The other dagger

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Find the missing dagger

Mystery / Drama
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Chapter 1

It was a very hot afternoon. Sonia and surina as usual, walked along the pavement heading to the school’s main gate. Sonia saw her sister, Malisa and swapped sides with Surina.

Sonia: [Reducing her pace] Malisa, let’s go home, you know how mom can be.

Malisa: [Annoyed] Whatever.

As soon as Sonia and Malisa arrived home, they both rushed to their room, which they shared and threw their bags carelessly on their beds.

Malisa: [Standing in front of her sister] What was that Sonia?

Sonia: [Closing the door behind her, confused] What was what?

Malisa: How could you tell me to go home knowing fully well that I am your elder sister?

Sonia: [Unloading her backpack and pulled out her Geography exercise book] Malisa, I wouldn’t have said that if you were as responsible as girls your age. Mom scolds me ’cause of your carelessness. Always.

Malisa: Wow! I’m impressed. It was before my friends. Do you know how embarrassed I was back there?

Sonia: Now what do you want me to do?Apologize? [Sarcastically ] Oh! Alright. Her Majesty, the Queen, I am very sorry for telling you the right thing any normal person in their right senses would have done. If I knew this was going to rebound so bad, I would have kept my mouth shut.

Sonia walked out of the room and marched to the living room. Where she stayed till dinner was served . They had chicken and pasta for dinner. After, Sonia cleared up everything, washed their three dishes and finally headed to the room, so she could rest after a long day.

The next day Sonia got up quite early for her to get to school on time, in order to complete her Geography homework for yesterday. Sonia is a clever learner. At some point, she too thought school can be ordeal at times. But when you have a little developing crush for someone, hey! school becomes an oasis of peace. As usual she sat next to her best friend, Surina.

Surina: You look like sh*t.

Sonia:[Sarcastically ]Oh well, thank you.

Surina: You look tired for real. I can give you my make-up kit.

Sonia: We are in school. You don’t even own one. Girl please. Do I really look like puke?

Surina: I said you look like shit. I mean, since when did you start worrying about how you looked in school?

Sonia: [Insecure ] You know what? You should never counsel someone who is suicidal.

Surina: [Cackling] I’m joking.

Mrs Miller: Surina Shikongo and Sonia Mendez! If you feel like I’m too little to notice, you can come stand in front so you look at me from a different angle. Say one more word.

“Ten. nine. eight … ” Sonia counted the remaining minutes as she couldn’t wait till it was break time. Finally the bell rang.

Surina: [Pulling out her lunch from her backpack ] Leggo! I hate it when the hallway gets crowded.

The girls went for break and sat in front of the cafeteria, not realising Chris sat at the table next to theirs.

Surina: [Before taking a bite off her sandwich]I think Chris is staring at you. It’s cute. My heart would melt if anybody looks at me like that.

Sonia: [Munching her chicken nuggets she had in her lunch pack] Where is he?

Surina: Behind you. Don’t look. He’ll think we are talking about him and he’ll get a big head.

Sonia: [Packing up her stuff] Whatever. He thinks too highly of himself, I don’t like that. Can we go to class it’s almost time up.

Surina: 20 more minutes left Sonia. You can’t stand Chris or could it be that you’re shy?

Sonia: I don’t even like him. C’mon. [Dragging her friend away from the Cafeteria].

Hours went by, slowly unlike any other day. After school, Sonia went straight home without assuring her sister. After a fifteen-minute walk, She entered the house through the backdoor, in order to avoid contact with Kate.

Sonia: [Turning after hearing sounds] Oh! Mom. It’s you.

Kate: What took you so long? I’ve been here for like an hour, waiting for you two. [After registering it was just Sonia] And where’s your sister?

Sonia: [Flopping down on the couch] If I tell you the truth you won’t probably believe me.

Kate: [Curious as she pulled an old magazine from under the TV stand] Tell me.

Sonia: I honestly have no idea where she is, mother.

Kate: This girl is really beginning to annoy me.

Twenty minutes later…

Malisa: [Flinging her bag recklessly on the sofa next to her] Hey Mama!

Kate: Malisa where have you been?

Malisa: Well, where else if not the library Mama? I needed some textbooks. So, I went there.

Kate felt it was pointless talking to her, for she knew Malisa was lying through her teeth. Malisa isn’t the type to waste time on books. Instead she dismissed them.

Sonia: [Singing as she enters the room] *If are sitting on the bus and it’s coming in a rush Diarrhoea, Diarrhoea…*

Malisa: [Slamming the door behind her] Sonia whaft kind of a sister are you? You couldn’t even remind me it was time to go home.

Sonia: The last time I reminded you, you threw it back at me by saying I embarrassed you.

Malisa: My friends weren’t there. You are not doing your job properly, are you? Let’s say, Mom hired you to keep an eye on me.

Sonia: I don’t have time for this.

Later that day, Malisa dressed up, made her bed and walked to Sonia who was busy with her Maths homework.

Malisa: [Sitting next to her sister] Sonia, listen I know you are upset, I’m sorry. Indeed, I ‘ve been careless lately.

Sonia: I’m not doing it.

Malisa: What are you saying?

Sonia: You always apologise when you need a favour.

Malisa: Of course not. Well, maybe. Ok yes. There’s a party at Chris' house and I can’t miss it. I’ll get to kiss one of the hot boys from school. Cover up for me please.

Sonia: You are all going on about Chris like he’s a god. Why don’t you get a boyfriend instead of trying to kiss these disgusting guys from school? You are 20. Get a boyfriend. Jeez!

Malisa: Oh hell no Sonia! You should stop hating on Chris. We both know you always imagine him [Moving her hands down her body seductively ] caressing you and pinning you down.

Sonia: [Annoyed] Stoooop! If he was the last bowl of rice on earth I’d rather starve than… have him. Ewww . You know what? Go…Just this last time. Leave!

Malisa: [Licking Sonia’s cheek] Thank you. Thank you!

Sonia: [Rubbing her cheek with the back of her hand] OMW! You nasty…

Malisa busted out laughing as she walked out of the room heading to the backdoor and disappeared in excitement. After a few minutes later Kate walked in the girl’s room and stood in the doorway, with her attention on her phone.

Kate: Malisa, close my bathroom window as soon as it gets dark. I always have to remind you.

Sonia: Mom, I’ll close it.

Kate: [Looking around the room] Ano nyee. Where’s Malisa?

Sonia: She uhm… She… er …She went to get her book from her friend’s house. Yes…her friend’s house meme.

Kate: B!tch you’re lying. It’s written all over you.

Sonia: [Startled by Kate’s vocabulary] Mooom!! Oh my god! Those were the last words I expected to come out of your mouth.

Kate: Oh please. I’m going out for dinner with the girls. Laters [Walking out of the room.

Sonia: Okay Mom. Later.

Sonia quickly stuffed her books back into her bag and put on an oversized T-shirt and shorts plus sandals. She grabbed the house keys and locked all the doors.

She walked until the last house on their street where George lived. George was her Childhood best friend that stayed most of his childhood in Zambia with his mom. She thought it would be a breath of fresh air if she gave him a surprise visit.

Sonia: [Banging on the door] Hello! Anybody home?

George: [Shouting as he jogged from the hallway ] Spare the door, will you!?

Sonia: [After the door flew open] Is that how you talk to an old friend.

George: [Overjoyed] Look who’s here! My pretty bestfriend. [Squeezing her small frame as he pulls her into a tight hug] Oh my word! You have no idea how much I’ve missed you?

After settling down and George bringing Sonia up to date with his life in Zambia.

Goerge: [Making his way to the kitchen] So, What do I offer you Son?

Sonia: That’s the worst nickname you can ever give to someone. Water is fine.

Goerge: Omeva Sonia? Really? How about Juice or sparkling water at least?

Sonia: I’m the one drinking.

George: Alright. Suit yourself ma’am.

As George made his way back, he found Sonia staring at a carafe next to the table.

George: [Handing the glass of water to Sonia] Are you alright? Who’s the douchebag?

Sonia: [Snapped to attention as she grabs the glass of water] Oh, it’s nothing really. Not a guy obviously [Chuckles and sips her water].

George: Alright boo [Cross-leg posing in a feminine way].

Sonia: So, are you back for good?

George: Yes ma’am. Mom’s done studying. How’s your sister?

Sonia: Well, she’s fine. The thing is, there’s something I’m failing to apprehend about her.

George: I’m sorry, but I’ve never approved of her either. She’s migraine. Hey! You didn’t mention anything about your country girl so far.

Sonia: Who could that be?

George: The girl that looks a bit like you. Your neighbour mohs. You child.

Sonia: Ouh! Surina? They moved. They stay in Hanova now.

George: [Blushing] Yeah, yeah. Surina.

Sonia: [Suppressing a giggle while observing him] Oh mother of donuts! You like her! I knew it. This is great.

George: [Embarrassed] No! She’s pretty i know. But she’s just quite unsophisticated for a guy like me.

Sonia: Every guy thinks that way about good girls.

George: Not really. One more thing, I’m distrustful of her and my intuition never failed me. Has she ever spoken briefly of why they moved all of a sudden?

Sonia: [Hopping up from her seat] No. She never told me and I’ve never bothered to ask about it. I must leave before mom comes back from dinner.

George: Should I walk you home? it’s kinda late.

Sonia: It’s fine. I’ll be fine.

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