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Letters from the Ether

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Sienna, a beautiful young lady Finds herself getting invited to join a society of Young adults and teens who are planning to rule the world by using each one's special abilities. The twists and turns in this work lead our heroine into erotica , danger, regret, intrigue and a life of leisure. Sienna is ultimately faced with her final decision. Join Either, or don't. Dire consequences await her decision.

Mystery / Erotica
Billun Paid
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The First note

Half hour news broadcasts, 5-7 minutes of weather. About 8 minutes of sports highlights, a few minutes of politics then all bad news. Murders, store and bank robberies, fraud and scams abound. One seemingly can’t look for romance via the internet because of the killer who caused several dating platforms to stop offering romantic connections.

With that in mind, it is no small miracle that the story I offer today actually took place. I am a high school graduate, a year out of school. I live in my home town, with my stepdad and mom. No plans to go to college, or any idea of what I want to do with my life other than work the two jobs I currently have and get out of my parents place.

I am Sienna Dawn. The pathetic life descried above, belongs to me. When I was 14, I missed a year of school because my mom and Stepdad contracted some weird disease after hiking in the jungle near Sao Paolo, Brazil. Doctor’s could not diagnose the problem, therefore they could not treat the illness.

I graduated high school at the age of 19 almost 20 years old because I had to stay home. I missed an entire year of school, under strict quarantine with them.

I use to think about all the places I wanted to see in my life. All the experiences I wanted to have, at that time in my life, it was a thought. Those experiences, may never happen. I was forced to stay inside my house the whole time.

Of course I was helpful, I was never affected by whatever ailment had befallen mom and dad, but it was a frightening and lonely existence. I was never told that it wasn't possible for me to get sick, so the fear inside me was real.

My only escape was the internet. I guess this began my social awkwardness, my parents were deathly ill for almost a full year, The only people I could talk with were the nurses and doctors. It is amazing how fast one's attention can be swung from ordinary teenager problems, to life and death as a possibility for the ones I loved as well as myself.

Then suddenly, once I began getting use to the solitude, comfortable in it truthfully. In one week, all infection in my mom and dad's bodies just vanished.

I was soon able to return to school, where the kids never outright said anything to me, but were afraid to get close to me because of the previous year. Rumors of what happened to my parents in many cases were greatly exaggerated as you might imagine coming from a town as small as Twine.

As time went on, and memories began to fade I made a few good friends before leaving high school. I was never interested in being the most popular, but as bodies developed and hormones began to rage, I had my share of offers both male and female, jock and nerd. I was always the do it by myself type, I never felt the need to be a part of a group to validate my existence.

After 6 years, during my yearly health exam, we are again cleared of any sign of the virus and told there is still no explanation. We are all still fine, clean bills of health. It’s just my mom, myself and my step dad, a really good man. He has been around since I was 9 years old.

My mom and dad were never officially married, but I’ve always called him dad. He loves her and makes her happy, that’s what makes me happy so we're one big happy family.

Tonight there was a party down at the cove on the lake. Been a few days since I’ve hung out, been pulling double shifts saving money to get my own place.

In two months, I will be 21 and can legally hit the bars and night clubs. I want to be settled in a new place soon after.

Today while I was at work, I heard Jason was in town. I probably won’t see him if he’s not at the Cove as he was only in town for the weekend. Jason was my high school thang. We lost contact when he went off to college.

It didn’t bother me much that we lost contact, I've never wanted anything other than a friend with a few benefits. Thinking about him, caused my mind to go to the classroom, senior mischief night. It was my first anal sex experience and the only finger to travel my skin road to brown town. It was also the first time I felt the sensual touch of someone other than myself.

That night, Jason and I made our way to the history classroom with Orlando and Debbie. The whole senior class was in the cafeteria where the party was in full swing. Deb and Orlando went over to the teachers desk, Orlando pulled up a chair in front of her.

I saw Deb’s eyes narrow, then close as O’s head moved in deeper between her legs. I heard a deep sigh, then Deb say, “What's the holdup? Your box lunch awaits you sir.” O went to work.

Jason had been telling me he wanted to give me the most intense orgasm I’d have in my life. He whispered, “I want you to remember me your whole life.”

I had to open my mouth, “I’m waiting for this earth shattering orgasm.” Jason leaned over and planted a soft kiss on my lips, then whispered, “Relax.”

He looked around, found a comfortable table away from the windows, sat me on it, and spread my legs.

He reached out slowly to touch my nipples which by this time shone through my blouse. It was a front button up, it took little effort on his behalf to expose by braless breasts. His hands moved in for a touch.

He pinched one nipple, and swirled his tongue around the other. His other hand slid my shirt off over my shoulders, then slid my panties down my ass then to my ankles.

My wet panties would inform him I was ready for whatever he decided to do from that point on. I opened my legs wider to receive his touch.

Using two fingers to rub on either side of my clit, my hips reacted, the moaning began. I knew we needed to be quiet, but I wasn't gonna do a very well with that.

When I felt him plunge a finger inside me, a small scream escaped my lips. If felt so good, nothing I had done to myself to this point even compared to this feeling.

He slid it out and began rubbing me again. "Oh My.” I whispered to him, he smiled, and slowly moved to my rosebud. I hesitated and slightly pulled away, then asked, “There?”

He nodded yes and said, “But you will need to relax, I would never do anything to hurt you.”

We had talked about anal sex a few times, I definitely wasn’t opposed to it, but he caught me off guard. I nodded for him to continue then he spread my legs even further and went down town. His tongue was magical, I swear it felt like he was writing the letters of the alphabet with it.

Then I felt him move it lower and “Holy Fuck.” I said. Oral anal, you bet. My hips tilted up higher so that he could get it inside around and on top. I swear, I could have squirted right then and there but I did my best to hold back because it felt so good.

His tongue came back up to my clit then his finger gently probes the edge of my tomorrow. My hips reacted with a downward motion toward his finger and it slid in perfectly. The pink taco began to leak enough that it provided the perfect lube for the anal probing I was receiving.

He leans back down keeping his finger lodged deep inside me and began to do His alphabet thing again. “Finger that ass baby. Lick that little man in the boat till he fuckin abandons ship.” I whispered to him. I was gonna cum, and there was nothing I could do about it.

I feel the orgasm build and build. I just focused on being as quiet as I could. My hips began to lift, head slammed back into the table or whatever the fuck he laid me on, then time stopped.

All I remember is lights coming on, fireworks exploding in the middle of the class room, me squirting across the room and Jason kneeled between my legs getting drenched saying something about I need to keep it down, or everyone would hear us.

“Keep it down!!! You freakin Brillo Buzzer. I am in the middle of the most intense orgasm I have ever had. I’m laying on this fucking table convulsing like a fish out of water. I'm squirting female fluid out of my body that, by the way, I’m pretty sure is supposed to be in there. And your finger is still lodged in my ass. How the hell can I keep it down? If we get caught, it’s your fault you clunge plunging prick.”

Of course this was all said in my head because I couldn’t say anything, well, other than unintelligible squeeks, moans and some strange fucking humm. At first I though it was him, but, it wasn’t, it was me.

After the two minutes of all that, I could finally breathe almost normally and formulate a semi-coherant sentence. That was quickly stiffled by Deb, O and Jason scurrying around trying to get dressed before someone decided to investigate the noises. No one ever did, thank God, I was mortified enough because Deb and O heard and seen it all.

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