Letters from the Ether

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An Island like no other

“The night was clear when we launched, smooth sailing was the forecast. But nothing about this voyage was going to be smooth. Twenty minutes from the docks and clouds began to gather from nowhere. Nothing about it seemed like a natural weather phenomena.

Bolts of lightening began striking the ocean in the distance first. Strike after strike landed moving closer to the boat, one at a time. Then three at once, everyone was more than uneasy when five bolts struck making a perfect circle surrounding the boat.

The boat was going as fast as it could, presumably because the captain felt that he may be able to outrun the storm. Of course it was to no avail, because, this wasn’t a storm. At least not in the traditional sense.

The storm was yet to come. Two people were strangely calm through all of this, Deb and Gwen.

The noise in my head began again, causing a pounding sensation. Why is everyone talking so loud I think as my eyes squint from the pain? Gwen keeps telling me that everything will be ok, and Deb is holding me upright on the sofa so that the boat’s intense bouncing didn't toss me around the lower deck.

I hear dishes clanging from the kitchen. Water is cresting over the bow, the scene is intense and the crew is terrified. I begin to regain consciousness to see the very end of all the excitement. The storm is ending as quickly as it began.

The crew jumps straight to action at the behest of the captain’s order to report topside. Assessing the damage, to everyone’s amazement there is none. Not a scratch or a single blown circuit.

I ask why is everyone looking so terrified. Deb smiles and say’s “You slept through a mini hurricane girl. Are you serious, you didn’t hear any of that?”

I shake my head no and Deb laughs saying, “You won’t have any problem with my snoring when we get to the hotel then.”

I smile and Gwen asks, “How are you feeling sweetheart? You look ton’s better.”

I grab the arm of the chair I am sitting in, and lift myself out of it, gingerly at first, then to a full stand. As for my head, there was no headache.

No loud noise causing me to feel like it was going to explode and answer, “I feel great. Definitely nothing like I did earlier. That was weird, painful but weird.”

“Good to know darling.” Gwen replies. “Maybe you should clean up and relax when we get to the hotel. Don’t think I’m much for a night out tonight. I’m already feeling jetlag. I think I will try and get some sleep when we get there.”

I decide to go topside to get some fresh air. The moon over the island and ocean was stunning. The night sea air smelled amazing. The crew was still scurrying about preparing the ship for dock.

They were shaken up. I heard one of them describe to the other how he saw one of the women glow the whole time the storm was happening. They were anxious to get us off the boat, it was a bad omen in their minds.

I began to think about the words in the letter. "When the time comes, we will be there for you." If the story told by the crewman was accurate, it seems as if I am about to see what this Seeing thing is.

“I am all the way in Hawaii. What if I need them and they cant get here for me. This was probably not a good idea. I should have told Gwen and Deb about the letter. Now we are fifteen minutes from a remote island in the Hawaiian Island chain.” I think to myself.

What if something happens and one of them get’s hurt? How do I contact the Either if I need them?” I’ve had so many questions from the beginning, and now, even more. What is happening to me?

As Deb and Gwen joins me on the deck, one of the crew members walked by us and said,

`anâ`anâ“, (black magic).. He continued without even slowing his stride, “hô`ailona” (Omen, sign.)

We looked at each other perplexed when Deb responds, ”kâula.“...(Powerful, magician.“)

The man stops and turns around with a stern look on his face and with conviction, ”huikala.” (to absolve entirely; forgive all faults, excuse, cleanse and purify morally.)

Deb smiles and says, "Thank you." She turns to us smiles and says, "What? I've picked up a few word's here and there from my grandma. Her entire family is from the Big Island."

I see it now. She has always had this quality about her that I could never quite put my finger on. Her exotic looks, dark hair and perfectly tanned skin. I have always found her sexy, but now, even more.

I walked over to her and gave her a big hug then asked, "What did he say?"

"Oh he was just saying that was a pretty exciting ride. Or something like that." Gwen responds.

Deb had slipped away and began talking to one of the crew members about our age. I saw her slip him a small piece of paper. I knew what she was up to, she wanted to pucker on his pickle. She was hoping to see him again later, definitely before we left heading back to the mainland.

We begin docking and as I said earlier, the place looked like paradise. The fragrance of flowers that I had never smelled filled he air.

Torches were suspended from either side of the dock giving off an amber glow that simply screamed romance. This is going to be fun.

We were told not to worry about our luggage, that it would be bought over shortly. We walk over to the office maybe two hundred yards from the docked boat to get checked in. Deb goes in since she was the one who made the reservations and had all the receipts.

Gwen and I stayed outside and walked around to where the cottages were situated. They were neatly painted, each one had flowerbeds planted out front of it and behind it. The place was well lit, and several, sat a stones throw away from the lagoon which was as blue as the sea itself.

The flowers were of all colors, blues, yellows, orange, red, pink, purples, I swear it was straight out of some posh magazine I've looked at several times dreaming about a vacation to some place like this.

Gwen reminds me of the agreement I made with mom, so I decided to call her. There was no answer, so I left a voice mail as per her request, as well as the cottage number which we were staying in.

Deb walks over to us and motions for us to follow her and this lady. "She's taking us to our room."

Out of nowhere, this clumsy jerk smelling of liquor bumps into me and falls at my feet. I let out a small squeal as he must have pulled my hair on his way down.

He apologizes profusely as he tries to get to his feet, and I lean over and help him up. I surprised myself because I pulled him to his feet on my own. It barely felt as if I had lifted more than a feather.

"Wow! I like my women strong and dominant. You have the strong part, what about the other?" Without even waiting for a response from me he staggers off three cottages from the one Deb Gwen and the hostess is standing in front of.

The stranger

I walk into the cottage where my boss awaits the sample of the girls hair that I just obtained. I can't help but think how she didn't budge when I bumped into her. I hit her with enough force to topple the biggest of men that I know.

I reveal the strands of hair to my boss and he quickly holds up a small test tube for me to put them into. "Did she suspect anything?" My boss asks.

"No." I respond. "Great. Make sure you keep an eye on them without them knowing. I do not want the blonde to suspect anything."

I nod in response and bolt out the door. My name is Akamai, it means clever and intelligent. I have owned my own private detective business based in Hilo for ten years now.

I have been contracted to follow and if possible befriend one of the girls to keep a close eye on them. Kinda young for my taste, but they are hot.

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