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"That day, I thought my shit life was gonna change, but man, I WAS WRONG!" Zack Will, a 23-year old man suffering from every sorrow a man can ever face- broken marriage, unemployment, alcohol addiction, etc.- got a chance to start a new life by joining Secret Agency of Investigation (SAI). Suddenly, his life turned upside down as the game turned darker... *Unluckily, this series has been dropped from Inkitt. Please read the rest through this link-- https://www.scribblehub.com/series/169114/spyral-diary/ **Updated every Saturday and Sunday** ***Series written by Zei Zackary***

Mystery / Thriller
Age Rating:

E1: Solution

December 10th, 2018 (9:00 pm)

It was a grand hospital room of London Memorial Hospital. A private suite in the hospital was provided for the woman, who was sitting up on her bed, wearing a blanket, with her legs crossed. She had long blonde hair with brown eyes, with and a small face of warm ivory color. She was watching the outside view of London, her hometown, from the glass-wall on the right of my bed. In between of the bed and the glass wall were other necessary gears used by hospitals, like the one showing my heart rate, blood pressure and all that stuff. A traditional watch was hung at the front wall. At the right was the door which was closed, with an attached door which was closer than the entrance. It was the door of the toilet.

The superstructures were being reconstructed, with cranes all around the city lifting heavy iron/steel rods. The most prominent one to be reconstructed was The Big Ben. “How badly we failed in twenty-seventeen,” she thought in despair, turning her head down with a sense of guilt. She turned left and saw a black diary kept on the drawer, along with a tray of finished food. She constantly glared towards the diary for a few minutes. “Spiral Diary” she said the title on the diary under her breath. Then, she took one of her hand out of the blanket and took up the diary. Keeping it on her legs, she turned on the first page where this was written-

“Zack Will’s Diary

Don’t ever try to touch if you don’t wanna die”

At the written content, she chuckled and said, “I don’t know why I still laugh at this, even though this is such a serious matter for him.” Anyways, she turned on the page and started to read the diary. The first line of the novel was-

“That day, I thought my shit life was gonna change, but man, I WAS WRONG!”


December 31st, 2013 (01:15 pm)

It was a silent thoroughfare. The diversion in between was filled with street-lights, throwing out yellow shades. The road was surrounded by large superstructures. Now even a single person was seen, and it was absolutely silent, until a black car came by, speeding at 40 km/h. It was filled with a gang of boys. A 23 year-old boy, named Zack Will, was at the driver’s seat on the left, He was having black short hair with brown eyes, wearing a black tank with red outlining on it, along with a pair of black track pants. The one on his right had rather long black hair, standing up due to gel. He also had brown eyes and was wearing a white tank top vest with a pair of white shorts and slippers. He was Jason, a 24 year-old guy who had just passed the college after much failed efforts of passing the finals. The same was with Lucifer, the one at the back, which had very small soldiers-like haircut with very small hair size. He also had brown eyes and had whiter skin-tone than the other two. He was also wearing a black tank top with a black pair of shorts. Every one of them had a black bottle of vodka, with two-three more kept beside Lucifer, which were meant to be used up later. They all were dancing, laughing and enjoying to the fullest.

“Yoo-hoo!” Lucifer screamed.

“Yoo! What happened, bro?!” Jason screamed in return, because the sound of music was very loud.

“What should I tell ya?!” Lucifer said emotionally, drunk. “What a great day of my life!”

“Yup!” Jason replied emotionally, drunk.

“Ya, it will be for you! At last, you have passed the Collage and beat Simon, who used to bully you when ya both were freshers, right?!” The young man at the driving seat sarcastically said. However, he wasn’t as drunk as others.

“How the fuck will you understand our plight?!” Jason said, half-drunk, pointing at the man. “We were some good seniors when ya entered the collage, isn’t it?”

“Jason’s absolutely correct!” Lucifer argued on his side. “You never felt the pain what we’ve felt, kiddos!”

“Yeah, so shut your mouth up on this matter!” Jason ordered. “YA GOT NO RIGHT!”

“O-Okay. I gotcha, don’t worry,” Zack hesitantly said, looking at the road.

Seeing his hesitation and nervousness, Jason whispered in Lucifer’s ears, “Well, I said not to say the word ‘pain’ or ‘tragedy’ in front of him, isn’t it?”

“Oh, sorry! But even you—” Lucifer tried to argue his hand in this matter but Jason saw this coming.

“Oh, bro!” Jason tried to console him, patting his shoulder. “I told ya not to get so much emotional over silly jokes!”

“No, I’m fine, carry on, please,” he replied, hiding his tears.

“Well, I still think what happened with him. Why don’t we just ask him out?” Lucifer whispered in Jason’s ear.

“Because,” Jason whispered back. “It was a tragedy. He told me not to ask him that again because he doesn’t wanna remember what happened.”

He was able to clearly hear their conversations and was finding it hard to hold his tears because how Jason cares for him. But, he didn’t hear Jason’s last line “Plus, the compensation he receives by the bank is also high, and that’s the reason we drink our favorite vodka which is so expensive. If he ever breaks our friendship, we won’t be able to drink it ever again!”

“Okay now, stop!” He said with a smile, completely unaware of the last line Jason spoke.

Suddenly, in the middle of the night, when the three were still drinking, the car made a large bumping sound like it had hit somebody. “Whoops!” Zack cried as he got a better grip of the steering wheel after rotating it to left. But, it was too late. Zack opened the window of the car and popping his head out, turned his head backwards and saw a woman, probably of his own age, lying on the ground. She had a porcelain skin tone and had blonde hair, and was wearing a white shirt over a mustard-colored pair of pants. She also had a mustard leather bag on her back. Luckily, she was alive, but she was badly wounded. She was bleeding from her knees and right elbow. She moved her hands towards the ground and tried to get up.

“RUN AWAY!” Jason shouted. “Run away before she sees us!”

“What?” Zack asked in shock. Pointing at the woman with both of his arms straight, he asked “Should not we help her out?”

“It’s a BIG NOOO!” Lucifer replied. “We’ve seen enough of women, and have come to a conclusion that she may say that she won’t report, but at last, SHE WILL, NO MATTER WHAT!”

“B-But…” Zack tried to argue him.


“O-Okay,” Zack replied, still not sure what to do. So, following his friends’ advice, he drove away.

“Oh, poor young man!” Another woman, wearing the same pair of clothes as the wounded woman, said. “So he’s Zack Will. I think Carlos must not have wanted this,”

“What?” The wounded woman asked.

“Oh, nothing. I was just saying that we should report him on the police station for rash driving and murder attempt. Don’t ya feel so?”

December 31st, 2013 (1:45 am)

The young man drove inside a street full of houses on either side, with street-lights to provide some light. “I’m very late today,” he thought while making the turn. The street was completely silent, so as his car. He had already dropped his friends to their respective homes and was heading towards his one now. The car was like this, completely silent, from the minute they stepped their feet outside the car. The radio device, responsible for the loud music, was turned off. Everyone in the street was sleeping soundly and no one cared for the car which just entered the street.

At the middle of the street, the car was stopped and parked on the left side, at front of a certain house. It had three floors with an open corridor at each floor, with another small tower-like structure constructed beside the building purely for the use of ascending and descending between the floors. The lights of the third floor were still on, the only one to do so. It was his home. He got out of the car and saw the lights of his room house open. “Oh, crap! I’m late again! Ruby must be angry at me now!”

He ascended on the staircase and while walking on the corridor, he was just chanting, “Please not Ruby! Please not Ruby!”

He opened the door and found Ruby, his girlfriend, sitting at the sofa with a bunch of bags around her. She also had a porcelain white skin tone with frizzy short brown hair. She was wearing a pair of white trench coat with blue jeans, with a pair of red high-heels to complete the outfit. On hearing the door opening, she turned her head backwards and saw the man wearing a black nylon track pants with a black top tank vest. She stood up as Zack, holding her shoulders, asked her worriedly, “What happened baby?”

“Don’t act like you don’t know, Zack!” She angrily replied, pulling her shoulders back.


“Don’t act like you don’t know! I’ve said you several times to stop your drinking addiction and late-night parties!” She angrily scolded, pointing a finger at him.

“But, I don’t—”

“Shut your mouth, please!” She cut her. “You just give your damn excuses every time or try to change the topic! Today, I’m only here ’cause I just wanted to tell you face-to-face that EVERYTHING BETWEEN US IS OVER!”

“Wait, Ruby just listen to—”

“No, I won’t listen to you now!” She said and extended her hand towards her luggage.

“Don’t you think you should have at least one reason as to why you’re leaving me?” Zack calmly argued.

Looking into his eyes, Ruby replied, “Well, should I?”

“Yes,” Zack folded his arms.

“You are just a drunkard who comes late at night. You have got a bad company of friends with you. You have no source of income and you just thrive on the compensations of your dead parents, and half of your compensations is used up on your drinking needs, isn’t it right?”

“Y-You know ’bout the c-compensations and my j-job? How?” Zack shockingly asked her.

“The neighbors told me. Your game is finished now, Zack,” She bravely replied, still looking into his eyes. She threw the engagement ring at Zack’s face and continued, “You really thought that you can fool me for the rest of your life?” With her luggage on her hands, she went away.

“Won’t you even wait for the morning?” Zack asked her, without looking back.

“No,” She bravely replied without looking back, and continued towards the stairs.

Zack clenched her fists, with a drop of tear pouring down. With a sense of anger and revenge in his voice, he stepped on the engagement ring and said, “I-I’m g-gonna change. I-I can’t get w-what I’ve l-lost but, I-I can surely prevent from losing more.”

January 1st, 2014 (8:02 am)

The next morning, he was still sitting on the three-seater sofa. There was a table on his front with two sofa-seats on either side. The drawing room was directly connected to a bed-room just beside the sofa set, with a toilet attached to the bed-room. The drawing room was also connected to the kitchen, painted with shades of red. Zack opened his eyes and found himself sleeping on the sofa. He sat up and while looking outside the window beside the door, he said to himself, “The last night was a truly, truly long one.” After sitting idle for a few seconds while staring outside the window for a few minutes, stood up and told himself, “From now, I won’t meet Lucifer and Jason. Plus, I needa find my old degrees and look out for a job.” Turning towards the bed-room, he said, “But, it’s been a whole year. Finding ’em will be a true pain in the ass.”

January 1st, 2014 (9:31 am)

“Oh man!” Zack cried in despair, looking inside the drawer and throwing books here and there. “I still can’t find it!” He was now wearing a black pair of pants with a white t-shirt. The whole bed-room was messed up with those books. He was sitting on the floor and looking at the bottom-most shelf of the drawer kept beside the table. After some efforts, he took out a folder and while waving it upwards, he cheerfully shouted, “Success at last! Now I can probably complete my new-year resolutions!” He stood up and saw the mess he created on the bed, and said, “Uh… I think I will clean it up afterwards!” and dashed away.

He just locked the door and was walking on the open corridor towards the staircase, with his black bag containing all those necessary documents. Hopping cheerfully with his eyes closed, he murmured, “Let’s just try out giving my CVs to all those big companies which put their advertisements on the newspaper.” Suddenly, he collided with a person. While murmuring a “Sorry,” he opened his eyes and found a policeman standing right in front of him.

“Good morning sir,” Policeman said. “I’m Robert Thomson, the District Chief Policeman of this area. Do you care to answer if that car yours?” He pointed towards Zack’s black car.

“Yes, why?” Zack innocently replied.

“Well, sir, I’m very sorry to say that nearly at two o’clock in the night, someone has complained an FIR regarding your car. They’ve stated that your car was used for a murder attempt of a maiden. Is it true?”

At this, a drop of sweat ran down from his forehead as he remembered the accident last night. He murmured, “S-Sir, actually, it w-wasn’t done intentionally.”

“So it means you did it?”

“Uh… Y-Yes but I didn’t do it o-on purpose. Actually I was drunk a-and so—”

“So you were drunk?!” Robert shockingly asked. “So I am very sorry to tell you that you have to spend the rest six months in jail until the investigation is done.” The two policemen, standing behind Robert, came up and tied his hand with a handcuff at the back. Now, literally everyone at the neighborhood was watching him being taken like a prisoner. They all were talking, murmuring and whispering with each other.

“W-What have I done?” Zack thought, still in shock. “W-What are they saying? Everyone must be thinking of me as a prisoner. B-But why? Why me? What have I done? Just followed my friends out there. And, should I really pay it all like this?”

January 1, 2014 (10:03 am)

“W-Why me?” Zack asked in despair. His head was tilted downwards and taking support on his interlocked fingers. His eyes were unable to be seen from the side angle due to his big hair. It was a cell of the London Police Station. It was a dark place full of webs and spiders on the corners. The outside of the cell also didn’t have any way for light to arrive and so it was darker. But, the cell had a window behind which threw light directly at the center of the table.

“After your story, I can just say you this that it was your fault because you were on the driving seat,” the Robert explained him.

“Well, just because I followed my friends out there, isn’t it?”

“Can say.”

Zack sighed and turned his head towards the policeman and asked, “For how much time am I here?”

“Six months.”

With his head down on the original position again, he asked, “But, can ya tell me who that person was who filed the case?”

“Sorry sir, but we’re strictly restricted from leaking this information to you,” Robert calmly replied as he stood up from his seat and walked towards the cell’s gate. While he was locking it, he told him, “Well, you have the right to a call. Inform this to your family, any friend or well-wisher.”

“I’m an orphan and I don’t have any friends,” Zack coldly replied.

“What ’bou—”

“Nah, they’re no longer my friends,” Zack cut him.

Robert shrugged and said, “Okay,” as he left the cell and locked it. “Wait here ’til we prepare your charge-sheet.”

Zack was sitting on the chair, head slightly titled down in despair. He was looking at his hands on the table, intercrossed, and started to think, “What have I done? Do I really deserve it?” Suddenly, a drop of tear ran down his cheek as he continued, “HELL YEAH I DO!” He sobbed. “Well, it was surely me who drove away. I could have at least helped her out by going against my friends. My weakness and shyness has brought me here.”

Suddenly, another policeman unlocked the cell, opened its gate and said, “Hey, it’s time to go home.”

“What?” Zack surprisingly asked him, wiping his tears with his sleeve.

“The DCP has given me orders to release you.”


“Yes,” He said as Zack stood up and followed him.

Zack was just going through the entrance. “It’s a good opportunity, I needa run away. I can easily blame the officers here if I get caught.”

While just walking through the entrance, Robert patted on his back. Looking backwards, he was horrified to see his face. He tied to explain, “W-Well, Y-Your”

Giving him the keys Robert said, “We bought your car for examination. It’s at the underground parking.

Taking the keys, he was expecting that Robert will surely say something like ‘ya thought ya can get away so easily’ but to his surprise, when the keys were given, he turned back and walked away.

“What in the world is goin’ on?” Zack murmured as he turned back towards the entrance and walked away.

The underground parking was a creepy place, with darkness everywhere, with just a light of bulb after every five-seven meters. It was just the size of the police station, but it had no window. Not too many cars were parked, just some police-cars and some of criminals or visitors, maybe. After walking straight for a few minutes, he saw his black-colored car parked at the left of a police-car. He was standing at the back of the car. He looked at the number-plate. He read it- “L-T 1-4 O-R-F. Yeah, this is it.” He turned his right and opened the car’s gate.

“Hello,” he heard a masculine voice.

A little scared, he asked, “Where?”

“Right in your front, son!”

At this, he felt goosebumps. Shivering down to the spine, he said feebly, “W-Who?”


He saw a man in his front as he shouted “AAAH!”

The man laughed and said, “Ha! Can’t ya see I was just here, in the shadows?”

He noticed the police-car and the man smiling, with his hands inside the pocket. He was in his fifties. He had a white skin-tone with black English mustache. He was wearing a white shirt with a mustard pair of pants. He had some good abs which can be seen clearly through his tight shirt. He even had a bag hanging on his back. He was standing in front of the police-car, with one of his foot settled on its tire. “So, you are Zack Will, right?”

“Y-Yeah,” he nervously answered.

“You have quite a strong name for a shy one like you,” He laughed. Then, he took out a hand towards Zack and said, “Hello. I’m Carlos Cornwallis. Nice to meet ya!”

Still a kinda nervous, he shook his hands and said, “I’m Zack Will. Pleased to meet you too.”

Taking his hands back, Carlos said in a serious tone, “So, you must be thinking why I am here, or how I know you, right?” Zack nodded as Carlos continued, “Son, I’ve been closely watching you for quite a long time. I know ya have been through a lot, right?” Zack nodded again as Carlos continued, “Still, you have no suicidal thoughts, depression, and you’re not sad with your life either. That’s why, I have, at last convinced myself to ask you to join SAI.”

“What’s this SAI?”

“Secret Agency of Investigation.”

“Oh, so, you are an investigator?”

“To be more precise, a spy.”

“Are you kidding me?” Zack ironically asked. “Don’t ya think I would have at least enough knowledge of how spies are recruited?”

“Well, yes. ’Cause this ain’t no ordinary agency.”

Zack laughed and said, “Please go away. I’ve already have enough of problems to tackle.”

“And I’m here to solve all of your problems.”

“Really? How can I trust ya?”

“Uh…” Carlos acted like he was thinking when suddenly he raised his right hand with a car’s key.

Zack was shocked. He searched his pockets for keys but was unable to find them. “Hey, that’s my keys!” Zack pointed.

“Wanna learn this trick?”


“First, lemme drive.”

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