Blind-Date Killer

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After a bad Blind date, things don't turn out how Danna thought. This causes Forest Ranger Cameron Murray to have a mystery that needs to be solved once a body is found outside the city limits at a campground. While on the scene, shots ring out, and a person is hurt. Cameron needs to figure out who it is before it's too late.

Mystery / Adventure
Jenny Legacy
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Chapter 1

It’s just my luck! Danna Blackburn has never been good at picking out good men. She seems to drag out all kinds of interesting types. She is a smart, young attractive woman, but her luck hasn’t improved. For example, this date isn’t going very well. It one of the nices places in town with a hefty price tag to add, but it just wasn’t what she thought it would be. “I was hoping this time it would work out, but I was wrong again.” He was a handsome guy online, tall, dark and handsome with beautiful green eyes, but there’s just something about him. I can’t figure it out, and it’s making me uncomfortable. I can’t see this date getting any better—time to make my exit before he assumes a happy ending. I’ve demolished four glasses of wine trying to get through the last hour, and I’m ready for bed.“Thank you, Alex, for the lovely meal, but I ought to get going. I have an early morning meeting at work, and I must be at my best.“Are you sure? I assumed we were having a good time?” “Oh yes, but, Alex, but I’m exhausted, I had a long day at work. I need to get a good night’s sleep for tomorrow.“No worries, Danna. I’ll get the bill, and I can drive you home.” No, it’s okay I can take a cab. You’ve done enough with this lovely meal. “Are you sure Danna, It can be tough to get a cab at this time of night. It’s not taking me out of my way. I couldn’t let a beautiful young woman pay for a cab after a date. Please let me take you home. “Are you sure it’s okay? Yes, for sure, it’s no trouble. “Okay, then sounds good. Thank you again, Alex.”

Damn it. What did I do wrong? I thought it was going well with Danna Alex ponders while he waits for the bill. I guess I’ll have to be more compelling on the way driving her home, or I’ll have to start over again with a new bitch. Oh, how it made his blood boil just thinking of Danna getting away without having a little fun. Not the typical guy/girl fun but a more permanent ending.

It was dead quiet in the car on the way home—just the outside noise of vehicles passing by. “My road is the next one on the left. I said as we get closer.” No answer. “Did you hear me, Alex?” Alex! Do you not hear me scream’s Danna.“Out of nowhere, my head slams into the window of my door. “Shut up, or next time it won’t be my fist.“Oh no! this can’t be happening.“What do you want from me, Alex?” “Well, first of all, I want you to be quiet, once we get to my place, you will find out yourself.” “Now, be quiet, and I will not tell you again.“Still dazed, I try to get my thoughts together and figure out what to do. There must be a way out somehow. She usually had her seatbelt on, but he took off before she could think when she got in the car. Okay, I have all my things in the front on my lap; when he slows down next time, I’ll jump, she ponders to herself. Good plan? Not sure, but there isn’t enough time to waste. It takes a while, but we make our way out of the city into a small town outside the city call Rogersville. I see my chance. There’s not much around but forest and fields, but it was better than nothing. As we come to a stop at the first light inside the town near a campground, Danna makes her move. Before Alex even knew what happened, I swing the door open and run as fast as my legs can into the empty camping area. I look for a good hiding place before Alex can get his car turned around. Running at full speed, I head to what looks like a cabin with a large propane tank outside. I try my best to conceal my location, but I lose all hope once I see the vehicle entering the camp heading in my direction. Please, please don’t let him see me. I curl up in a ball to make me appear like something else but a human behind the vast tank. I hear footsteps heading my way. I try so hard to stay quiet, but he finds me without a problem. That’s when I hear Alex says, “You shouldn’t have done that, Danna.” Suddenly, I can’t hear anything but ringing in my ears, and my head feels like it’s on fire. I scream for help, and then everything goes black.

Well, that was a lot of fun; she didn’t even run that far. The chase is always the best part. Looking around, he takes in the environment. Well, at least she picked an excellent location to hide. Looking into the cabin’s window and seeing nothing, he rounds the corner and boots in the door. It’s quite dark, but it’ll do, he talks to himself. Making his way back to Danna, he notices she is still breathing. With a smile, Hello Danna, I’m glad you’re still alive; now we can have a little bit of fun. With that, he drags her inside the cabin and, without delay, slices her throat to finish the job. I told you to be quiet, you stupid bitch!

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