Letters from the Ether

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We Are The Either


“Sienna, We are the Either. Gwen was placed near you once we got word of your parents illness. It is a specific one. We placced her at Pristar to keep you safe and report any sightings of Matter Corp.

Deb, well, I’ll let her explain her role in all of this.”


Sienna.” As she grabs my hands looking me square in the eye. “We have known each other every since you and your parents came back from Brazil, after your parents were sick and We recognized the illness was not ordinary. We had been monitoring several other individuals that had the same thing happen to them.

I am a Central Intelligence Officer tasked with keeping an eye on you. As children when You befriended me, I had no idea what my parents did for a living other than travel a lot on business. When I graduated, mom and dad sat me down with two other officers and explained to me what they did. I was expected to follow suit, but honestly Sienna, I jumped on it. I knew I’d be traveling all over the world simply watching people and reporting. So when i tell you this, I hope you will see my sincerity.

I was tasked with tailing you after my first year of training. But I am the same person you have known most of your life. The same nymph tendencyed, fun loving, loyal and loving person you have always known.

Jalen found out who I was, bought me in, and convinced me that what they are trying to accomplish is far greater than the James Bond allure of the the Intelligence world. Plus I have always been in this to keep you safe. We knew that someone would come for you, we just didn’t know what they were up to. Please listen to Jalen, and we will sort our relationship out later if you will allow.”


I am even more dumbfounded. These two spies, fakes. I have half a mind to punch them both in the face. I freakin almost killed Gwen and I squirting all over the damn windshield.

Deb has had a crush on my dad since shortly after he got well and he started going to the gym again. I can’t deal right now, I have to focus.

I finally pull it together and look at Jalen then ask, “What am I?”

“You are, or will be as close to a God as a woman or man can be. Preliminary results indicate you are in possession of some rather interesting gifts.” Jalen responds as he motions for us to follow him onto this gorgeous yacht.

We walk aboard, follow him into a room walls practically made of Glass. A complete 360 degree view. We sit down and Jalen continues. “As I was saying earlier. You seem to be in possession of some rather interesting abilities. I apologize for the intrusion, but we had to quietly obtain a strand of your hair for analyses.”

I smiled and said obviously flirting, "I was within hours of letting you obtain a sample of my DNA from a means that would have been a hell of a lot more pleasant than having a pretend drunk yank out a patch of my hair.”

No one knew whether to smile or defend their position so Jalen dropped his head and replied, “Apparently, the results did not account for that ability you have of making grown men blush.”

Two men bring in a 55" flat screen monitor. This thing couldn’t have been 1/2" thick. Jalen is handed a remote control and turns on the monitor. Dr Ghellar appears on the screen, in real time I might add. Jalen introduces us and then he begins to explain my abilities.

Dr Ghellar

“Ms Dawn, soon, you will have the ability to control every cell in your body down to the molecular level. That is impressive enough, because that will allow you to become any object you wish to be, person, or animal.

As I said, that is impressive, but you also will have the ability to vibrate so fast, that theoretically, you will be able to travel through time. Along with those abilities, you will be able to hurl electrostatic discharges, in other words lightening.

These are but a few things we foresee you being able to do, but in reality, there are many possibilities. Are you all heading to the Fort?”


“We are about two hours away Doc. Can you have the staff prepare for our arrival?” Dr Ghellar has been with me since shortly after I returned to the Islands from the Himalayas. He has been my rock and great friend and confidant. He is well traveled a world class geneticist, extensively educated.

“You ladies have the run of the ship. I’m quite sure you all won’t find a problem finding something to fit should you decide to change. The trip is beautiful, we will pass some breathtaking scenery. Some of the uninhabited Islands here seem to be all flowers and blooming trees. You will find everything you need below deck.”

He excused himself and went up to the floor above us. This thing is massive, luxurious and may as well take a quick look around while me and these two iron this betrayal thing out.

I spoke first even though they both tried to talk at the same time.

“I will not lie to either of you, I am hurt, I don’t know how to proceed as friends. A lot is happening right now, I have a lot to think about with little or no time.

This thing happens to me tomorrow. No matter how we feel about each other, I need to know that what we’ve had was real. I need to know that I can trust you both, even if The Either is not what I choose.”

We arrive at an open door into a bedroom with the closet open. A note hung from it instructing us that appropriate attire is here and that appropriate attire was some loose fitting jeans, a tee shirt an over shirt and a pair of hiking boots. Should we decide to use the pool on the top deck, swimsuits were available.

We all grabbed for the swimsuits and yelled, “PARTY.....” We quickly got dressed and dashed up to the pool pushing and pulling at swimsuit straps trying to be first to jump in the pool.

Jalen and two other people, a man and a woman sat out on the deck talking and drinking what looked to be a Blue Hawaii. A server stood by their table as he instructed him to see if we wanted a drink.

“Kahlil here, is the best bartender in the Archipelago, test his drink knowledge, you will not be disappointed.” Kahlil was a rather tall black guy around forty years old. Handsome and strong he came over and spoke in a perfect British accent, “Would the lovely ladies care to put my Mixologist skills to the test? Any drink you can name, I can make.”

I ask for, ” An Aperol Spritz.” Great choice Khalil responded. Deb asked for a Boulivardier, Khalil responded, Now you young lady, know how to get the afternoon started. And you miss?” He looked at Gwen, “A Clover Club if you don't mind."

Aaaahhh, I see the streets of Philadelphia rustling and bustling as we speak. Your drinks will be served post haste." He scurried over to the bar and got the drinks prepared then brought them over. An hour past, and two drinks down we decide to go clean up and get dressed in the attire provided to us.

Deb and I ended up in a room together while Gwen was shown to a different one. While dressing I saw Deb from the corner of my eye, she was checking out my figure. "You know Sienna, I have always wanted to taste you. I have lusted after you since we were in school."

She begins to walk over towards me slowly. There has always been this thing with her, I felt it and fought it at times myself. She always had this scent about her. It wasn't some expensive cologne, or hair gel, body wash, it was her natural scent. Sometimes I'd smell her in passing, and immediately want to do the same, taste her. I always hoped if it ever happened, it would be as hot as the night in the history class during senior night.

Her body was thin but curvy. Her skin was not as soft as you might think looking at her, probably because of the muscle tone she has always seemed to have. All fem, with a masculine touch. All of this thinking caused me to breathe in deeply as she has moved up behind me.

Her hand reaches around me to pull me closer to her. In a second she turns me around to face her. She looks me in the eyes and said, I never meant to make you think you could not trust me Sienna. My loyalty is to you, not the Agency, not the Ether, Gwen feels the same way.

If you bail, we will follow, Gwen's situation may be a little more complicated, but you have her undying support. She wanted to make sure I told you that and that you believed it.

I replied, "I want to believe you both, and in truth, I feel that that is true. Time will tell sweetheart, and while you have me here, like this, lady bits exposed, how do you plan to make me?"

She moved in for a passionate kiss. Our lips meet, soft slow lip kisses turn into soft slow tongue kisses. I reach around to her bra strap and loose her candy bits, it falls to the floor and I feel her warm naked body against mine. She reaches up and grab her boobs and begin swirling her nipples around mine.

I reach down to her honey hole and gently begin rubbing either side of her lips. The warmth of her vertical smile increased with each stroke. I used two fingers to spread them. I felt the blood rush to her lips as they began to swell. I slide in a finger, she responds with a sigh of ecstasy. she begins backing me up towards the bed where I fall backwards on as she darts straight between my legs.

She begins diving for the illusive bearded clam. As her tongue slides across my lips my hips begin to respond in rhythm. Oh don't stop is my cry as she increases the pressure across the tor of my clit. I say, "Rougher, I'm almost there. I need your finger inside me now."

She obliges and works it in a come here motion just inside my opening. I sigh, "put in another one." I begin moaning more as she works my pussy with the skill of a lesbian porn star. "Deeper." I whisper, "faster, oh yea, harder.... Oh my god, I'm cumming, oh shit I'm cumming."

My body began convulsing in pleasure, my mind blank, all except for the sensation of orgasming on a freakin yacht. How cool is that. I lay relaxed on the bed from the release, Deb comes up kisses me on the lips and says, time to get dressed. We'll see what you can do another time.

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