Banky 2

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As events take an ugly turn, evidences lead the pack astray, the confusion, the mix up, tests the ties that binds their friendship. A killer is identified, did he do it? Who knows

Mystery / Thriller
Nikky wild
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Chapter 1

Banky’s Pov: May14th

Good lord I have to go to school today, I was so tired after visiting Tito last night but that wasn’t the reason I didn’t get home on time last night, I also had a fight with mum.
I walked downstairs, I was already dressed up ready for school. Dad was at the dining room obviously waiting for me.
“Good morning Dad” I greeted him
“Bankole, where were you last night? Your mum was worried sick!” he snapped at me, jeez that meant they also had a fight
“I went out and the last person I wanted to see was mum, she’s not reasoning with me” I answered as I sat down beside him, breakfast was already served but I was not hungry “Dad” I continued “mum is being unfair, it’s not Bukky fault, it’s yours why is mum punishing her? I want my sister home and I want it as soon as the term is over”
“you think I’m not trying? Your mother has to agree first” Dad signed, looking at him closely I saw his face, he was worn out, he was tired, he’s hurting like the rest of us but I wasn’t gonna back down.
“I don’t care Dad” I sighed too, with Tito’s sickness, Kel’s situation and the rumor that Debby might be cheating on me, I don’t need another problem on my plate. “Dad, talk to mum let her understand. It’s not Bukky’s fault. We both know everything Bukky has been doing was to impress Mum, she needs us and I need my sister bring her home. Please” I begged
“I’ll talk to her Bankole, don’t worry” Dad promised and I have no choice to believe him at least for now.
“Ohh by the way Grandpa sent me money”
“hmmn how much” Dad asked as he drank out of his tea
Dad spilled his tea and he looked at me in disbelieve “250,000” he asked
“Yeah, he said I should use it for data subscription and if I need another, I shouldn’t hesitate to ask” this are the times I like my Grandpa, he spoils me with money, on my birthday he bought me the latest iPhone 11pro, a perfect replica of his ring and he placed one of his company under my name, he’s been sending me money every two weeks not that I’m complaining but it’s too much for me.
“didn’t he send a 100 last week?” Dad asked
“350 last three weeks, I think I need to open a new account”
“That won’t be necessary, I’ll just have to talk to your Grandpa again for the millionth time” Dad clenched his jaw, I can sense he was really trying to suppress his angry and irritation as he cleaned himself up.
“Okay, I have to go to school” I stood up from my chair
“Won’t you have breakfast?” Dad asked
“Don’t worry, the one at school taste better” I smiled then I left the room.
The ride to school was fast, Ruben really the is the best I couldn’t ask for another chauffeur. The school parking lot was already filled with some cars, the school main building was so far from there, Michael was just getting out of his car as my Toyota Avalon got there, his bodyguard rushed to block his path to check for possible danger, I laughed as I saw Michael roll his eyes.
By the time Ruben packed the Toyota Avalon, all the nonexistent possible treat that could harm Michael had been confirmed, and his bodyguard had left him. Before I could get out of the car and made to where he was waiting for me, Toby was already there.
“Hey” Toby and I bro-hugged while I shook Michael, one glance at my face Michael already knew I was going to teach him
“Not a word” He warned in a really low voice.
“What’s going on?” Toby asked, he obviously didn’t witness the bodyguard drama.
“Nothing” Michael answered while looking at me like he wanted to kill someone, that was new.
“Nothing” I answered. Toby wanted to ask but he stopped when someone called us from behind.
“Hey guys” Shola, Dami and Debby walked toward, Toby quickly murmured some curses that Michael laughed “Wait? Aren’t you guys done with your arrangement?” I asked Toby
“Hi Toby” Dami hugged Toby. “Hey baby” Debby hugged me as well, Toby and I shared a weary look, we stood here motionless for about three seconds until the girls released us.
“Now that you’re done hugging? Can we go now? We’re late for breakfast” Dami asked annoyed, a stranger would have thought it was a real breakfast, but she didn’t wait for our answer since she walked between us hastily to the school’s main building, Michael followed her and we all went out.
Kels was already in the class, and I was not surprised, he would have purposely ignored us at entrance, we still have to talk about his behavior. Everyone settled in their seat to take their morning breakfast, the seats were one-man seat were handmade comfortable plastic ergonomics chair which had foam which was covered at the butt and the back side, the table wooden not too high, not to low had a drawer which ca be used as lockers with lock and keys, the breakfast which was handed over to us by Mrs. Akin. She has been our form mistress since JSS 1.
The questions this time was pretty simple; everyone was doing their work until there was rustling of furniture as a girl figure ran out of the class, the girl I recognized then was Shola, Dami and Debby ran after her, even the teacher left the class then she came back “Nobody move, when you’re all done submit your work to……” she looked around to class, obviously looking for a responsible student to entrust her work too, then her eyes landed on me “to Bankole” then she left.
I looked at Toby and he mouthed ‘I don’t know anything’
‘Are you sure? Should I be worried?’ I mouthed back.
“Hopefully not” Michael answered, he gave me his answer booklet “I’ll go check it out” and he left the class.
Since the breakfast was simple, everyone including me were done pretty quickly, in less than two minutes I had the answer booklet and I’m on my way to the staffroom, then I saw Tito coming out of the staffroom, and I pulled him to a reasonable distance from the staffroom.
“Aren’t you supposed to be at the hospital” I asked him out of concern, he looked at me with a regretful smile, he looked so pale. I wonder how he convinced his mother to let him come to school today.
“What’s the use?” he asked, he must have given up. I signed.
“Listen Tito, I know you’ve given on yourself but I haven’t, we haven’t and we are not stopping till you’re cured. Okay?” I looked him in the eye with optimism “since you’re here already” I continued “why don’t you just stay? Have you taken your drugs?” I asked
Tito rolled his eye “Yes Mum, gosh Banky did my mums give the mum pill after spending a lot of time them at the hospital?”
“Hey” I laughed and he laughed along with me, I didn’t know when I drew him into a tight hug “I’m glad you’re okay bro. I really am”
“Awwnnnnnnn” a girl’s voice started us “this is solid gold, I’m keeping it” Florence my favorite Fulani girl showed us a picture of us hugging, Tito and I laughed
“Yeah knock yourself out, see you in class” Tito answered and he winked at Florence before leaving us alone.
“Banky” Florence started
“No” I went my way
“Banky na, you’re the only one I can ask” Florence pleaded, then she jumped in front of me, wow this girl can move well “if you don’t help, I’ll release this picture” she resolved to treats.
I laughed “Really, what will be the headline this time around? Two bro hugging?” we were already at the staffroom door, I stopped at the door “Listen, I’ll see what I can do about it but I’m not promising you anything.”
Florence signed “Thank you, you’re the best!” then she left, so annoying.
The staffroom was filled with ergonomics chairs arm chairs with lots modular tables which had drawers as well, four modular table and chair are arranged in fours. The room still managed to be spacious when though it was filled up. I paid my respect to the teacher while I strode to Mrs. Akin desk which I know too well, she wasn’t there by the time I got the answer booklet there so I placed it carefully and I used a paper weight to support the booklet.
By the time the first class started, I noticed Shola wasn’t in class, I asked Debby who was sitting in front of me, she told me the Principal let her go home to rest.
The day flew by slowly, I noticed Kels ignored me throughout, Michael was very angry at something or someone, Tito was very weak, Dami made a new friend, Alex he sits behind me in class, Debby is her normal cherry self except for the fact that she was worried about Shola and Toby was glad to be free from Shola for a day, so yeah it was a normal day in school.
“guys! We will be visiting Shola today, after school!” I announced to the whole class, Toby groaned out loud, Dami, Debby, Tito and I laughed, Michael tapped him with a faux melancholy expression but he didn’t laugh, Kels just ignored us as usual.
The closing bell ranged, everyone gathered at the parking lot, I went to Tito who was about to enter his Ford Edge “you don’t need to come” I told him, he turned to me so he can protest but I stopped “I don’t want to hear it, look at you, you’ve weak. You need to rest and when have you heard of a sick person visiting another?”
“Who’s sick?” Kels asked startled us
“WTF!” I jumped
“Kels, you have to stop crawling unto people like that, what are you? An assassin? My heart almost stopped breathing” Tito answered horrified and he looked like he aged a decade within the last few seconds.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean too” Kels stopped “I want to talk to you, Banky. I’ll wait for you” Kels turned to leave but I stopped him “Wait, I’m done here” I told him then I turned to Tito
“Are you okay?” I asked, he nod “Okay, you go home now, I’ll call you later” I was practically pleading.
“Okay, see you tomorrow Mummy” Tito gritted hid teeth while saying the ‘Mummy’ part but he knew I was only looking out for him, he waved at Kels before getting into his Ford.
Kels and I watched as Tito’s Ford exist the school before we turned towards my Toyota Avalon.
“So, what’s up?” I asked
“Will you be riding to Shola’s house with Deb?” he asked me, by that time we were already by my car
“No, since Dami will be needing a ride, Debby will be coming in her own car” I answered “I’m guessing you’re asking because you need a ride?”
“Yes” he answered before he entered the car, I entered the car through the other side.
“Good day Ruben”
“Hello Bankole, how was school?” Ruben asked
“Cool, drive us to Shola’s place, please” I instructed
“So?” I asked after the car started moving “why have you been ignoring us since morning?” I asked Kels
“Nothing” he answered
“Really? Kels I don’t seem like nothing me, what’s up, really”
“Nothing just nothing”
“Okay? Why didn’t Nene drop us off at school today? Because if she did even if you wanted to ignore us, she will make sure to greet us” Kel’s grandmother is too forward, that’s one of her charm but also one of the things Kels dislike about her, she always put him in the spotlight.
“Nothing, someone else drooped me” Kels answered.
He will not talk so, I kept my mouth shut, knowing Kels he’ll talk when he’s ready.
“Chioma is around” Kels broke the silent after five minutes
“Your mum?” I asked again to be sure, and Kels swallowed hard.
“Yes, Chioma came around yesterday”
“I thought you guys are cool”
“Yes but that when Nene is there, his morning Nene announced after devotion that she will be travelling for two weeks so Chioma will be kept in charge of me for two weeks starting today” Kels doesn’t sound happy about it. “that’s why my Nene didn’t drop me at school today and why you’ll be driving home”
“You okay? How did your mum take it?”
“I’m fine and what would you except of Chioma? She yelled at Nene. I don’t blame her, I also wanted to do the same” he sad-smiled.
“You’re gonna be fine” I assured him “if you want, I can be picking you every morning”
“I would appreciate that” Kels fell back to the car seat. Sign of relief apparently, the ride to and fro to school has been on his mind, that meant the ride to school today wasn’t blissful.
By the time we all drive to Shola’s estate, many of our classmate’s cars were already packed outside which meant the Shola’s parking lot was full. When we got out of the car, Toby was waiting for us, the glumly look on his face made me roll my eyes “Are you coming?” I asked.
“Yes, I have no choice” he answered and he followed us.
The living room was filled with students and Shola was already with them, she was wearing a pink tank top and a denim bum shot, she had gotten rid of the makeup, she still looked beautiful. Almost everyone had made themselves comfortable on the low back sofas, the color grey matched the tiles, the light coming from the vertical doors which leads to the garden and the chandeliers made the room comfier and homely.
Shola went to the kitchen, I tapped Debby who was sitting beside Dami, she turned “I have pee” I whispered to her.
She smiled, that made her looked younger, she stood up to lead me to the visitor’s toilet, Debby was tall but I’m taller than her, with her model body, what more can a man ask for so I can fathom what might be missing in me that she might be cheating on me.
The visitor toilet was occupied, we went to other room but the toilet was occupied, we even went upstairs, the toilets were occupied too, some rooms were locked except for Shola’s room. I had no choice to go because I was really pressed.
Debby said she’ll be waiting for me downstairs, and I entered Shola’s toilet, I didn’t bother to check the interiors until after I have done my business. I went to the hand wash basic to wash my hands, as I turned on the tap a plastic stick fell off the basin.
I bent down to take but the shape made me pause, it wasn’t any plastic stick, it was a testing stick it has two lines indicating it’s positive, then Shola barged into the toilet, she was out of breath which meant she had been running, she looked horrified.
I stood straight, I looked her in the eye, I tried to speak as soft as possible “Adeshola, what is this?”
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