His Love Her Assassin

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Who knew a old pocket watch would send her on an adventure through the past.

Mystery / Romance
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The start of it all

Where the past

And future collide



That’s all she had been doing, running. Running from what was chasing her. Running from the monster who took everything from her. She was running so fast and blind through the trees that the branches and leaves whipped at her leaving dirt and scratches on her face and arms. She didn’t know how long or how far she ran, only that she had to get away quickly and find somewhere safe to hide out.

She reached a breaking in the trees and slid to a stop as she entered the clearing. She scanned the clearing for a way out and came upon an edge. Moving quickly towards it she stopped upon reaching the edge. Looking around she realized that the edge was really a cliff with no way to climb down it. The cliff over looked a valley that had a river running through with trees on both sides.

The wind whipped at her face cooling her down and blowing her ponytail and bangs around. Her chest heaved up and down with each breath she took. As she looked over the valley, thoughts swam inside her head. Thoughts about her loved ones. About her situation that had been forced upon her by certain powerful individuals. Thoughts about the monster that plagued her every step and finally thoughts about what she plans to do next. She knew she couldn’t keep running or evading the monsters forever but she was damn sure gonna try. She dropped her head releasing a sigh knowing she would need to think of something. Shaking her head she adjusted the strap over her left shoulder making sure the leather cylinder case was safe and secure.

Sighing again she shoved her hands into her pockets only to withdraw her right hand when it came into contact with something cool. Pulling the object out, she held it in her hand and stared at it. The object turned out to be a silver faded pocket watch necklace with six dual colored gems that sat in the six flower petals. Frowning at the thing, it had been nothing but trouble since the day it came into her possession. She wound up her arm intent on throwing it away when a memory of her mother came to her.


“This has the power to grant you any wish, K. The wish is whatever your heart’s desire.” Her mother told her.

She hung the chain around her youngest daughter’s neck. Pulling back she watched her daughter admire the watch.

“But there is one catch thought.”

This caught her daughter’s attention.

“Catch?” She asked tilting her head slightly.

Her mother nodded her head. “The power will only work for the next Lady of the family. So I want you to hold onto it for me.”

“I’ll take real good care of it mom, I promise.” She told her mother happily.

Her mother smiled. “I know you will sweetie.”

She hugged her daughter burying her face into her brunette locks.

“I know you will.”


Her eyes widen for a second before shaking her head. Her frown deepened. How can an old watch grant her, her heart’s greatest desire. She rolled her eyes before pulling the chain back over her head and letting it drop to rest against her chest. She just knew her mother would be very cross with her if she just threw it away. Especially considering its sentimental value. Sighing yet again, she scanned the cliff face looking for a safe place to climb down. When she realized there wasn’t a safe way down, she turned and began walking hoping and praying she could get out of the forest soon.

“Splendid view isn’t it?”

Hearing the sudden question caused her to freeze mid-step tensing. Spinning around her eyes scan the once empty clearing to land upon a man that had not been there before. His back faced her as he stood at the edge staring at the valley below.

Her eyes ran over the man taking him in and scanning for threats. Even though she didn’t see any she did not relax her guard. The man had short dark grey hair cut short towards his head. She couldn’t see his face on the account of him facing towards the valley below. But he seemed to be wearing a light gray business suit with a white button up shirt with black dress shoes.

“I always take time to enjoy views such as this. So peaceful you never would suspect anything is amiss.” He inhaled. “Wouldn’t you agree?”

As he was speaking, her hand had been slowly but surely moving towards the messenger case strapped to her shoulder. Hoping and a little praying that he wouldn’t notice her movements. However her movements came to a stop when she took notice of him slowly turning towards her. With him now facing her she could see his features. He has a clean shaven face and his eyes, light grey, seemed to soften at the mere sight of her. He was also smiling rather gently at her.

She tilted her head back slightly narrowing her eyes at him.

“Who are you?” She questioned.

If possible his smile grew.

“I’m no one of importance.” He stated softly.

Her suspension only rose. She knew that there was just no way a guy dressed like he is goes walking into forests just for a view. This man had to be up to something and she wasn’t aiming to find out what. So she turned on her heel and began to walk away.

“Where are you going baby bird?”

She froze mid step as her mind processed what he said. Terror gripped her heart as she turned back towards him. A look of pure horror graced her face. He took a step towards her causing her to stumble away.

“You…you’re the monster that killed my family.” She stuttered.

He frowned. “I’m not a monster baby bird.”

She growled.

“Stop calling me that you bastard.” She snapped glaring at him.

Her fury grew as the man appeared more amused by her reaction. He went to open his mouth but was cut off.


The noise had both snapping their attention in the direction. Multiple sounds of stomping feet heading their way. The sounds seemed to be coming from all around them. Not just from a single direction but from all sides.

Backing up slightly to where she could both see all sides and keep the man monster in her line of sight. She slid into a defensive stance, right hand resting over her shoulder, ready for whatever comes out of the trees. It wasn’t long before all sound stopped, leaving the forest completely silent. No birds chirping, not even the sound of insects. The silence triggered another memory of hers.

“If the forest goes silent it means that a dangerous predator was nearby.”

It was one of the first lessons her father had taught her and her siblings. Readying her muscles waiting, while the man monster seemed completely at ease, which told her he knew exactly what was coming. For a few scant minutes everything stood very still. Then suddenly something very fast burst through the trees. She stared in shock as she finally got a good look at what was making all the noise. Standing before her were faded bronze robots. The bots themselves were a mixture of male and female as a base. Some had limbs missing or replaced with weapons. Some had their gears showing while other didn’t. They each had tattoos of various shapes, sizes and colors.

The monster man sighed irritated. “I told him to keep better control of those dolls of his.”

She sent a glare in his direction. But before either of the two could do anything, one of the bots shot forwards slamming into her. Knocking her into a tree hard. She let out a pain filled cry as her back collided with the tree. The man snarled in anger as the bots ignored him and descended upon the injured brunette. She was down and dazed from the many blows the bots rained upon her. One of the bots got a clear shot at her head leaving her unable to see.

Dark chuckling filled the air as a figure appeared from beyond the trees. The figure was a man dressed straight out of the Victorian era. He came to a stop leaning upon his cane as his other hand gripped the bill of his top hat. The hat hid his eyes but you could see the smirk that graced his face. He tilted his head slightly in her direction.

“I finally caught you little doll. Nowhere to run now.” He said chuckling. “My master will reward me handsomely for your capture.”


Clockwork, now named, turned with a look of annoyance gracing his face towards the one who dared call his name. And upon seeing the other male grew shocked and immediately fell to a kneel.

“Master, please forgive me. I did not sense your presence.” Clockwork groveled.

His master scoffed. “Of course you did not. Now why are you after this female?”

Clockwork raised his head.

She is the last of that family who would not bow to you.” He stated.

This had his master looking intrigued.

“The one who survived the trials?” His master questioned softly.

Clockwork nodded. “When she had escaped you I tracked down the woman who bargained her to see if she can aid in finding her only to find the woman had lied to us. The girl she handed over wasn’t her eighteen year old daughter but her fourteen year old niece.”

His master became deep in thought but before anything else could be said or done a bot landed at their feet. Both males turned their heads and stared. The previously beaten young woman was standing leaning her back against the tree. Her bangs hid her eyes from view.

“You’re still standing.” Clockwork tilted his head. “I had thought the only reason my master wanted you was for a pet.”

He was trying to anger her hoping she would attack him with said anger so he could capture her quickly. He smiled when he took notice of her narrowed eyes and growl.

“I’m no one’s damn pet.” She snarled.

He shrugged as if bored. “Think what you will.”

That had her baring her teeth as all her fear disappeared replaced with fury. He found her reactions amusing. Clockwork eyed the weak defiant brunette with a bored look. He didn’t know whether the young woman was either brave or incredibly stupid. He didn’t know which but he was certainly leaning towards the latter. He turned his attention towards his bots and nodded. Five of them broke away from the others and headed straight for the brunette. Before they could reach her there was a flash and they froze mid step. The young woman had not moved an inch which caused Clockwork to frown tilting his head in wonder. The young woman pushed off the tree and started walking towards them while the bots did nothing. As soon as she cleared them they fell into pieces leaving the two males shocked.

“Y-y-you bitch! What have you done to my precious steamboats?!” He demanded.

He was furious at what she’d done. He waited for her to speak but instead of talking she lifted her right hand showing what she’s holding. An old katana sat snuggly in her right hand. She pointed the blade at both males as if she was issuing a challenge. Clockwork growled at her then waved his hand. More bots shot towards her. She gripped her katana with both hands and crouched a little. When the first few came within arms distances she sprung up and struck them down, some managed to get in some good hits. But she just hit back harder and faster. When she managed to destroy all of the bots, she was breathing heavily and her clothes had several tears and blood stains.

She flicked her blade before pointing the blade at the two males again. Clockwork growled and flew straight for her, pulling a hidden blade free from his cane. They dodged, duck, slashed and parried blows. There seemed to be no end to the match until they clashed one last time. The force of the collision sent both skidding back away from each other.

He couldn’t believe it. This young woman was holding her own against him. As they were fighting he could finally see what had his master so enamored with the young woman. The determination, the strength, the sheer will and finally her defiance. He became even more impressed seeing as she was still fighting him considering the condition his beloved dolls had put her in. Their weapons clashed again creating sparks. They pushed against one another hoping to cause one to buckle. When neither gave way Clockwork swung his cane at her. She broke away dodging his strike. He crouched low before charging for her. When he got within range she spun around him dodging his strike and slide to a stop as soon as he passed. Neither moved, standing completely still. Until suddenly Clockwork’ left arm fell to the ground. The young woman stood up sheathing her blade and began walking away.

“You bitch! You took my arm! Don’t you dare walk away from me! We’re not finished! I’ll make you pay for this! Do you hear me! You can’t do this to me!” He yelled angrily holding the stub where his arm used to be.

The brunette stopped before turning slightly.

“That was for my mother you bastard.” She told him.

He growled. “Get back here damn you!”

She ignored him and carried on walking.


Right beneath her feet the ground began breaking. The gray monster realized what was happening and ran towards her. His hand reached for her but only ended up grabbing air as the ground fully gave way under her feet and she fell down. Tears sting her closed eyes as she fell down. She couldn’t believe this was happening. She was about to die while two of the monsters that killed her family got to live.

Without her notice the watch around her neck let off a soft golden glow.

She had so many regrets. But the biggest regret she had was not being able to see her love again or save those she loved from their fates.

The watches glow grew brighter as she gripped it against her chest right above her heart. The light grew until it completely engulfed her. Then it disappeared leaving no trace of her behind.

At the very same time a young man of sixteen sat at the edge of a river just staring at the water. He had just run from his parents and their guests when he found out the real reason they were there. It turns out that his parents wished him to marry the young woman who had came from across the sea. A grimace crossed his face as he thought about said young woman. The girl was spoiled and vein. She didn’t care about him as a person, only his looks and being married to him.

He didn’t want anything to do with her but his mother begged him to give her a chance. So he did only to be proven a fool when he caught her sleeping with his uncle, in his very own rooms in his bed. Upon seeing that he closed his door and ran here. The water always had this calming effect on him. He could feel the anger melting away.


Blinking he turned to where the noise came from. Lying a few feet from him was a body. Pushing himself up to his feet he slowly made his way over. He gently turned them over. He immediately took notice of the injuries and checks to see if they were alive. He sighed in relief when he found them breathing. Further inspection told him that the body belongs to a girl one to two years younger than him. He nudged her shoulder a couple times hoping she would wake up. At first nothing happened so he gave a few more urgent nudges. He then heard a groan causing his shoulders to sag in relief. The young girl began to move. She slowly sat up on her knees clutching her head.

“Are you okay Ms.?”

She groaned. “I’ll let you know in a second hun.”

“Hun?” He asked tilting his head curiously.

The girl lifted her head and stared at him. His blue eyes locked with hers. His breath caught in his throat at the unique coloring of her eyes. He had never before in his life seen anyone with eyes like hers. Her left eye was sky blue while her right was sea green. Her eyes were the perfect combination of the sky and sea.

“Sorry force of habit.”

Her words knocked him from his thoughts. Lightly shaking his head he returned his attention on her. He watched her sigh before pushing herself up and off the ground and look around with confusion gracing her face.

“Where are we?”

He eyed her. “We’re in Egypt.”

She turned her head towards him, shock clear on her face.



She eyed him. She could tell he wasn’t lying. Turning from him she ran towards the hill nearby and climbed. She had been prepared for a lot of things but what greeted her sight was something she wasn’t. She had been to Egypt often enough with her elder brother to recognize it. But the sight before her was in fact Egypt but instead of the more modern version she is greeted to the sight of ancient Egypt.

‘How the hell did I get here?’ She thought in dismay.

Her eyes went to her chest when she felt weight. There sitting innocently was the watch. She cut it a glare.

‘I have a feeling you’re the cause of this.’ She thought.

There was a gentle warmth radiating from the watch before it suddenly went cold. It was very quiet when all of a sudden loud cursing filled the air causing the young man to jump at the sudden noise. He turned his wide eyes towards her. He had never heard of a female curse before. So it was quite shocking and oddly enough quite refreshing to hear it from her. After a while his curiosity got the best of him. He wondered who she is, where she had come from and how did she get there without him seeing her. She didn’t dress like anyone of Egypt that he knew of.

“Who are you? My name is Horus.” He introduced.

This stopped her mid cursing but before she could answer him she felt a familiar set of bonds flare from within. Mentally reaching towards them she felt them. They were familial bonds. Her shoulders sagged in relief upon feeling them. She went to move to follow the pull but was stopped by a hand grabbing hers. She turned and stared at the young male.

“You’re name please.”

She blinked as she thought. She couldn’t give her real name on the account of it not being an Egyptian one but maybe she can ignore it this once. Her instincts tell her she can trust this male and they have never steered her wrong before.


He smiled as he brought her hand towards his face where he proceeded to place a kiss upon her hand.

“A pleasure Lady Kristen.” He said softly.

She cut him a smile before pulling away. She disappeared among the dunes leaving behind a charmed young man.

She followed the pull all the way towards a village that stood at the base of a modest palace. She could see both were located by a river. She tilted her head as a frown graced her face. She racked her brain for any mention of this place but found none. She doesn’t recall her eldest brother ever mentioning this place. He has been to known and unknown places of Egypt. That didn’t make any since. Shaking her head gently she put all thought of this place to the back of her mind for now and began the long trek towards the village. Bypassing the gate that stood as the entrance to the village. She grabbed some cloth from nearby to wrap herself in. Then she proceeded to disappear among the moving people. However that soon became a problem as more people seemed to appear out of nowhere. Breaking away she headed down an alley way. Looking around making sure no one was around she began scaling the wall. Once at the top she scanned her surroundings. A quick check of the bond pointed her in the direction of the palace. She sighed as her shoulders sagged.

“Why can’t anything ever be easy?” She muttered wearily.

Her head dropped as she sighed again. Lifting her head she squared her shoulders narrowing her eyes in determination.

“The things I do for my family. Well here goes nothing.”

With that she took a running start then leaped to the next building. She continued this pace until she reached the last building. Stopping at the edge she judged the distance between the building and the palace. Not liking the distance she scaled her way down and then ran the rest of the way towards the palace. She scanned the palace searching for a way in. She located her way in, a balcony that was facing towards the village. Finding purchase she began scaling the wall. Making it to the balcony she peaks her head chancing a look. Not seeing anyone she finished climbing. Hoping over the railing she headed inside.

The balcony was an entrance to an extravagant bedroom. Blinking her eyes she shrugged before making her way towards the door. Pausing she listened for noise on the other side before pulling on the door. Doing a quick scan of her surroundings to be sure there’s no one she finally left the room. She closed the door gently behind her then ventured down the hall. She followed the pull of the bond straight towards what appeared to be a throne room. Slipping inside she hid from sight as she felt for where the bond originated from. She released a huff of frustration when she couldn’t narrow it down.

‘It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack.’ She thought irritated.

So she grabbed the bond and gave it a strong mental pull. From her place she saw the two people sitting upon the throne jerk upright. She couldn’t see their faces but she did feel relief.

“Leave us.” The King ordered.

The servants, the priests and the guards left with the guards closing the throne doors behind them.

“Come out.”

She hesitated. She had no idea of what she’s going to say to them.

“Please.” The Queen pleaded.

Taking a deep breath she stepped out from behind the thrones and moved to stand before them. However her knees gave out causing her to crumble to the ground when she realized who sat upon the thrones. The Queen stood up grabbing her gown and running towards the collapsed teen. Once within grabbing distance the Queen wrapped her arms around the collapsed teen as she too joined her, cradling the teen in her arms.

“Oh my little moon I am so sorry for leaving you alone when you needed me most.” The Queen said crying.

This caused the teen to cry as she felt her mother’s arms tighten around her. Another pair of arms soon joined the first signaling that her father had joined them as well. She cried her eyes out as she felt the comforting presence of her parents. She curled into them and held them tight.

“I have missed you little nightingale.” Her father said crying.

“I’ve missed you too papa.” She pulled back looking at her mother. “Both of you.”

“Where are your brothers and sister little moon?” Her mother asked.

She flinched causing her parents to worry. The brunette pulled away from them and stood up. She began to pace.

“You two have missed much in your absence.” She said seriously.

Both parents shared a look before turning their attention towards their youngest child.

“Tells us everything Nightingale.” Her father ordered.

The brunette stopped pacing and stood straight.

“After the two of you were gone the rest of us were smuggled out and hidden away. We knew we couldn’t hide for ever so I decided to keep the attention on me only.” She started.

Her parent’s eyes went wide.

“I went back to house with Uncle Charlie and Satori aiding me. It didn’t take long for them to realize I was alive seeing as your sister practically handed me over gift wrapped.” She continued.

Her mother gasped while her father muttered curses. She moved on.

“From the age of fourteen to the rip age of twenty I spent in a version of hell you wouldn’t believe being tortured by a man who calls himself the Immortal Emperor.”

Her mother stared at her in horror while her father clenched his fists and paled at her words. The brunette stood still as she closed her eyes taking slow deep breaths. Once she composed herself she continued on.

“Once I got free I hunted down our remaining family, which wasn’t hard seeing as they decided to hide in plain sight. They filled me in on what had happen while I was ‘preoccupied’.” She smiled sarcastically. “Satori’s dead. She died protecting us from the rest of the family.” She pointed to her father. “Your brother imprisoned grandpa in his own personal hell while forbidding grandma from seeing him.”

Her father glared gritting his teeth. He had no idea his brother would do such a thing.

“But if that wasn’t enough. Someone was killing my siblings off one at a time until only I and Uncle Charlie were left.” She clenched her eyes shut as the pain was still fresh to her. She inhaled before beginning again. “Uncle Charlie took over the care of everything while I went into hiding with three others. Even that was short lived as they too were caught and killed.”

She opened her eyes and stared at her parent’s. Their hearts clenched in pain as they saw the pain, sadness and loneliness shinning in her eyes.

“Not long I ended up running into the monster that made us suffer along with one of his minions. There was a huge fight which pretty much landed me here. So now you know everything.” She finished.

Both knew that, that wasn’t all and that their daughter sugar coated and glossed over many things but right now wasn’t the right time to haggle her for more. But her mother wanted to know something.

“What were you thinking before you wounded up here?” Her mother asked.

The brunette blinked her eyes as she thought. “I was thinking about how it wasn’t fair I was dying while the monsters that caused so much pain. And that I regretted not being able to save all who I love from their fates.”

“The watch heard your cries and granted your wish.”

The brunette turned to her mother shocked.

Her mother nodded. “Your grandmother told me the same thing happened to her when she made a wish.”

Turning away from her parents she thought about the situation she’s in and couldn’t help to think she could use this to her advantage and maybe just maybe save her loved ones and stop the ones who took them away. But before anything else could be said on the subject the doors to the throne room are thrown open as a guard rushed in. He dropped to his knees before her parents.

“Your majesties, there is trouble down by the river. Your assistance is needed.” He told them.

The family of three shared a look before following the guard. It didn’t take them long to reach the docs. They could see a lot of people gathering watch from the edge of the river. The family pushed their way through. But neither was prepared for the sight that greeted them. They could see a young teen sitting in a boat but that wasn’t what had their attention. It was the grey dorsal fin that’s circling the boat.

“That’s not supposed to be here.” Her father muttered.

“We have to do something.” Her mother worried.

But Kristen was already doing something. She was removing her socks and shoes along with her messenger case. Taking a deep breath she ran towards the edge of the doc and jumped straight into the water.


The sound caught the attention of everyone. Her mother went to move but was stopped by her father.

“Parker.” She warned.

He shook his head. “No Amy let her try. She’s our daughter for sure.”

Both turned their attention back towards the water as they watched their daughter surface before ducking back under. The dorsal fin soon disappeared. Worried murmurs began to fill the space everyone wondering if the girl was dead of not. There worries were put to rest as the brunette resurfaced. She climbed out of the water and laid her back against the doc trying to catch her breath. Her parents were quick to join her.

“What happened?”

Kristen opened her eyes and stared at her parents.

“She furious.”

“Why?” Her father asked.

The brunette sat up. She nodded towards the stranded teen.

“That boy and his father went out further then they were supposed to and kidnapped all of her kin and brought them back here hoping to sell them for gold. She followed them and has been trying to get them back ever since.” She answered.

Her father stood tall his face in a blank mask. Both mother and daughter knew how he was when it came to those of the sea. He turned his attention towards his only daughter.

“Can she show us?” He asked.

Kristen turned towards the water just as a familiar grey dorsal fin popped up.

“Show us.” She demanded.

The fin took off with the trio following. The fin led them all the way to an unknown doc. They could see a few ships there along with some men. Kristen turned to her parents.

“Wait here.” She ordered.

She moved from her place leaving behind her shocked parents. They watched as the brunette snuck up on each one of the men and knock them out. The husband and wife duo shared a look before joining their daughter. By time they reached the docs there daughter was dragging the man responsible towards them. She through the man towards her father.

“This is the idiot that caused all this.” She said.

Her father looked at the man before he grabbed him by the ankle and held him over the water where a certain dorsal fin was swimming in circles. The man upon seeing the fin became hysterical.

“Please don’t drop me in.” He pleaded.

Kristen crossed her arms while raising an eye brow. “Why shouldn’t we considering what you’ve been doing and the harm you’ve caused.”

The owner of the fin popped up showing that it belonged to a great white shark. The shark snapped its jaws at the man.

“Please don’t hurt me I’ll do anything.”

Kristen tilted her head. “Where are they?”

“There’s an opening in the cliff face. We’re holding them in a hidden moon pool and keeping locked back with wood and boulders.” He told her.

The brunette eyed him before going to have a look. It didn’t take her long to find seeing as the boulders they were using did not have moss on them. She drew her fist back and slammed it against the boulders with all her strength. The boulders broke which aloud not only water free but some sharks too. Making sure all of them are free she was quick to rejoin her parents. Her father looked towards her with an eyebrow raised in question.

“All are accounted for and free.” She reported.

Her mother eyed the man with distaste. “I guess we should let him go after all we did promise not to hurt him.”

Her father eyed the man before releasing his grip on his ankle. The man fell into the water face first. They watched him surface. He looked to the family with a glare on his face. As one the trio pointed to their right causing the man to turn his attention in that direction. A look of pure terror graced his face as he saw all of the fins heading in his direction. Her father knelt down and stared the man right in the eye.

“I may have given my word not to hurt you but I did not say anything about them not hurting you.” He said.

The man turned and began to swim towards his boat but he never made it as he was dragged under and never resurfaced. Kristen moved forwards and knelt down towards the edge. She locked eyes with the great white.

“She’s grateful for the return of her kin and as payment she will watch over us from the river.” She chuckled. “As long as we give them fresh bloodied meat.”

Her father chuckled at this as his daughter stood back up.

“Hail Lady Hathor!”

The three froze before spinning around. They stared in shock at the people behind them. They were kneeling on the ground and bowing before a very uncomfortable brunette. Her father was just as equally uncomfortable while her mother smiled an amuse smile.

With either of them knew was that word of what had happened this day would spread and reach certain young man who would bring a lot of attention towards the brunette. Some good and some bad. But definitely worth it in the end.

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