Hiding From the Truth

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16-year-old Samantha (Sam) Porter has been haunted by the same recurring nightmare for 10 years. Finally, she decides to press her best friend and crush for answers. Will the answer save her from her nightmare? Or will a deep family secret be released?

Mystery / Romance
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The Dream

There it was again. The red rain, beating against the windows of the car. I could hear crying, screaming...then silence. I saw in the front seat, a bloody arm. I couldn't do anything. I couldn't move, cry, or even call for help. I was numb all over. The car then slid down the side of the mountain, shattering the glass all around me.

I sat straight up on the couch and let out a small scream. I looked around, I was still at home. My best friend, Andrew, was sitting at the end of the couch. It was just a nightmare. I was safe at home on the couch.

"You had the nightmare again?" Andrew asked me, worry written all over his face.

"Yeah," I replied, tears streaming down my face.

Andrew pulled me towards him. He was like a brother to me even though he was only mine and my brother's next-door neighbor. He understood everything I ever said or did.

"Andrew, why do these nightmares keep coming to me? Why just me and not my brothers?" My tears were soaking through his white T-shirt. I pushed away from him, something was off. I knew it. I had a feeling. "Andrew, you know what they mean, don't you?"

"Yes Samantha, I do." He'd called her Samantha, not Sam like he usually does. This was getting a bit too touchy, even for him.

"Tell me why! Please, Andrew." I pleaded.

"Sam, it's not my story to tell. You'll have to ask your dad."

"He won't be home until tomorrow and I want to know now."

"I'm sorry Sam. I just can't."

"Fine, then do me one favor."


"Promise me that you'll answer this question truthfully."

"I promise."

"Was I in the car when my mother died?" I knew this question was going to hurt Andrew pretty badly. But I also knew that if anyone would tell me the truth, it would be Andrew.

I was right, Andrew sucked in a breath.

"This is a question that I never wanted to answer. But I gave you my word." He thought for a moment. "Yes, you were in the car the night with your mother.

The answer to that question changed me forever. My name is Samantha Elizabeth Porter and some call me 'The Girl Who Lived'. When I was eight years old, my mother drove her car off the road and down the side of a mountain. I was in the backseat when it all happened. I left the accident with a scratch on my face but my mother was less fortunate. She died upon impact.

I felt bad for pressuring Andrew to answer my question. I looked up as he got up to leave.

"Want to get in the Goldstein Hot Tub?" I asked with a chuckle. He and my brothers: Hunter, Landon, and Ethan had named the Hot Tub, Goldstein when we first got it.

Andrew laughed then nodded.

"I don't have my suit." He pointed out.

"You can borrow one of Landon's. He's got like fifty." I ran upstairs, changed into my bathing suit, and grabbed one of Landon's. Andrew took the suit from me and made his way to the bathroom.

I walked outside and slid into the Hot Tub. After a few minutes, Andrew slid in next to me. He just sat there, staring deep into my eyes. I was doing the same to him. He slid closer to me. I could feel his breath on my lips. I didn't know if this was right, but my thinking was a little late. Andrew's soft lips were on mine. He was running his fingers through my hair and I put my arm around the back of his neck. I could feel his tongue sweep across my bottom lip.

"Jesus Andrew. I didn't think you'd take your flirting with my sister this far." My younger brother Hunter said.

"Bro, that's nasty!" My older brother Ethan said.

"Did you seriously just kiss my sister?" My oldest brother Landon asked.

Andrew and I separated quickly.

"Hunter, Ethan, Landon," I said.

"Yes?" They replied in unison.

"Did you really just bomb your sister's first kiss?" I asked in a fake accusing voice.

"Sorry, Sam." Landon finally said.

"Sam, you should really talk to them," Andrew said, climbing out of the Hot Tub.

"About what?" Ethan asked, suddenly interested.

Andrew didn't even say goodbye, but I could see that his cheeks had flushed bright pink. Embarrassment. He just walked through the back door and left. I wasn't worried about him, he didn't have that far to walk. Only about 20 feet from our house.

I got out of the water and sat in a chair at the outside bar we had on the patio.

"I think it's time we talked about a sensitive subject in our family," I said after a few moments of awkward silence.

"What? How Ethan can't keep a girlfriend for more than a month?"

"Hey!" Ethan yelled, somewhat offended.

"Landon!" I said with a laugh. "Just because you're 25 doesn't mean you can insult your younger brother. And no...let's talk about Mom." At those very words, I saw sadness creep into their eyes. "I know I was in the car that night, so you don't have to keep that from me anymore."

"Who told you?" Landon asked, taking a step towards me.


"Samantha..." Whenever my brothers or my Father called me Samantha instead of Sam, I knew something was wrong or I was pushing my way into something that I shouldn't be in.

"Samantha, there's something you should know about Mom before you start blaming yourself and getting depressed."

"What do you mean?" I grabbed a glass of water on the counter. I didn't know who's it was, but it was there and my mouth got really dry all of a sudden.

"Mom had Cancer and she was suicidal. That night...the car crash. It wasn't an accident. Mom committed suicide, Sam."
I felt dizzy. A numbness spread over my body and the water glass slipped through my fingers. There was a sharp ringing in my ears and my vision began to fade.
I fell to my knees.
I heard my brother's words echoing through my head, 'Mom committed suicide, Sam.' My loving Mother, the woman who sang me to sleep every night and took me and my brothers out to pizza every Wednesday night...she..she killed herself? No, that wasn't true. I refuse to believe it. Then everything went black.

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