Memoirs of a Bavarian Illuminati Hunter III

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Discover the ultimate secret with Sebastian Drechsler, flawed student of 1787's Ingolstadt University, as he is initiated into the grandfather of all secret societies: The Council of the Thirty Third Degree. Guided by Professor Van Halestrom's maxim 'Know Thyself' can our dashing but self-conscious 18th century hero come of age in time to save himself, his country, Europe and the known world from the evil clutches the Bavarian Illuminati? "The third book in the Illuminati Hunter trilogy with its revolutionary 'Live' Ebook hypertext links initiates the reader into the 'Hermetic Mysteries' alongside our favourite 18th century hero as he battles, rides, duels, chases, loves, loses and learns in this galloping, brainstorming, highwayman's blunderbuss of a historical thriller. 10/10" Ethan Harrison Republisher

Mystery / Adventure
Ethan Harrison
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Illuminati Hunter



After this brief introduction the following text, apart from the addition of the footnotes, is an exact reprint of a manuscript brought from a relative of the owner of Necromancer, a small English publishing house that who originally published the first in the series: Illuminati Hunter I ‘Adam Weishaupt & The Eye of Horus’ in 1913 but has since vanished.

I have chosen to publish this third book because, as with the first two in the series, I feel it is another fantastic adventure written in the same surprisingly modern way that will resonate with contemporary readers. Also, when checked on the internet, however unbelievable, the story’s details are backed up by all existing records, or so close that it is difficult to think that they could all be coincidence, hence the addition of the footnotes so that you can see for yourself.

If this extraordinary tale is even only partly true it would still throw a completely new light on what is already a remarkable period of history. I am certain you will find it fascinating especially if you are reading the e Book version and use the hyperlinks embedded in the text.

I hope you enjoy discovering the background of this adventure as much as I did and, of course, that you are thrilled by the truly amazing story itself. E. Harrison


Count Bassus &The Statue of Baphomet

By Sebastian P. Drechsler

Republished in Great Britain by Ethan Harrison


This volume is formed from a collection of memoirs discovered in 1898 at the University of Munich in Bavaria. Sebastian Pierre Drechsler was a student and eventually lecturer at Ingolstadt University between 1783 – 1800 before the faculty was closed down. He later went on to become a Professor and then Director of History at Munich University until he retired in 1833. It is understood that the original memoirs were dictated by the scholar on his deathbed (circa 1852) and that he had not wanted them to come to the public’s attention for ‘some time’ after he died so as not to besmirch his fine reputation achieved after many years working within academe. He was on record to have made claim that they would be valuable ‘To those in the future who are already illuminated, or are ready to come into the light.’ It should be noted that the transcript was dictated to an Englishman, a court stenographer by trade, who was not fluent in the Bavarian tongue but the far-sighted Professor had understood that his scribe’s natural dialect was fast becoming the international language of the world and so by means of this translation would secure the text’s widest readership when it eventually saw the light of day. This detail and the fact that it is a vocal record would explain the sound effects, British measurements, occasional vernacular and the constant personal observations of a humorous nature. A. Jones. Editor Necromancer Press 1913.

From a loving Father to a brilliant Son

Know Thyself’

‘Gnothi Seauton’

I, Sebastian Drechsler, write these memoirs in the year 1853 from the bed in which I shall die. I write them as testimony to my actions and those of others so that these efforts are not wasted in the abyss of unrecorded time. I swear to almighty God that, though at times my account may sound unbelievable, it is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I pray that the text has survived as long as I have intended before coming to the public’s attention and that the incredible tale you are about to read no longer contains a very necessary warning for the world. But if that is the case then may God Almighty have mercy on your souls.

No great story is without great sorrow or great joy. For, only by possessing both these elemental opposites can it be truly great. Our only hope as mortals is that, in the end, these two conflicting states become, at least, equal and we learn as we author the great stories of our lives that ultimately, though it may be impossible to fully understand why, one cannot exist without the other. I truly believe that the next part of my awesome tale is such a story. I do not say so in vanity or with an overly-inflated view of my own opinions, I simply know that because it contains both these aspects in such depth and equal measure then, in some way, it must be great.

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