Demon Legacy: The Curse of The Amulet

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A man whose faith written down by ancestry When a team of archaeologists in search of a cursed amulet suddenly go missing, new recruit Derek Kennedy is sent on a mission to find them. Follow Derek as he discovers a great evil that seeks vengeance against its rival descendants, and in the process learns the truth about who he really is. With only thirteen days to find a way to kill the monster before he loses everything that he holds dear, will he embrace his cursed legacy as a gift, or let it rule him?

Mystery / Horror
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Hell Dear Reader

Want to give you a quick update that my story will be published on Ringdom. I will share you the link so you can follow the revise version which more detail and adventure of the story. I will leave only few chapter to read here while the rest you could read on Ringdom.

Thank you for your review and enjoy the new version

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