's still early. It's only 5:15. I had to come in early. There are a few things that I had to come and sort out before Mrs. Welch reminds me. You know how she is. Anyway I'll wake you later so you can get ready for school." She sweetly said.

Avery gently rubbed her eyes and she sighed deeply looking ahead. She looked stressed.

"Is everything okay sweetheart?" Teresa asked brushing hair with her hand.

"Everything is too much. I don't even feel like going to school today." She replied and Teresa hugged her while she was still sitting on her chair.

"I feel like school is the only escape you have from this hell hole sweetie." She said.

"Teresa, I feel like I rather have Mrs. Welch mistreat me than being at that school. Kids can be really really mean. School feels like another horrible planet. I'm teased, mocked and treated so horribly that most days I eat alone in the bathrooms and I hate taking the bus because the mistreatment starts there all the way to school." She sadly said to her.

"Tell you what. Why don't I take you to school every morning? Maybe that way you'll have a good start in the mornings." She suggested.

"That'll be even worse. Michelle and Brianna will think I'm receiving special treatment and they'll hate me even more." She said getting up from her chair and packed her books. "Maybe I'm better off dead. I think everyone will be happy if I don't exist." She said to Teresa attempting to leave the kitchen but Teresa hugged her tightly.

"You listen to me very carefully. Don't ever talk about death my dear. You are better off alive than dead. I appreciate you and I think you are best person I've ever come to know. You don't deserve how everyone is treating you but I know you're stronger than that. You've gotten so far, don't give up now." Teresa said to her and she started sniffling wiping her tears off. "I'll always be here for you, okay?" Teresa assured her and she nodded.

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