Demon Legacy: The Curse of The Amulet

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A man whose faith written down by ancestry When a team of archaeologists in search of a cursed amulet suddenly go missing, new recruit Derek Kennedy is sent on a mission to find them. Follow Derek as he discovers a great evil that seeks vengeance against its rival descendants, and in the process learns the truth about who he really is. With only thirteen days to find a way to kill the monster before he loses everything that he holds dear, will he embrace his cursed legacy as a gift, or let it rule him?

Mystery / Horror
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I never expected this to happen. I never thought my research would cause so many of my colleagues’ deaths. It would have been the greatest discovery ever made, but I never believed that things would go so wrong. It started ten years ago, when one of my colleagues went on an expedition to the Northern Falls of the Lake District, in order to write his research paper about Blencathra Mountain. It was there that he discovered the rumour. While staying in one of the inn in Threlkeld village, he overheard some people talk about an amulet, left by an English King whom, until then, no one had known anything about. This brought his curiosity to his attention. According to our sources, King Alexander the VI used the amulet to predict enemy attacks on his kingdom. This ensured his victory and made him the strongest King in England. His empire flourished for more than a hundred years. Then his grandson, Edmund IV, misused the amulet’s power and brought the Kingdom’s downfall. According to our research, the amulet was hidden in the castle’s deepest realm, where no one would ever dare to steal it. However there was another side of the myth. There was a myth that a great powerful creature was imprisoned within the amulet, and that anyone who possessed the amulet would be granted the power to see the future, but would die a painful death. I never believed in supernatural tales of ghosts, demons, and witches, thinking them to be nothing but the products of a child’s imagination.

My colleague who went on us Blencathra Mountain expedition asked the people more about the amulet and the King. He got mix answer, some refuse to speak about it; other warned him but mostly he felt as if they were too scared to tell the real truth. He later asked them location of the amulet. When they refuse to tell him anything and was about to give up, A young lad spoke up and told him everything. He came back and told me of this discovery, starting our research. Our research led us to the Northern Falls, where one of my friends had found a castle that was believed to have been abandoned when King Edmund IV rule ended. My five colleagues and I went on this expedition to retrieve the mysterious artifact and add to our information about the king. We camped at the forest in Bannerdale Crags. There was a nearby cave. Many people before us had refused to search it, but my instincts told me that beyond that cavern was the hidden castle.

Once inside, we went directly into the deepest realm where the amulet was kept. After figuring out the puzzle, we entered a large chamber, which had four large statues at each corner of the chamber. Each statue was pointing its left hand at the middle of the chamber; there we saw the amulet. However, there were also old and rotten skeletons around the amulet. It appeared that many people had died trying to get the amulet. My colleagues wanted to flee, fearing that the curse was real, but I convinced them that the others had been killed by some protective trap around the amulet, and not by the amulet’s alleged curse. I was studying the statues when one of my colleagues screamed for help. I turned to see what was wrong, and was stunned to see a dark mist starting to consume my colleagues.

I don’t know how I was able to escape, but I felt that an evil force was chasing me. I didn’t want to believe it—it seems crazy!—but this is what has happened. So, if anyone is reading this message, please, I beg of you, save me and others. I will be waiting at the campsite. However, if you don’t find me there, search in the castle. I have written directions that describe the route way by which you can reach the castle safely, and documented the process for solving the puzzle that is required before you can enter the chamber. Even if you don’t find me, please try your best to find the others. If you don’t, I will never forgive myself, as this is my fault.

10 November 2002, written by professor Jack Emerson head of the research of lost artifacts.

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