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About a girl face in her life till 18

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Till 18

Chapter one:

On a rainy day,2002 chennai city was in a full aleart of flood,a pregnant women got a pain and admitted in a hospital(best hospital).a girlbaby was born at 6.35pm on november 22.this story is full about a girl how was born.....after 1 mont a girl was separated from his mother and leave to his grandparents circle.she was under the care off his grandma and grandpa.when she felt sad about his parents distance,it will be cure and distracted from the love and care of her grandparents.her mother and father are separated from her because of the financial position of her parent who are earing too keep her girl child at good atmosphere and for her future studies and to full fill her wants.the girls will cry to see her parents in front off their photos,grandparents will be pull to be sad of seeing her.days are going now she was reaching the age 1.

Chapter 2:

The girl at the age of 1.she reached the age 1,she taught to write basics,walk stedly, her head was attain to a position,teeth was born,but they had a sad news that the baby cant able to speak like a normal child and she was affted by a diseas called salt.after this situation she was moved to his parents to her treatment.she was admitted in her father village hospital.doctors are unstable to her life leave her life to the god desion and operation is going on all are praying to her rebirth.after a while operation was over and saved the girl life.the girl cured from the salt and she started to speak everyone felt happy for her.like a normal child she also moved on to her normal life.

Chapter 3:

At the age of 2 to 8 she was taken care by his grandparents, her favourite and good time in her life was being with their grandma and with her grandpa.after the death of her grandma she was left to his parents.make her too sad and miss the presence of the grandparents love.at class 8th she introduce to a new world of fake friendship,fake relation,fake promises,fake surrounding... She miss her childhood life with her grandma and grandpa.this make her mental so weak and she build her self to face the new world that she had entered with a sudden folds of life.she was left alone in home her both parents are working they cant able to spend much time with her.she was taking care of her own and she had a brother at the age of 8.he was growing with another grandparent.days are going quick.this is the time to meet her brother after his birth.a night before their meet she was thinking about her brother,what can we talk first first to her brother and how will her brother character,voice,height,etc...this makes her sleep disturb and for whole night she was think about her brother.morning arise with a bright sunnyday.her brother arrive they are seeing them with a bright smile.this was a unforgatable day of her life.days are passing.she attain to the class 9th.

Chapter 4:

She was poor at studies.her aim is to became a beautision with the knowledge of fashion design but,everyone compare her with her cousin about their studies and mark.her mother was the only support to her to lead her life.at the class of 9th she meet most off the fake friends and use her when they want company after their friend leave.this makes her to sad but she move on with a smile in lip and eyes filled with tears.her pillow and mother are the true person how will spend true haply and sad time with her.life goes with passing friends and sad of compare.

Chapter 4:

At the class of 10,she was ready to face the same fake people who started backstabbing her with a lie gossip on her.she start close with a new 2 friends who understand her heart and character. After 2 months of 10th she meet a boy who is loving her also knowing the false bad comments on her.they are moving with a friend zone.once a day after the school over they started the walk towards the house they felt different zone apart from friend and moving the days with the friendship zone,knowing that they falls in love but they didnt convey their love.after a couple of days the boy was pushed to be proposed to her because of his frienda and days gone the girl accepted the proposel. She felt very happy to earning a gem of person after her grandparents and her mother.she showed the love more than her mother and keep her boy in first place in her heart.the love life was going normal and good.one day her one of her friend how dislike her committed life she text to a boy in between a friend and love relation in her social media and she forced her that you messaged that boy and letting her belif of that she had messaged that boy this makes her lover so depressed and he goes to the near of breakup but she cant able to break their relationships, beg her like anything ans he accepted her with a condition that u not supposed to talk to your friend and boys of your age excepted him and relation,she should go out with the permission off that boy,not supposed to go out with friends, she should be ask permission for everything in her life.after this also the problem countinues.... This makes her life again sad.

Chapter 5:

Every day went with a fight and cry.her life goes again lip with fake smile and eyes with tears full off doubt on her to his lover...but accepting and facing the life without doing a mistake and faith on her friendship days gone she gone to 11vand her lover went to a higher studies but the fight towards their love didnt over full with cry and sad.in between this life the earth enter to a new problem of corona (covid 19) because of that every one has to be in quran time, this makes her life twist that he comes to know that her friend dich on her in the reason for her love went with a cry and fight.she informed her lover and he feel for that pain and sad days given by him to his girl.life changed with love,but again she meet a fake friend around her life this make her more sad...after a great relif of sad ness in life she excepting a good and colourfull life but,she was growing with a cage size freedom by her surrounding..that she has to be perfect to him but he will be more more dissperfect to her.this makes her more and more sad and depressed,now also she leading a condition life that when her phone was busy while her lover call it was wrong but this turn to him she donot have the rights to ask...he can lead a social life and speak to a girl but she supposed not talk to boys even for a problem, she will be at home till the day her boyfriend come to go out but he can go out with friends,family...accepting this but there is no that much important to her in love life and non care with love by her surrounding.this feels like a cage bird and not suppose to go out and enjoy rain,climates,seeing peoples,and for some problems of society she cant able to go out for down shop,the place shw love to go.she pulled to a way tobeirher see the world and society with her parents or lover....girls have equal rights to talk back,go out,doing things they like...this small thing is her dream yet to be done......taking decision of breaks love towards people and her lover one day she went to his lover and parents and tell her dream..counties her prayer towards her goal and dream.

Dear girls you have wings to your dream,and you are the only person capable of bringing happyness in life,be that brave girl,you always wished to be....and never be that one,that the society and people surrounding you to be.....all the best search your wings to fly.

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