Letters from the Ether

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Oh, The Note

While getting dressed, I put the lingerie in my laundry hamper. I never got around to reading he rest of the note. Time was getting short, it was gonna take thirty minutes to get to the Lake then who knows how long to get parked and down to the Cove. Many of our friends had their parents boats out, and there was also no shortage of people on the shore so we had plenty to do.

Deb and I were invited to Orlando's houseboat. He swore he would be there but it would be around 6:30-7:00 as his parents boat was over an hour away from the Cove by water.

Deb assured him we would wait for him but never said we weren't gonna smooze a few drinks from some of the other boats that would be there. We get there and Deb asks, "Is the lucky guy or gal who sent you those undies gonna be out here tonight Sie?"

Her question caught me off guard. I had forgotten I hadn't given her the scoop on the lingerie. "I don't think so." I respond.

Deb, "That is a really nice set of underwear girl. They definitely have taste."

I respond, "They are hot."

A few drinks later, I am talking to some acquaintances on the shore and I hear Deb yell for me from across the small sand beach.

"Sie.....O's here. O is her pet name for Orlando." The boat anchors close enough to shore that Jasmine comes over with her canoe and picks myself and Deb up to take us out to him. Jasmine is O's sister, she is so cool, I love her to death. The place was huge compared to most of the other boats in the Cove.

Orlando's family has lived in the town for generations. They made a ton of money from oil, his grandparents struck a huge well early in their marriage and they lived happily ever after.

O's Father never really acted like they were loaded. He owns a mechanic shop, the town grocery store and still helps with the oil wells along with a small consulting firm. As close to self made as a rich guy can get I guess.

Orlando has always treated me with respect, there were times I wish he had chosen me. He has always been a gentleman and good friend. That sucks, but I love Deb to death.

But, if I happened to be below deck on his houseboat and everyone but him was topside, and he threw me on his bed and slid his pocket rocket into my rocket pocket, I would have just tried to be as quiet as I could till I freakin came all over him. My velvet glove wanted bad to grip his weapon of ass destruction. I have a million sexual euphemism's in case you haven't noticed. They fly all over the place when I get going.

The party on O's boat was as usual, everything there for your indulgence. O got his medical marijuana card a few months ago so he always has the best smoke. The bar is fully stocked and as usual, there are at least fifteen others on the boat with us. We all went to school together.

Party in full swing, my mind slips away to the note. That lingerie felt sooooo good against my skin. Could the note have come from O? He would definitely have the money to buy that stuff and it not even phase him. Was he sending me it because he has future plans to see me in them. I'd fuckin climb his maypole in a heart beat.

How could I have left the house without completely reading it. Freakin Deb, she threw my mind off with that stunt in my bedroom. Who the hell wrote it and sent me those night clothes.

I drink a few more with Deb, O and his friends. An hour or so in, I decide to call it a night. I told Deb I was gonna head home. It was dark and the drive from the lake was full of hills and few street lights. Deb says Jasmine would take her home later, she was gonna stay. We hug and I get Jasmine to canoe me back ashore.

It took me almost two hours to get back home. The whole trip my mind went back and forth on who this note sender could be. I did not know the sender, and we hadn't met. If that were true, then how did they know my name, address or taste in clothing. Obviously a hacker, I think to myself. What is this weirdo's endgame?

I get home hug my mom and dad who were sitting in the family room watching the news. They had been discussing the story that had just went off about some unusual happenings close to Twine, the small city we live in. Apparently, everyone in the town of Treeland, a small population of about 150, disappeared at the same time.

People are saying hoax, mom and dad are discussing the story. It just happened a little over twenty four hours ago. I didn't pay to much attention to the conversation, my mind was on the note. So I excused myself and headed to my room where I laid it. I had my own mystery to tend to at the moment.

There it was, right where I left it, untouched. I reach over pick it up, sit down on my bed and begin reading.

"The Either is a group of individuals banding together to make a change, indeed make a lasting difference in the world. the details of which cannot be just put nice and tidy in a letter, so this letter and the gift, was sent as a token of our appreciation of people like us being in the world.

By us, I include you. You will be 21 soon, you will, let's just say, experience some changes. You will have many questions. No dr's will be able to answer them. At that time, we will be here to help you and guide you through, what we call, "Seeing."

It will be confusing, we have all gone through it, and helped over fifty others pass through. When the time comes, we will reach out and offer our assistance.

Expect a small offering from us, to you and your family tomorrow. It should help with a few things and lighten what you know as life's load a bit. Enjoy, we will be in touch soon.

I trust you've seen the news by now, the people are fine, they are....... let's just say.... somewhere else. They will all awake with no recollection of what has happened. "

The Either

The letter ended with no other info. I sat in my bed, oddly aroused by the feelings I was having. Disbelief, but how can I explain the letter, mail days before I received it and it talked about an event that just happened and is only now being reported.

Number two, what the heck is going to happen when I turn twenty one? Am I going to get sick like my mom and dad? Guiding me though, "Seeing?" This is all to much for me to deal with right now.

What gift am I to expect tomorrow that will change our lives? As I said, to much for me to deal with now. But, I do want to see if mom and dad knew anything more about the disappearances. I change into my pj's and quickly go out into the living room where mom and dad were still talking about the disappearances.

Dad is saying, "They are confirmed disappearances. Officials are asking for any relatives to call a hotline and let them know when the last time anyone had contact with them. So far half had spoken with them the night before, so it seems as if the people were abducted during the night."

After a few minutes of conversation, mom said she had enough, that it was to weird for her, she just wants to make sure the doors are locked and that dad had his gun at the ready. My father smiled and answered, "Whooaa there Mr.s Terminator." They both laugh as he continues. "We will be ok, I've got this. I smell aliens all over it though." Continuing to make light of a weird situation.

We all knew he was joking, but there was some truth in there also. How could over 150 people just vanish from their beds one night. Better question, who is The Either? They insinuated that they did this. And to get my attention. Do I show my parents this letter and go to the police? Or do I keep this to myself?

The Either said they would be returned unharmed in the same way they left. I will let this play out until tomorrow, If no one returns, I will say something. I head to my bedroom and lay down for the night.

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