Letters from the Ether

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First day in Hawaii


After a good nights sleep, I awake to see the sun has almost risen. I quickly get out of bed, wash my face try and wake the girls who are rousing slowly. I wash my face brush my teeth and get on my comfy outfit, a pair of cut off sweat pants and favorite grey t-shirt that says, Girls don't make passes at nerds without glasses.

I hit the door tell them to meet my out on the beach. I had to see the sunrise in Hawaii. I felt energized, and was on the beach in n time. A mid twentiesish guy was out on the beach talking with Jalen.

Since I saw Jalen I walked almost in their direction leaving enough of an angle to walk away if I needed to. Jalen and the guy turned at the sound of my jumping and twirling at the sea air.

Jalen walked away from the guy toward the direction I was headed when the gentleman calls out, "Sienna, might I have a word with you. The sun is about to rise and I know you came out to see it?"

I stopped in my tracks and wondered how he knew my name. I looked at Jalen who was walking towards me and he nodded head in approval. Somehow, I felt mildly at ease with it knowing that Gwen and Deb were only minutes away and Jalen had been talking with the guy.

I walk over and say, "You have me at a disadvantage. You know my name, but I don't know yours." The gentle man was clad in typical beach attire, polo shorts, a very loose fitting half buttoned shirt. It showed his abs and pecks.

Perfectly tanned, handsome, his hair was buzzed just above his ears. It faded up into his long fringes hair style that kept blowing in the wind, but never moved from in front of his face. I swear it reminded my of the Anime cartoons.

He began and said, "Names are superfluous right now. But I know that you have been contacted by a group who wants to help you through what is to come. We are also offering our assistance.

The parlor trick they pulled with the Lotto may have been impressive to you, but we have no need for such antics. Unlimited resources, the life you want, however you want it. Heck, you could create any nation in the world, in your image should you choose.

You are going to experience some frightening things, you will not know how to control your ability. This could be dangerous, because your abilities will be extremely unstable, volatile and dangerous to yourself, us and the general population.

Can I ask you what you saw and experienced yesterday when you were sick?"

I looked at the gentleman, smiled politely replied, "You sure think you know a lot. I had a headache. I got some rest and feel fine today."

He looked deep into my eyes, I felt him assure me that he Knew exactly what I was going through. He wasn't reading my mind, I just felt that he knew, I felt as if he had felt every lightening bolt of pain go through my head yesterday. It was weird.

At that second, I heard Deb and Gwen talking to Jalen asking, "Where's Sienna?"

The stranger says, "The sunrise is extraordinarily beautiful this morning. I had not noticed that it had began it's ascent into the heavens, signaling for me to take my leave." A day that would prove to be more than I had bargained for.

I stared at the sun's majesty, the colors reflecting off the ocean had my full attention for a second or two then turned to ask the stranger,

"How can I reach you if I do need help. Who do I ask for?" He responded, "Our information is in your purse. Black plastic card, engraved phone number. Name is also on the card."

I knew better at that point than to ask how these things were done. I looked back at the sun which was rising higher and higher to reveal almost one third of it's disc shape. Turned back to him, but he was gone.

Deb and Gwen walked over to enjoy the rest of the sunrise. They asked about the gentleman namely, when did I meet him. "Jalen seemed a little jealous." Deb tells. I smile and ask where he went off to.

Gwen responds, "He mentioned something about business on Hilo, and lunch in Honolulu. Sounds like a lot of flying. But that he would be back here later."

Hopeful that I would see him again later, we headed for the cottage. We made a few plans for the day, snorkeling, beach, food, alcohol, beach, find party on the beach, more alcohol.

When we got back to the cottage, I checked my purse. Black card, phone number and The Matter Corporation engraved on it. "Matter Corporation, I only have one day to let loose then who knows what's going to happen to me."

I declared to myself as I got ready for the shower. Why is everyone offering and giving me all this money? I have plenty now, and even if I decide not to join the Either, they said it's mine.

After getting out of the shower, my cellphone rang. It was mom. She asked why I hadn't called her today, she was sure it was after 9 am in Hawaii. I assured her we were ok and told her about watching the sunrise. After a few minutes of giving her our itinerary, we said the I love you's and ended the conversation.

As I hung up I get a text. No number, just a txt telling me that they are here should I need them. I respond to them with my usual brass pair and say, "You damn right I need you. No one is telling me what the hell is happening to me. Yesterday I spent most of the trip asleep because of a migraine on steroids. Thank God Gwen had aspirin. And then I started having these sensations and some trippy stuff happened. I need to know what is happening to me."

No response for a few moments, then "Meet us in thirty minutes out where you were watching the sunrise with the gentleman from Matter Corp."

I was relieved that I was finally going to get some answers, but anxiety built as I realize that this is the moment that has been building since the lingerie. All of the questions all the fear, uncertainty and most of all, what is it that they want from me. What am I? How is it that I have this and no one else I know has it? So many questions.

I tell Gwen that I need a bit of alone time on the beach and that her and Deb could get the supplies we will be needing, then we can go shopping. Deb was in the shower when I left.

I walk down onto the beach and notice Jalen. He was supposed to be in Hilo, or Honolulu I couldn't remember which. I think to myself, "How can I avoid talking to him for to long because I needed to talk with the either. Would they show if someone was with me? I can't avoid him, he is waiving at me and walking over towards me."

"Sienna, you look ravishing, so glad to know a beautiful young lady such as yourself."

I blush and damned if I didn't do that goofy high school crap that screams to a man, "Submissive....Submissive.." I play it off quite well if I do say so myself. Regaining control of the situation, "You men love that teenage innocence role don't you?"

I smile and interject before he could speak, again asserting my dominant intent over him. "I would love to stay and talk sweetie, but I have a casual meeting with some people that I need to talk with. Can I catch up with you later. I'm sure the wait won't be too bad."

Jalen, stands there surprised but smiling and responds, "That was quite the brush off, my feelings might have been hurt if I were not who you came out here to meet." Loss of balance....totally blindsided by that one..... standing there with mouth open and speechless....

Deb and Gwen walk up from behind me as I'm standing there dumbfounded. Gwen Grabs the back of my shoulder from behind as if messaging me and walks up beside, turning the shoulder grip into a big hug. Deb stands next to us in our embrace, smiles as Gwen releases her embrace and walks over to Jalen. Deb stands by me. Confused, I offer "Are you going to get supplies now? "

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