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An Open Mystery: The Vow of the Bright Light

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There's a vow that needs to be completed in order for their home to survive. It will take four individuals, two pairs of mates, to complete. By far the strongest sacred vow their kind has ever come across. A witch, a wizard and two guided warriors. There's one vow deemed more sacred than the others simply because it consists of the children of the four lines of royals. Never, in all of their kinds existence, has there ever been a Bond as sacred and strong as theirs. The princess of witches, the prince of wizards, and the prince and princess of the guided warriors and their people as a whole. With great power comes great responsibility and a giant target on their backs. With enemies around every corner no one is ever really safe. With great power it will always bring great danger.

Mystery / Drama
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Chapter One

Today had been an experiment within itself. One minute he was standing with his fling of the month and his best friend. The next he couldn't take his eyes off one of the most quietest girls in school. He could remember having a small crush on her when they were little, but that was it everything about her was a mystery. He had always noticed her, but never to the extent that he was now. With a pencil in hand she scribbled away in a notebook. It was no surprised that she projected the utmost of intelligence and natural beauty. He was stuck not knowing why, but suddenly he felt like he had to get to know her. No matter what, he needed to know her. It was time. Even if his reputation as a player was against him. He would change for her. He could change for her.

"There's no point in even trying with her Austin. She's a nobody. So just forget it. Besides she's not even close to being one of us." said Jack sighing.

"I don't why but I feel like I need to know everything about her Jack. Something about her is pulling me to her. I just can't seem to place my finger on it." he said seriously not once taking his eyes off of her. He knew his staring was probably beginning to creep her out, but he couldn't help it. He was mesmerized by her beauty.

"It's called lust my friend. That's your penis talking." they both laughed as they headed to their class . One that they both hated to have to attend because of the teacher. He was keen on signaling them out. As per usual the professor was late, probably due to the consistent pranks they played on him for revenge. As Jack played games absentmindedly on his phone, Austin watched her from the other side of the room. She was so different then what he was use to. He had to approach her. He had to at least get her name so that he could befriend her. If the became friends he could get close enough to her for more. Whatever it took, right? He had never felt like this about anyone before. Even though he barely knew her, he was ready to chase and hunt down anyone that had ever done her wrong. He was entirely captivated by the aura she held.

He'd never heard her speak more than a few words in all the time that they had shared classes together. A lifetime worth of a few sentences here and there and suddenly he needed to hear more. Watching her from across the room was getting old. He had been doing it for a mere couple of minutes now and already he was tired of it.

"Dude, forget about her already." Spoke Jack with an roll of his eyes.

"Dude shut up. Until you lose your virginity don't give me advice." Snapped Austin as they both laughed from his rude joke. Even the slight banter with his best-friend couldn't stop him from looking at her. It was like she was calling him. Something about her spoke to him. The more he tried to reject that call, the more intense it got. His leg bounced up and down as he worked up the nerves to go over and talk to her. How do you approach the girl that you rarely heard speak? The girl with no friends. The most intelligent in class. The girl that you only know because you spent every class together since kindergarten. You only know her name because of it. She never goes to any parties.

You rarely see her outside of school. You hardly see her during school. She screamed 'good girl' and definitely wasn't the type he usually went for, but yet he sat there strangely drawn to her. The longer he continued to stare at her the stronger the pull got. It was now or never. He no longer had the choice. He felt like he would implode if he didn't say something to her and soon. He stood up and walked over to her in a flawless way that made it seem so casual and effortless, but deep down he was a nervous wreck. She merely looked at him as his six foot four inch demeanor stood over her desk. Towering over her, suffocating her in a way that could only be described as dangerously enticing. She knew his scent. She knew the rumors. She'd seen him with a different girl far more than the birds chirp at the break of dawn. She forced herself to look him in his eyes. She planned to tell him that she didn't want to be bothered. That she wasn't interested in whatever he was trying to offer. Instead she found herself drowning in a sea of the deepest blue she has ever saw and he was lost in a meadow of vibrant green.

"I'm Austin." he breathed not bothering to break their gaze.

"Cynthia." she replied simply before going back to reading her book. He smiled as he walked away from her. It was something so simple to an outsider, but they knew it was only the beginning to something more. It was like they shared they're own personal secret. Never had either one of them had that kind of intense reaction to anyone before. Another week rolled around and Austin couldn't wait to see her again.

It was right before class and Austin managed to gather just enough courage to approach her again. He had it all planned out and now he just needed to make sure it all worked out accordingly. He made it to class earlier than usual since he was trapped inside his thought's and filled with the overwhelming amount of anticipation to see her again. To his surprise she was already there. Watching her read her book oblivious to his presence gave him butterflies. With a deep breath he gave himself a final pep talk before beginning to walk over to her only to have Jack stop him.

"Dude I know you're not use to rejection and all, but you don't just go and embarrass yourself all over again."

"I didn't get rejected Jack. I just introduced myself. That was all." he smile.

"She ignored you bro. That's the nice way of saying never going to happen. I'm telling you just move on already."

Austin shoved his way past Jack with frustration and determination. Despite the fact that Jack seemed to be dead set on getting him to never look Cynthia's way again, he was adamant on making some kind of conversation with her. Maybe he was right and she wanted nothing to do with him, but he wouldn't know unless he tried. She looked up at him as soon as he approached and he once again found himself lost.

Those beautiful, electrifying green orbs had captured him in a way he hadn't known was possible. The colors were so vivacious that he felt like he was running through a meadow. Her breath was caught in her throat as she allowed herself to drown in the sea of blue that were his eyes.

"Hey." He spoke. His words sounding distant while they were stuck in their trance.

"Hi." she spoke back softly. They stood there for a moment more of silence. Each in their own world, but still intact with one another. There was no need for words. There was no need for sound. Everything was written within their eyes. Nothing could've been more perfect. It was that kind of perfect nobody else would understand, and they didn't expect anyone too. They barely understood it themselves.

"Have a good day." He said breaking the trance and bringing them back to reality without breaking their gaze.

"You too." She whispered before looking at her book again. He walked back to his seat a small smile on his face. He had completely lost his cool and didn't achieve anything that he planned to, but he achieved something so much better. He knew for sure that Jack was wrong. He couldn't understand the mystery of what they were experiencing when they made eye contact, but he had to admit he liked it.


Another week had gone past and all he knew of her was that she had a soft angelic voice, and green eyes that he constantly got lost in. For the past week Jack became even more adamant about leaving Cynthia alone. He didn't get it, it was getting to the point where it was starting to feel like he hated her for whatever reason. Today was a free day, seeing as they were in their last weeks of school. He knew his chances with Cynthia were increasingly dwindling. He had to make a move and he had to do it as soon as possible. He wanted badly to approach her, but didn't want it to be another failed attempt. He knew he couldn't allow himself to get entranced by her eyes and forget to speak. Quickly deciding not to look at her at all, especially not making eye contact, he stood up and headed to where she always sat. She was reading a book and that's were he decided to focus his gaze on. Just as he began to approach her he was being pulled back by Jack.

"Dude, you're trying again. Why can't you just leave it alone and let it be?" he sighed. Austin stared at Jack wondering what his problem was. Usually Jack was a goofball and encouraged him to try and get with as many girls as possible, but for some reason he didn't want him anywhere near her.

"What's your problem man? Any other time you'd be telling me to go for it. Amongst other shit that doesn't need to be said. What's so different about her? Do you have feelings for her or something?" He snap jealousy filling him eagerly.

"Hell nawl. She ain't my type and she definitely ain't yours. People will talk Austin. Just leave it alone." he could sense that Jack was getting irritated and he actually debated if this girl was worth losing his best-friend for. However, he couldn't deny this pull anymore. It was the last few weeks of school before break and something within him told him that he couldn't wait any longer to ask her on a date. He couldn't take the chance of never seeing her again.

"I don't care what people say. In a few weeks they'll be as irrelevant as your hate for her. Neither you or I know anything about her, but I want to change that. I have to change it. As my friend you should understand that, if not just fuck off already."

"You'd really end our friendship over some whore." Austin was enraged and before he knew it his fist was connecting with Jack's jaw. Trying to control his breathing he continued on his path to her desk on the opposite side of the classroom.

"Hello Cynthia." He spoke as soon as he was in front of her. His eyes trained on the book that laid there still open.

"Hello Austin." She replied in a soft voice. He could feel her eyes burning a hole into his skull the questions about Jack running from her mind and straight to his.

"How's your day going?" He attempted. He could feel the eyes of his classmates on him. All wondering what could have prompted him to punch his bestfriend and just leave him lying there bleeding from his mouth, but he only cared about the girl in front of him. He knew in order to be with her he'd have to prove that he was striving to be different. That he would change for her and a whole lot more.

"It's alright. Why won't you look at me?" she asked completely shocking him. It was like she just knew he didn't want to talk about what happened. He didn't know if he had in him to tell her that Jack thought she was a whore. If Jack thought it there was no doubt in his mind that he had told others about it. Usually he'd know if Jack was doing mischievous things like that, but the only thing he ever heard anymore was to stay away from Cynthia. Why did he care? Why was Jack so adamant about this? Why did Austin himself care? Why was he so protective over a girl that he didn't even know? Maybe Jack knew something about her that he didn't. He should've considered that before the punch, but all he think about was protecting her from him. He just wanted to defend her.

"I-I don't know what you m-mean." He said trying to hide the sudden shakiness in his voice. He didn't get it. All of a sudden he was nervous and he couldn't explain why, but he knew it was because of her. Years of dating and hooking up and now he found someone that made him freeze up and stutter. So much had already happened because of her and he couldn't explain it. She was so forward today, that was something he could admit that he wasn't prepared for, but he liked it. Upon realizing that he was paying attention to the open book on her desk ,she closed the book before looking at him again determined to get a real answer from him.

"You're refusing to look me in my eyes. Why is that?" A slow smile found it's way to his face. He liked that she could easily read his actions, however, he hoped that she didn't know the real reason as to why.

"I just thought we could have a normal conversation. I've tried twice, but..." He paused not knowing what to say. Or how to describe what it was that happened to them.

"Each time you tried, we got lost in each others eyes?"

"Exactly, you're like this mystery to me and I guess I want to solve it." Not the best pick-up line he had, but he spoke in nothing but the upmost of truth.

"I feel like I know everything about you." She whispered just loud enough for only him to hear and piquing his interest. He felt the sudden urge to look up and meet her eyes, but he wouldn't allow himself too. At least not yet. He was enjoying this little conversation with her and he wanted to keep it going. Even if it did mean he wouldn't be able to look into those gorgeous green orbs of hers.

"That is strangely interesting." Was all he said. It grew quiet as she watched him and he continued to stare at his fingers as he ran them along the top of the desk.

"Does this count as a conversation Austin?" She asked him barely over a whisper. His small smile grew.

"I guess it does."

"Then please look at me?" She asked placing her hand on his lightly. It was nice to know that she was just as impatient as he was to make eye contact with each other again. Sparks flew from the simple contact as they once again got lost into each others eyes.

The next day the atmosphere was different. Usually the room seemed to be bright and exciting, however, it felt gloomy and draining. It felt like a storm was approaching. It was weird. Austin sat there in a silent debate about whether or not he would get up and go over to her. Or if he should swallow his pride and just apologize to Jack. He wouldn't stop trying to get to know Cynthia though despite Jack's many protests. He knew he would have to choose soon. Either his friendship or a girl that he could see himself possibly being with for the rest of his life. He doubted she would ever come to him, and they had a small, but actual conversation yesterday. A kind of break through for them seeing as they always seemed to get tongue tied around each other. He wanted to converse with her again, but he had a feeling that he would be giving off the wrong vibe.

He stole another glance her way, before taking out his drawing pad and outlining her face. Little did he know as he snuck glances at her she was doing the same. Pulling out her journal she began to write.

She wonders why he doesn't come to her that day. She can feel the pull of their energies eager to collide. Can he feel it too? Or is it all in her head? Should she be the one that interacts with him today? She desperately wants to, but something in her is telling her not too. After her conversation with her parents last night she begins to wonder. Does she loves this beautiful stranger with the sea of blue eyes that entraps her every time? They've barely spoken to each other, how could they possible be in love? Is it possible that he had a falling out with his best-friend because of her? The air seemed to change the moment he decided to approach her.

He's watching her curiously. Wondering exactly what it is that she could be writing about. He wanted to read it. He wanted to sketch out his favorite scene of her stories. He wanted to be artistic together. His minds begins to wander at all the possibilities of an artist and an author. Making himself focus once again he looks at his picture and realize that its almost done. Well he was almost done with the outline. A little shading and to color her eyes that beautiful, soft green color that he had to admit that he was in love with. He takes out his green color pencils and glances at her wishing he were looking into her eyes instead of drawing them. Finally picking the solid green he begins to color them.

"Is that me?" Speaks a heavenly voice beside him making him jump nearly twenty feet in the air. He turns to face her and sees that her green eyes have a golden hue around them. He smiles and breaks the contact before he begins to get lost again. He had to admit he was beyond shock that she had taken the initiative to come to him instead of him going over to her as he grabbed his golden yellow color pencil. He began to fill in the spaces he missed trying to blend the gold in with the green until he got it perfect. Going over everything twice before grabbing his black marker and out lining the drawing. Going heavy around the eyes so that they would pop. He smiled at the picture getting lost in his train of thoughts as he realized exactly how much the portrait look like her.

"Are you ignoring me again?" She asked unable to hide the hurt in her voice.

"I'm not ignoring you Cynthia, I just tend to focus a little too hard whenever I'm drawing. Now that I look at it, I guess it is a picture of you. I tend to draw the most beautiful of things that catches my eye." He said and could see a smile forming on her face a she blushed a sharp red out of the corner of his eye. He was definitely feeling more like his self around her the more the talk.

"Pft, like that is the first time you've ever used that line on a girl." butted in Jack with a harsh laugh. For a moment Austin was stunned in surprise. Jack hadn't spoken to him since yesterday when he punched him. Even though they were best-friends he felt the need to know Cynthia was far greater than the one to hold onto a friendship that would most likely go no further and be done within the next few years.

"Fuck off Jack. None of this is your concern." he frowned as he stared him down.

"Oh but it is. A real friend looks out for his/her friends, instead of letting them hook up with nobodies that doesn't deserve their attention."

"I swear Jack fuck off before the right side of your face matches the left one." He threatened realizing he must've hit him harder than he thougt. His jaw was so swollen it looked as if he had a black eye.

"No need for violence old friend. I'll leave. Continue to protect that no good whore. I won't be around to see her ruin your life. Don't come crying to me about how right I was unless you want to hear an I told you so." with a boistering laugh Jack walked out the classroom leaving a furious Austin behind.

"Is it finish?" She asked hopefully taking his attention off the asshole allowing him to calm down once more.

"What?" he snapped at her causing her to flinch a bit. She hated being yelled at.

"I asked if it was finished." she repeated coming off as if him raising his voice at her didn't phase her at all. He looked at her amazed. She looked unaffected by Jack words. She looked so serene and at peace in that moment that he began to relax even more.

"I'm sorry and no it's not finished yet." he answered.

"Well I'll let you continue. I don't want to be a bother." She said as she gathered her things and prepared to move back to her seat. He was quick to grab her by her arm to stop her. The simple skin contact sent an hot energy emanating from them both. The looked at each other and what they saw in each other eyes had them frozen where they were. The sea was no longer calming. The waves were high and slapping against each other as the rushing water pushed them hard against each other. One right after the other. The green meadow was dead. The grass was brown and dried out. The trees hollow and falling over. The flowers were cut and trampled, no longer able to smell their sweet fragrance.

"You're not a bother." He said quickly retrieving his hand. She sat back down, but they never broke their gaze as they fell into a silence.

"What the hell was that?" She whispered angrily knowing that he'd understand. She tried hard to keep her deepest feelings hidden, but now she felt exposed. All because of a single touch.

" I don't fucking know. I just don't know." He replied as he went back to his drawing and she continued with her writing. They weren't sure what the hell just transpired between the both of them, but they were positive that it had something to do with their emotions.

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