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After being killed you wake up back in time alive, isn't it scary? This happened with our main character Silver Miller. Although she and her whole family were murdered and came back in alive only she knows what had happened with them. Granted the second life, she will make sure to protect her family this time. Will she know who their killer was in their previous life? And like the saying goes, whatever is happening, is happening for the good. Like how she found about him now, when she didn't even knew he had existed in her previous life and had loved her dearly. Be Aware of trigger warning such as rape, gore and murder!

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1 Edited

Since how long I'm here? A girl with green eyes thought as she gazes up to the sky while lying on the grass. Far away in the sky, one could see the birds flying happily or in sadness, who knew. The wind is cold in this perfect summertime. Sadly this girl could not feel it.

There is no one around to keep her company except the tombs of the dead. Suddenly footsteps are heard, and she sits straight up and saw a woman approaching. She is here again to visit her husband’s grave, which is two graves away from where she is. The woman is holding a bouquet of red roses in her hands. She stayed there for an hour and then said goodbye with tears in her eyes.

How many times had the girl watched this scene over and over? The woman spoke to her late husband about their children and grandchildren and complained that she now had to take care of them alone because her husband left too early.

Some family members and friends forget their loved ones once buried or burned to the ashes. But there are some people too who never forget them.

The girl sighs and smiles a bit. The husband was a lucky man to have such a loving and loyal partner in life. She wished she could also have that special someone. But it’s too late to regret now. The girl hadn't ever loved anyone apart from her family.

Footsteps echoed, and this time she sees a young police officer approaching with white roses in his hands. The man first placed two roses on her parent’s graves, then two roses on her sister’s graves, and finally a rose on hers. He takes a moment to gaze silently at her grave before returning. The time he had looked in silence, his eyes had told everything to the girl who followed him with her eyes. She became more confused.

''Who are you? Give us sympathy? Why do you visit us every Thursday and bring us roses? Did you know us when we were alive?'' The girl lay down again when she saw the man leave from the gate. Even when she died with her whole family, she is still left here alone to wander around.

Who knows how long she’ll be here like this? She blinked the sadness from her eyes and closed them to take a nap. Did it matter even if she closed her eyes to sleep? Peace is unknown to her because she is no longer human.

The young man is, back at his work, a subordinate brought him documents, another murder case. ''How are you, Charlie? Did you visit them?'' Charlie nodded his head up and down to answer yes and looked at the documents before him.

This time the victim is a drug dealer. He was murdered in his home with two bullets to the head.

''The autopsy will be ready in two hours.'' Charlie nods again.

He doesn't like to talk, only when necessary. His team respects him and is happy to work with him. He is the youngest leader of the police team engaged in the investigation and arrest of the criminals.

''Charlie, I know you’re mad that we still haven't arrested their killer, but let’s believe in God.'' One day their murderer will be punished.'' Charlie looks at him and replies. ''Thank you.'' The subordinate smiles at him before returning to his work.

Charlie pulls a red file from his desk drawer, the murder case that left a deep scar in his heart. He still remembers that morning. Very early in the morning, they got a call from a neighbor about a murder in his apartment building.

When he and his team arrived at the scene, they found five dead bodies in the living room. They were in shock. They've seen several murders, but not that brutal. The once tidy house looked as if a storm had passed. Everything was broken and lay on the floor. The walls that were once pure white had bloodstains.

What broke his heart was seeing his first love dead. She laid on the floor at the mother's feet while her mother was tied in a chair. Her golden hair spread on the floor while her white dress was wet with red. The gown barely covered her skin, and dried semen was between her thighs.

To her left, a girl sits on the floor with her back on the sofa. And a pool of blood is under her while dried semen is on her face. Her blue eyes stared without a soul in it.

A little girl lay on the sofa opposite the girl. No pants on, just a cartoon T-shirt. Blood with dried semen mixes between her thighs. Her hands were above her head on a rope tied to the legs of the sofa.

The husband and wife were tied in a chair. And they were forced to see before their eyes what the murderer was doing to their children. They had died with three bullets in their bodies.

Charlie puts a blanket over the little one’s body with trembling hands. For the first time, tears fall from his eyes as he does his job. They have trained to be tough, but today's murder broke his heart. Not just his, but for everyone present.

He watched his love get killed with all of her family. He promised himself that he would let the killer experience the same pain. He closed the file with sad eyes.

He still could not find out who their killer is, and why was the whole family murdered in such a brutal way? Five years have passed, but no witness and clue of the murderer.

The Miller family was in the top five of high society. The father has many businesses around the world, while the mother was a fashion designer who owned many clothing stores around the world.

The eldest daughter Parel Miller helped her father in his business, while the second daughter Silver Miller helped her mother. And the third daughter Ruby Miller was still an elementary school student. They were not only rich, but they also were blessed with good looks and intelligence.

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