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Operation Code Red

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Two criminals are on the loose from Australia's prisons and left causing havoc in the country. Kyla, Larela, Sydney, Sandra, Oliver and Florence race around the clock to find the duo on the run as soon as possible. There will be a newcomer joining their team taking the place of Matthew temporarily until he fully recovers. Will they be one with the team or be the worst decision to yet happen for the team's future? There's ups and downs during the chase of theirs, both expected and unexpected with a rollercoaster of emotion throughout this whole story. There will be old rivals and friends reunited with each other. They'll receive their second badge, one step closer to competing in the Regional Agents League!

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1: Forebodings

The night sky was filled with iridescent stars. The blackness of the sky showcased the beauty of the stars as I sat against the balcony end of my room, admiring the night view in front of me. I felt the wind's breeze against my skin and swayed my clothes I was wearing, my light blue and dark blue coloured vertical stripes buttoned up pyjama top and bottom with a navy and cyan trimmed collar.

"I wonder what mission we'll have tomorrow. I wonder if we'll meet someone new. I feel like we will because Matthew's not well enough to join us for our missions. It's sad that he got injured but I guess we could do without a temporary member as a team of 7 instead of 8 I suppose. It'll be weird either way without him so what are we going to do? " I pondered to myself with the door shut behind him so no one could hear.

"It's nice to get some time by myself because being with a team drains me as a leader but I got a break for today. It felt weird by being by myself and not having them with me since I've gotten so accustomed to their company for so long. I spent a long time with them all. I could think but I couldn't help but be worried about them. I've conditioned myself to think about others so much that I hardly thought about myself these days. " I spoke to myself.

"I wonder about how my mum's coping without me. I'm her only daughter and I haven't seen my dad for so long. I wonder whether I have a younger sister or brother out there I haven't met. I probably do or maybe we both got separated at birth so they might be why I haven't seen my other sibling if I have one. God knows if I have one in real life. It would be nice if I did. That's my goal in life that I hope to achieve before the day I die. " I spoke to myself.

"I wonder what's the Regional Agents League really is about. Whatever it is, we will win it together. Whatever it is, we will win it together. I wonder how Pat and Matthew are doing so maybe I should go and call them now to see how they're both doing. " I pondered out loud to myself.

I took out a letter out of my jacket's pocket I wore on top of my pyjama top to stay warm from the cold. I opened it as it was a letter from my mum.

"Dear Kyla, I miss you and all. You're the best daughter I could ask for and I do wish for you to call me more because you hardly come your own mother now. You make me a great deal worried about you and I hope you're coping okay without me even though we have been apart for a little over 10 years now."

"I hope you come visit me more on your day off when you can and tell me everything. Your mum's always here to help you. Sweet heart, it's time for you to find the one for you since you're a young lady and at the age you should have found your true love. I'm just kidding and you can take as much as you need to but I do worry whether you have a love life or not. I know your work doesn't give you much time for yourself or to spend any time trying to find the right guy for you. Do your best and make your mum proud. I love you always my Kyla dear. Love your mum Keren. " I read my mother's letter to myself.

"It's getting late so I should get some rest for tomorrow. But I should call Matthew definitely for sure because he probably misses us a lot and wants someone to talk to. I should also call Pat as well since I never had the chance to tell him what was going on and to thank him for everything he did for us. Who should I call Matthew first or Pat? Matthew more since he is my teammate so he'll be happy to know we haven't forgotten him. I got to be quiet otherwise everyone will wake up. Good that I closed the door behind us so I don't wake them up. "

My phone rang from inside my jacket pocket that I was wearing.

"I wonder who's calling me at this time so late at night. It might be Pat or Matthew who's calling me now. "

I took out my Reeds brand mobile phone, that had a 6 inch screen, 7000mAh battery, silver coloured with 6 cameras vertically lined on my phone back from my jacket photo, which was a black trench-coat with a rose gold zipper with black buttoned pockets. The Reeds logo was a thunderbolt on the centre of the back of my phone in both silver and gold. I pressed the on button on the right side of the phone screen to turn on my phone. I put my left index finger on the home button of my phone to unlock. I picked up the call by clicking the green phone button with the road accept in green below the green phone icon.

"Hello, who is it? " I asked the person on the phone.

"Don't you remember? You know me! Can't you tell by my voice? " they asked the phone.

"I can't tell. Sorry. Your voice sounds unfamiliar to me. " I answered me.

"You're not joking? Man, what can I do to refresh your memory of me? " they answered me on the phone.

"Wait? What did you just say? Your voice reminds me of someone. " I answered them on the phone.

"Tell me who my voice reminds you of. " they asked of me.

"Your voice reminds me of this Matthew guy? " I answered them unsure.

"You're not really sure? How?"

"Man this is gonna be harder then I thought. " they answered me on the phone.

"I beg your pardon but what did you say? " I asked them to repeat themselves.

"I didn't say anything. It was nothing. I'll give one more chance for you to tell me who I am. " they answered me.

"Are you sure? You sound suspicious. You're not hiding anything I need to know right? " I asked him.

"Me suspicious? No way I sound suspicious! You got to be kidding me! "they hesitated.

"You really think you can fool me? You might think I'm a fool but truth is I'm not one. I can sense a liar from miles away! " I bluffed a little to them.

"Huh? What does this happen to do with me? " they asked me confused.

"You don't know me if you can't read between the lines. I made it very clear to you. How many times do I have to tell you for you to get the message? " I questioned to them.

"Umm.. " they hesitated again.

"What are you waiting for? Tell me. " I asked of them.

"Don't rush me. I need time to think. " they asked of me.

"It's not really that hard to answer one simple question. If you take any longer, I'm afraid you're wasting my time meaning that I'll have to end this call between us two short if you're playing with me. " I made it clear to them.

"I'll answer your question. Don't end the call. " they answered me finally.

"Took you long enough so tell me. You better not be lying to me. " I reminded them.

"I promise I'm not lying to you. " they promised to me on the call.

"Lots of people make false promises they can't follow through so how do I know that I can trust you? " I asked them.

"You have a point but you shouldn't assume everyone is like that. Everyone's different and no two people are the same. " they responded to me.

"So what's your point with me? How do I know you're not like the rest and not just a player? " I asked them.

"Why don't you believe me? " they asked me.

"I don't believe you because I don't know or neither I remember you at all. " I answered them.

"What should I do to help you remember me? " they asked my help.

"I don't know. You should know since you said you know me. " I answered them.

"Help me please. My mind's gone blank. " they asked of me.

"If you know me, I help no one. " I lied to them.

"You're lying. I know you're not like that. " they answered me.

"How do you know if I'm lying or not? Tell me how you know and I tell you if you're right. " I asked of them.

"I'll give you what you want from me. Your name is Kyla Fern Charleston. " they answered me.

"How do you know my full name? Hardly anyone knows. I guess you know me now. "

"But I still don't know you. " I answered them.

"Lord help me! " they despaired silently.

"I'm guessing you're my friend Pat! " I asked them unsure with hesitation in my voice.

"Not close! Wrong! Try again! " they answered me.

"Then, you have to be Nate! " I answered them.

"Nope! Who is he? " they asked of me.

"I rather not talk about them. " I answered them.

"Why not? " they asked of me.

"It's none of your business! You're just a stranger! " I retaliated at them.

Okay, okay! I got the message! " they snapped at me.

"I think you're that Luke guy. Your voice reminds me of him. " I guessed again.

"You're wrong again. I don't get how hard this is for you. " they answered.

"You hardly gave me any hints or clues so how am I supposed to know or not? " I asked them.

"Well I did. You haven't noticed. " they responded to me.

"What clues did you give me? You didn't give me any. " I answered.

"Think again and this time think harder. Try to remember. " they instructed me.

"Okay, I'll try. I don't think it'll work. " I doubted them.

"Trust me. It'll work. " they reassured me.

"Well, how do you know if it'll work or not? How can you be so sure of yourself? The end outcome is unpredictable. " I doubted them.

"No need to be so hasty. You'll see soon enough for yourself! " they answered me calmly.

"What sort of answer is they? " I questioned them.

"Straightforwardness is always the way to go! " they answered me.

"Not necessarily. The right way to approach things changes with its circumstances. There's no one way for everything." I corrected them.

"Oh boy, here you go again! " they complained about me.

"You know I can hear what you're saying you know? " I reminded them.

"Pretend you heard nothing from me. " they whispered scared.

"Why are you so nervous? There's nothing to worry about. " I answered them.

"Right, there's nothing to worry about. Thanks. " they thanked me.

"You're very welcome stranger! " I winded them up.

"I have a name you know! " they snapped at me.

"I said I don't know your name so I'll call you stranger until you tell me your name. I've had enough of this guessing game of yours. " I answered them.

"You're no fun if you're going to be like that. " they answered me.

"I don't really care what you think about me because you're just a stranger so your opinion isn't important to me. " I answered them.

"Okay if you're going to act like that. Girls are so moody and almost everything is not enough to make them happy. Why are girls so rude? " they complained to me.

"Fine. If you're that sensitive, you can end the call. " I answered them.

"I will since you're so mean. " they grumbled.

"Whatever. It's not like I care anyways! You better not be a crybaby! " I teased them.

"It's not funny! Stop making fun of me! " they answered.

"Lighten up!" I answered.

"You're right! I was just joking with me. You got any clue now about how I am? You know me too but you just forgot!" they answered me.

"I did? I don't know! " I responded.

"Something happened to you earlier today right? " they asked me, guessing.

"How did you know? " I asked them.

"It was just a hunch!" they answered pretty sure of themselves.

"No, it can't be. You must have read my mind. " I answered them.

"I didn't because I'm no psychic. I just guessed right by coincidence. " they answered me.

"I suppose you could be right. " I agreed with them.

"You don't believe me? " they asked in disbelief.

"No, that's not the case. " I responded.

"Then, what is it then? " they asked me.

"Don't rush me. I need time to think. " I requested them.

"Yep, it seems you have temporary memory loss. " they suggested.

"You really think so? How can you tell? " I asked of them.

"That incident of yours had a trigger, possibly due to stress, insomnia or anxiety or depression. " they suggested to me.

"I think it could have been my insomnia, being stressed as well as anxiety I had, that could cause it. " I answered them.

"What happened to you? " they questioned me.

"I don't remember anything. " I answered them truthfully.

"Did you pass out or something? " they asked me.

"I don't know if I did or not. " I admitted.

"So that means you possibly may have fainted that time. " they suggested.

"Maybe I did. " I answered, still iffy about it.

"Was it because of any dizziness, cold skin, sweating, slurred speech, feeling sick, changes to your vision, severe pain, not eating or drinking enough being too hurt or heart problems that caused you to possibly faint? " they interrogated me.

"Wow that's a lot to take in. I'm tired so don't overwhelm me with that much info now. " I told them off.

"Sorry. It's pretty late. " they apologised.

"Why are you so concerned about me? You should worry about yourself not me because you're just a stranger who just somehow know me and have my phone number. " I retaliated at them.

"You don't get it, do you? " they asked me.

"I don't because I don't know why. " I answered them.

"I'm concerned because you know me and because you're my teammate and friend as well. " they admitted to me, annoyed.

"I'm your teammate and friend? I don't remember you being my friend or something. " I answered them.

"You're confused, aren't you? Let me clear things up for you. " they offered.

"Please explain all of this because I have no idea what you're talking about. " I asked them.

"I'm your old mentor before you passed your final and last agent examinations to become a fully fledged agent at Protocol. I was your second mentor after your friend Julia left Protocol. I'm older than you by 5 years. I'm just one year younger than Julia you know. " they explained to me.

"That rings a bell. You're a friend of Julia? " I asked them.

"Yes I am. I'm one step closer to getting you to remember me. " they answered me.

"One step closer to what? " I asked them.

"It's nothing. " they dismissed it.

"Okay. Continue. " I told them.

"My name is not Luke, Nate or Pat all. My name begins with the letter before the N in the alphabet. " they told me.

"The first letter of your name is My right? " I asked them.

"That's right. What was one of the tests you had? It begins with one of the first letters of the alphabet. " they assisted me.

"It was an agility test so the second letter of your name is A. It spells Ma so far. " I responded to them.

"Good. The next clue is something you had a test in and it's one of the letters that is near the end of the alphabet. " they assisted me.

"It's teamwork so the next letter of your name is T. Your name is currently Mat. " I answered them.

"Good job so far. The next clue is something you need to have with your friends or colleague and what is it? " they asked me.

"It's trust so the next letter of your name is T so it's so far spells Matt. " I answered them.

"Does it ring a bell to you? Is it not familiar to you? " they asked me.

"My memory's coming back. " I answered them.

"What qualities does every agent need ? " they asked me.

"Is it humility and honesty? So there's two hs right so it spells Matthh. " I answered them.

"You're very close but you made a mistake somewhere. " they told me.

"Where's my mistake? Tell me. " I asked them.

"You'll figure it but I can't help you. " they answered me.

"Okay. Let me try again. " I asked them.

"One more chance. " they told me.

"Thank you. " I thanked them.

"You're welcome. " they answered me.

"It's one h not two hs so it should be Matth. " I answered them.

"Just two letters and then you're finished. " they informed me.

"Yay! " I cheered.

"Settle down. Don't be too loud! " they scolded me.

"Yes, I understand. Sorry. I got too carried away. " I apologised.

"Apology accepted. " they excused me.

"The next clue is two things an agent needs to have when working with a team." they asked me.

"It's empathy and emotional intelligence. So there's two es so it's Matthee. " I answered unsure.

"You're so close but you made a mistake again. " they told me.

"It's one e. It's Matthe. " I answered them.

"The last clue is two qualities agents need to use in any situation. " they asked me.

"It's wisdom and wit. There's one so your name spells Matthew. It's you Matthew. I can't believe I couldn't recognise you. Thank you for helping me recover my memory. " I answered Matthew.

"It's no problem. I'm glad you're back. I hope you all are coping fine without me. Tell me what happened. " Matthew asked me.

"Today was an eventful day. Basically, we were attending Kilter's court trial. That was halted suddenly and was postponed to be finished at a later date because something happened to me out of nowhere. I couldn't see clearly, felt quite dehydrated with a lot on m mind, which caused me to faint like you suspected was the cause of my memory loss. I was sent to hospital because I didn't gain consciousness immediately after fainting. The doctors there said to me at the hospital that the burns I had previously were healing including the wound on my arm well. They also said that the sudden pain I experienced was just acute pain with muscle pain, which healed. I was there for a while and then they gave me the all clear as everything seemed fine then. Then, we found Julia, Detective Slick, Detective Ross, Detective Felix and Kirsty. We also found Macelia and Denise who was alive thankfully she seemed to have some wounds and bruises same with Macelia. We found that we met who was behind trying to kill Macelia Wyatt before we met again. e found that he had accomplices, three that came to their senses thanks to Larela I think and others who didn't. The three who came to their senses were Cassius, Wyatt and Kodiak and they are now being questioned by the police but the other accomplices are in prison same with Farrell, the guy behind all of it. We met Bernette too." I answered.

"She was someone, who helped us defeat Farrell and his accomplices. someone from Protocol sent to help us and she basically left us all on her train ride back here and she's taking the plane back to Norway, Protocol's main headquarters base. We then took the train back here which was a 2 hour ride. I managed to get some sleep on the train and the train was very peaceful since we were all tired." I recalled to Matthew.

"A lot did happen if you remember all that. " Matthew responded.

"I suppose so. Anyway, we should end the call now since it's getting late." I suggested to Matthew.

"You're right. Bye and goodnight." Matthew said goodbye.

"Bye and goodnight to you." I answered ending the call on my phone.

"What's the time?" I asked myself.

"It's 10:30pm. The day is Monday 17th February 2045. Tomorrow is Tuesday 18th February 2045." I answered my on question.

"I should get to bed because I have an important day ahead of me. Everyone's sleeping so soundly. I wish I could sleep as easily as they could. It's nice to get some peace and quiet especially your work is so hectic and busy because I have to travel so much." I thought to myself.

"I'm ready to go bed now. First I need to open this door, take off my jacket, hang it up on one of the hooks on the wall, take off my slippers and get in bed." I spoke to myself.

I then got up after sitting down, opened the door by the door handle, pulled the door open, walked away from my balcony to my bedroom where Larela was sleeping in the same room. I then closed the door behind me and locked the door. I then took off my colour changing jacket, hung it up on one of the wall hooks, walked off to my bed, which was a king sized bed furnished with a blue comforter, cyan pillow cases, one teal top sheet and a blue zigzag patterned blanket on top. I removed my fluffy lilac slippers as well and jumped into bed, pulling the sheets over me. I placed my phone on my bedside table next to Larela's bed. I then quickly placed an alarm on my phone for 6am tomorrow. I then closed my eyes, sleeping on my right side.

"Good morning. " someone spoke to me.

"Good morning. " I answered them.

"How are you? " I asked them.

"I'm good. Thank you. How about you? " they returned to me

"I'm feeling great. Where are you headed? " I asked them.

"I'm headed to somewhere I can't tell you. " they answered me.

"Why can't you tell me? " I questioned them.

"You'll see for yourself soon enough. " they responded to me.

"What do you mean? I'm not coming with you. " I answered them.

"Why not? " they questioned my decision.

"I don't know who you are. " I answered them.

"I have to keep my identity a secret now."

"I'm your friend. " they answered me.

"Why do you have to keep your identity a secret? Can you tell me why? " I asked them.

"I can't tell you. Thing is it's complicated and I doubt that you have the time. I hardly know you so I don't know whether to tell you or not. " they responded to me.

"Are you in danger or something? " I asked them.

"I can't really give you any details because of my safety. I don't know whether to trust you or not. " they answered me.

"Of course you can trust me. " I reassured them.

"How do I know if I can trust you? " they questioned me seriously.

"I'm no liar I promise. " I assured them.

"I can't. It's too risky for me and you. " they answered me.

"What do you mean? " I asked them.

"I can't tell you. " they answered me.

"Why don't you trust me? Tell me why. " I answered them.

"I told you why. " they answered me.

"That's no reason not to tell me. " I answered them.

"You don't know when to quit it, do you? You have to respect my wishes. " they lashed out at me.

"If you're not telling me anything, they must mean you're in danger if you're being this secretive. " I figured it out.

" How did you know? " they asked me in disbelief.

"I'm good at reading body language. " I told them.

"But I didn't give anything away? " they asked me.

"You gave me subtle hints that no one else would notice unless they had a keen eye for detail. " I answered them.

"I did? " I answered them.

"You didn't realise, did you until I told you before? " I asked them.

"Yeah you're right. You're pretty smart for a stranger. " they agreed with me.

"Pretty smart? I'm better than just smart you know. " I answered them.

"Oh really. Most people lie so how do I knew you're not the majority? " they questioned me.

"Easy. I don't need to prove it to you because I already did. " I answered surely.

"That's not enough you know? " they answered me.

"I was expecting you to say that. " I countered them.

"I see you're perceptive as well hard to see someone who isn't fazed by me. " they answered me.

"Who are you by the way? You never told me. " I reminded them.

"Well, you never told me your name. It's rude not to introduce yourself. " they provoked me.

"Oh sorry about that. My name's Kyla. What's yours? " I asked them.

"Your name means victorious and beautiful right. A fitting name for someone who has both beauty and brains. " they responded to me.

"Your name? " I reminded them not buying what they said.

"Right, my name is Arne. " they introduced themselves.

"Why are you in danger Arne? " I asked them.

"Kyla, I can't tell you. We have to get out of here now. " they warned me.

"Why? " I questioned them unsure.

"We don't have time. We have to go now! " they rushed me, grabbing me quickly.

He held me by the arm and was running.

"Okay! Where are we going? " I asked them.

"Shh! You're too loud! Keep it down otherwise you give our location away and let them find us! " Arne scolded me.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know. " I assented to Arne.

"You're forgiven but you mustn't do that again. Do you understand? " Arne asked me, angry with me.

"I know. I'm not sure child that you have to give me a full on lecture! " I moaned at Arne.

"You're right. I was harsh on you but it was for your own good. " Arne scolded me.

"You remind me exactly of my mother. " I commented.

"Who's your mother? " Arne asked me, interested.

"It's personal and I can't tell you. " I told Arne.

"Right since I have to respect your wishes since you respected mine. " Arne realised.

"Exactly. You can say that again beside you have to keep your word since you promised me. " I reminded Arne.

"I don't remember making any promise to you. " Arne asked me.

"You did. You don't remember. " I told Arne.

"I guess I did. You won. " Arne gave in.

"Now, will you talk what's going on? " I asked Arne.

"I told you I can't before. You have a bad memory don't you? " Arne realised.

"Yeah, but that's only because I'm worried about you. " I admitted to Arne.

"You're worried about me? Besides this is none of your business so back off and leave me alone! " Arne retaliated against me.

"Wait what? You said we're friends! Friends don't do that! " I responded to them.

"Look. You have to get out of here now. It's not safe if you stay any longer. " Arne told me.

"I'm not going anywhere if you're not coming with me. " I argued with Arne.

"Just listen to me. Trust me on this one just this once. " they begged me.

"Why should I? " I asked them.

"I promise to tell you what's the real story if you listen. " they begged me.

"Fine. It's a deal with you have to keep your word and come with me. " I told them.

"I never said that I was going to come with you. " they argued with me.

"Too late. You shouldn't have said we were friends otherwise this would have never happened to me or you. " I answered them.

"It's not my fault. It was you who started this. " they fought with me.

"I got dragged into this because of you! " I told them.

"Shh! Someone's coming! " they warned.

"Who? Where? " I asked them.

"Right over there!" they pointed out to me slightly.

"How do you know whoever's after you is really there?" I asked them quietly.

"I know this place and everywhere around here inside out!" they whispered to me.

"How?" I questioned them.

"I've been in hiding for years from them. They want something from me that I can't give them." Arne answered.

"What do they want from you that you can't give them? Why are you still in hiding?" I questioned Arne out of concern.

"They've interfered with my plan numerous times, which was why I have a lack of progress at the moment/ What I have is valuable, which has been passed from generation to generation. One more thing is that its power can only be harnessed through those who have a good heart. If any evil hands lay their hands on it, it could destroy everything in existence or even harm the person who has it in their possession if their hearts are evil or use the power for evil." Arne confessed to me.

"Wow, that's surprising. I never heard of it." I answered Arne shocked.

"The reason why you never heard of it is if anyone else knew, me and others would be in danger if it were to belong to any outsiders. To have that power in possession, you have to prove yourself worthy to get your hands on it. Very few people have passed the test. Not everyone is trustworthy of handling the great responsibility of being a guardian of such power. The test requires sacrifice, honesty, humility, dependability and much more. " Arne disclosed to me.

"I see why but may you please give me details of who they really are?" I asked Arne.

"Unfortunately, it's not sage neither is it the appropriate time to discuss this." Arne told me.

"Why?" i asked Arne confused.

"They figured our location out!" Arne disclosed to me.

"But how?" I asked Arne.

"I don't know how they did it but that's nothing less I would expect from them." Arne disclosed to me.

"So what are we going to do?" I questioned Arne.

"We run while they're behind us." Arne instructed me.

"Why? Running is what cowards only do. We fight them head on!" I disagreed with them.

"You don't get it, do you? Running isn't running away from a challenge. It's only until we know what they're really up to!" Arne explained to me.

"So you're saying we retreat until we got a plan to stop them in their tracks?" I asked Arne.

"You guessed right." Arne answered me.

" So where are we heading to retreat for the time being?" I asked Arne.

"I know. Just follow me." Arne insisted me.

"Why aren't you telling me?" I asked Arne.

"If I tell you, they'll hear me and find us out! It's safer this way for you and me." Arne explained to me.

"Remember to be quick but quiet so they can't see or hear us at all." Arne reminded me.

"I got it." I answered Arne.

Arne led me to a hidden hideaway, which was covered by the twigs and branches with lots of trees in sight so it would be hard for them to find where we really are. We hid from the shadows out of sight so they couldn't notice us and so we could see and hear what they could be possibly plotting against Arne this time.

"What do you think they're doing?" I asked in a whisper to Arne.

"Just watch. You'll see what they're trying to do." Arne answered me.

"Okay. I can't see what they're doing." I mentioned to Arne.

"I know. They do that so no one can say that they're behind all the damage and scars left on me and my family." Arne answered me.

"So that means they always have their guard on." I mentioned to Arne.

"Just about right." Arne confirmed to me.

"Pay close attention to them and maybe we'll fin out what they're up to now!" Arne suggested.

"Good idea Arne!" I agreed.

"Where do you think that delinquent Arne went?" a voice spoke.

"I don't know!" another voice replied.

"If you continue this at this rate, you'll get yourself fired and without a penny to your name. Do you really want that? If you don't, find that delinquent Arne already!" they threatened the other person.

"Will you quit it already? All you do is put me down!" they took offense/

"I will keep doing it until you catch that boy Arne!" the other person retaliated against them.

"Why are you so obsessed with him? What's so special about him?" they questioned the other person.

"You're jealous of him aren't you? You want the glory and splendour he gets! Well, you got to earn it by finding him first and steal that emblem and amulet from him!" they scolded the man.

"What's so special about this emblem and amulet you want so badly?" the man asked the woman.

"It's not for me! It's for the boss!" the woman answered.

"It's impossible to catch him at this rate. It's too dark still to find him and besides we haven't got any sleep!" the man moaned.

"Sleep is for losers!" the woman shouted at him.

"What's her problem?" I asked Arne.

"Shh! Just listen." Arne answered me.

"Fine." I answered reluctantly.

"Sleep is fuel for the body and mind! Without it, no one can work on full power! You're crazy to think I'm superhuman." the man lectured her.

"You're too soft for a man. You got to toughen up if you want me to take you seriously!" she told him straight.

"I see you're tough with me because you expect the very best out of me." the man realised.

"Of course so you better live up to my expectations!" the woman answered.

"I get it now!" the man exclaimed.

"That took you long enough to figure that out!" the man blurted out.

"Are you implying that I'm slow?" the man asked.

"I said that you need to be quicker at catching onto what people mean easily. That's your weakness and that leaves you at a disadvantage against unpredictability." the woman explained herself to save face.

"Just wait and see for yourself! You'll soon take everything you said about me and wish that you never said any of that." the man responded to her confidently.

"I'm looking forward to it! You better prove me wrong!" the woman answered her.

"I wonder what he's got up his sleeve to prove himself but we'll make sure he doesn't succeed." I spoke to Arne.

"God knows what he's thinking. If anyone can stop him, that's us!" Arne answered me.

"You never answered my question about the emblem and amulet. What does it bring to us that makes it so important to get off him?" the man reminded her.

"Oh boy! I thought you forgot!" the woman admitted.

"You really underestimate me for someone who says they believe in me." the man caught on.

"You're a twofaced liar!" the man accused her.

"I guess I lied so I guess I should."

"Should what?" the man asked her.

"Should tell you the truth. Do you forgive me?" the woman asked for forgiveness.

"Yeah you should because I don't like liars." the man answered her.

"I knew you would say that. I was waiting for you to say that." the woman answered him.

"So?" the man asked her.

"Are you serious?" the woman questioned him.

'I think I know what she's gonna say now.'

"The emblem and amulet contains such power that we can use that power to get him under our control and his family as well so they can't try to resist and fight back against us. There is only one amulet and emblem of its kind so if we lose it, there isn't another one of its kind unless we make another finding what makes the emblem and amulet so special. " the woman answered the man's question.

"Do you have any questions? " she asked him

"How are we going to get them under our control? "

"We'll have to find something to control them or make a hypnosis machine ourselves? " the man suggested to her.

Why bother when we can steal one? " the woman suggested.

"Are you sure? We are qualified in technology and manufacturing so we could join forces with a company? " the man asked the woman.

"Do you know how long it will take? " the woman asked him.

"No." the man answered her.

"Exactly so there's no point bothering to find or make something! " the woman countered him.

"Can we at least try? You never know unless you try right? " the man persuaded the woman.

"I suppose you're right. Just this once only. " the woman agreed with him.

"Thank you so where should we look?" he asked her.

"We should look where metal and electricity would be in large supply. " the woman answered him.

"How about a power plant? " the man suggested.

"Good idea but where's the nearest power plant to us? " the man asked her.

"I don't know. " the man answered the woman.

"I'll just look up the nearest one myself then. " the woman answered him.

"Okay, then. " the man responded to her.

"This is getting interesting but I'm tired. " I whispered to Arne.

"I know but we don't have anywhere to sleep. If we sleep here, it's too risky because they may find us if you move a lot in your sleep or snore loudly in your sleep. " Arne warned me.

"You're right about that but I'm no snorer so you don't have to worry about disrupted sleep. I move a lot in my sleep because I have insomnia. Then where do you think we should go now? " I asked Arne.

"Wait. Let's watch them a little longer. " Arne suggested.

"Why? " I asked Arne.

"Because I said so. " Arne retaliated against them.

"Okay." I answered Arne.

"I found the nearest power plant but it takes 2 hours and 15 minutes by foot to get there. The owner plant is Voltage Stone Power Plant. " the woman answered him.

"Are we going to follow them? " I asked Arne.

"We won't have to. " Arne assured me.

"How? " I questioned Arne.

"Just watch and see. " Arne prompted me quickly.

"Okay." I answered Arne.

Arne just threw a microchip on the man's jacket perfectly.

'He has good aim. I'm impressed. I wonder what else he can do and what he has under his sleeve. Time will tell me sooner or later. '

"Did you hear something? " the man asked her.

"No." the woman admitted.

"Where did you hear it? " the woman queried me.

"Got no clue. What noise do you think it could be? " the man questioned her.

"Probably just an insect nothing else. No one would be here at this time. It was probably just your paranoia or your mind was playing tricks on you! " the woman predicted.

"So it had to be someone or something that or who made the noise. It has to be. " the man whispered under his breath.

"Are you sure? I feel like we're being watched. " the man asked her.

"Stop acting like a scaredy cat. " the woman teased him.

"Oh, stop it! " the man complained at her.

"Fine, I'll stop. Who do you think is watching us? " the woman answered the man.

"I don't know. " the man answered her.

"Whatever. I knew you would say that. Predictable as always. " she muttered under her breath about him.

"I feel something or someone nearby. " the woman mentioned.

"Who or what is it? " the man asked her

"I feel someone's aura or presence. It's strong. " the woman answered his question.

"Who's aura or presence are you feeling? " the man asked her.

"I think it must be a male or female's aura. It's one that I haven't sensed before. " the woman answered him.

"Where can you feel the aura coming from? " the man asked him.

"Perhaps from the forest? " the woman suggested.

"Uh-oh! Have they found me out? I asked Arne, whispering so they couldn't hear me or Arne.

"They felt your aura. " Arne informed me.

"How? " I queried Arne.

"Everyone here had some special skill or ability, unique to each individual. Some are similar but not ever the same unless there's a strong connection. " Arne explained to me.

"I don't get this stuff that you're talking about. I don't believe you. " I questioned Arne.

"Not everyone will but I'm sure you'll understand soon since you're a smart one. " Arne assured me.

"I suppose I will sooner or later. " I answered Arne.

"A power plant shouldn't be only the place we look. " the man suggested to her.

"I suppose you're right. Where else should we look? " the woman asked him.

"Power stations, metal fabrication sites, construction sites, industrial sites and garage or estate sales. " the man suggested to her.

"What about that aura you felt? " the man asked her.

"I still feel it but we can get to that later. " the woman answered him.

They walked away.

"Phew, that's close! " I sighed.

"We're not safe yet." Arne warned me now.

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