Letters from the Ether

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What The F....

Let’s get this understood from the beginning. I am a really sensual girl, in case you haven’t seen it by now, always have been. By no means a slut, I have only been with one boy and played around a little with a couple of girls.

When the first note came into my possession, there was no wonder I thought it was someone from school pulling a practical joke. Or some perv who’s been watching me, hoping to get me alone for some forced fantasy, that I may have paddled the pink canoe to anyway.

I left work about an hour early for the party. I didn’t plan on being out to late because I had to open the restaurant in the morning. Deb had been off work for a couple of hours. We met at my job, and she got in the car with me headed to my parents house around 4. The party was at the Cove, about a thirty minute drive from my house. The first note came through the mail that day.

I did as I do everyday, went inside, checked the mail, then hit the shower. I saw the package with my name on it so I picked it up to check it out.

Nothing special about the packaging except there was no return address and the label was typed. Brown box, regular packing tape. I grabbed the letter opener, opened the box and a note was inside. It was on top of a set of Faire FrouFrou lingerie. It is a French phrase that means to show off, and by wearing this lingerie you would be doing just that. The whole line is simple and sexy, not slutty, sexy.

I figured it was from someone I knew, because It was my exact size. I pulled it out of the box to get a better look at it. Cigar colored bottom and flesh colored top. The set had to have set someone back over $100.00. I searched the box for any clue to where it came from but nothing else was in the box.

I sat the lingerie down and looked at the letter. No name, no return address on it either. It was the same type set as the address sticker. Regular bright white typing paper. The note began,

“This is going to come as a shock to you and I assure you there is no ill intent meant by this letter or the contents of the box. Let me introduce myself. I am called The Either. Consider me, a gamer. If you agree to play along, intrigue, excitement and an escape from your current boring, atrocity of a reality is yours.”

I read on, “Women adore a classy set of Lingerie, this is my gift to you. Call it an ice breaker, it’s the set you admired few weeks ago. The sizing should be perfect, your figure most assuredly is. It is yours no matter what you decide.”

“You do not know me. We have not met, but I am positive you are the right person.” I looked online a few weeks ago for some provocative, yet classy lingerie, came across this line, saw the prices of what I liked. Figured out real quick that my desire was bigger than my bank account. This pair, I will keep.

There was more to the letter but Deb sidetracked me admiring the the gift asking if it was from someone special I had not told her about. How does this person have my address? I think to myself. “How does he know what I am looking at online, fucking creep show.” I think to myself.

Deb oblivious to what is happening tells me that I should try them on, and pushes me toward my bedroom. What the hell, I”ll try them on, as I said, I’m keeping them regardless.

I excuse myself, and head into my bedroom. I call Deb in as soon as I get it on. I ask, ” What do you think? Does it look ok?” Deb stood there quietly for a few seconds taking in every curve, then responds with a grin on her face, nibbling on the tip of her fingernail, “Flawless.”

She moves closer and continues to walk around me taking in every angle. Her nostrils widen, taking in every scent. I feel her breath over my left shoulder. I feel her hand brush across my ribcage as she hugs me pulling me closer. I feel her gentle kiss on my neck.

I grin, “Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

In a second, I feel her hand slide down my stomach to my crotch on the outside of the panties. My back arches. I gasp, a sigh gives me away.

My eyes close as she begins to rub my pink eraser. Slow and methodical she messages. The feel of those panties against me,... unexplainable.

Wetter by the second, the heat from my tinkleflower builds, I say, “I am soaking this lingerie before I get the chance to show them off to anyone.”

Deb responds, “Am I no one? You are so freaking hot in this.”

Dripping wet, and out of breath I pull her hand away, turn her around, then give her the bad news. “Not here, not right now. My dad will be home any moment. He would freak if he saw you and I.”

Deb tries to speak in protest. I put my finger over her lips, and give her a gentle kiss.

“In due time my sweet horny vixen, in due time.” I say to her.

Deb responds, “I think if he saw me on top of you, all I’d have to do is motion for him to come over, unzip his pants, and deep throat him....Right... in front... of you.”

“Seriously Sie, I’d so let him put it wherever he wanted to. He is so fucking hot. I see how he looks at me when no one is looking and he thinks I’m not.” She laughed hysterically.

I respond, “You do not know my father. He would probably give you a ten minute lecture on the possible health complications anal sex could cause. Then after thoroughly ruining any moment you’d hope to have with him. He’d have you pondering the reason it hurts but feels good at the same time.”

I laugh loudly and continue, “Talking about, (neuro transmitters in the mind allow pain as well as pleasure in order to inform the person of the soon to be decided fight or flight response).... Blah.... Blah....” I laughed because I was not kidding one bit.

I’ve known Deb finds my dad hot for a few years now. And I know she is not kidding when she says she would let him have any part of her that he wants. She is infatuated with my dad.

I go over to my wardrobe and grab my favorite swimsuit. It’s a G-String bottom, no public pool would let me wear it so every time we go out to the lake I consider wearing it.

It’s to late in the season for bikinis but I put it on under a flesh color and blue pair of yoga pants, this ultra cute and tight halter top, then cover up with my school sweatshirt. O has a hot tub on his boat.

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