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The Crimes of The Silent Man

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Crimes take place in a small town called Goldfinch, also known as the town of crimes. People committing crimes led by a man no other than The Silent Man.

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Chapter 1

Everyone was there. From grandparents to siblings. The house was full of people that were eagerly waiting for the birthday boy to arrive. Christoffer Derrick. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Derrick. Two most known wealthy parents in the small town of Goldfinch. Usually described as the Crime Town. Because it was the smallest town in California, crimes were everywhere. People needed to get home early at night. Anyone out on the roads, whether in a car or walking, always got injured, killed, stolen from, or even kidnapped. The town has been cursed since the beginning. From the time when the mayor’s house was burned, till this time. The time when people are killed under everyone’s sight.

It was 9:40 PM. Christoffer was supposed to arrive at 10:00 for the party. Every guest that has been invited was in the house.

Right at 9:50, the doorbell rang. “Chris is here, everyone gather up,” Mrs. Derrick announced. Everyone in the house gathered up to the door to surprise the boy. Right when Mrs. Derrick and Mr. Derrick opened the door, the crowd started singing Happy Birthday but fell silent the second they noticed that there’s was no one at the door. Only a package with a note stuck to in. The confused Mrs. Derrick picked it up and ripped the note open only to read a horrifying note written on it.



The terrified Mrs. Derrick opened the box only to see ashes in the box. Ashes of Christoffer as ‘The Silent Man’ mentioned. With a shaky hand, she read the note that was written with the blood of no other than Christoffer himself.

Mrs. Derrick screamed till she fell on the floor and hit her head, which made her faint. The crowd gathered up to see the note and what was in the box. As Mr. Derrick read it out loud, people started screaming, shouting, and crying. Some passed out in their seats.

Mr. Derrick called the ambulance and they arrived in less than 5 minutes. The ambulances carried Mrs. Derrick and the others that have passed out. The crowd scattered quickly, some going home and some going to the hospital. Katherina and Angelina the twins/sisters of Christoffer went to the hospital with their mother as Mr. Derrick went to the police station. Everything that happened that night was just the beginning. The beginning of the bigger ones. Crimes that The Silent Man commits. To the silent man, that night was the smallest crime he has committed. It was insignificant to him.

That night, the police started their deep investigation. Mr. Derrick also went to his friend Charles, who is in touch with Undercover Fbi Agents. By the next day, the death of Christoffer was everywhere on the news. Newspapers were sent to all houses with the news of the incident that happened the night before. The mayor announced a curfew starting at 7 on that night. Anyone out after the curfew would be charged or even arrested. The whole town was on the edge of their seats that day. Except for The Silent Man. The man was everywhere on the news. No one knew what he looked like or his real name. All they knew about him was the name he has left on the note. The Silent Man. Or as they called him, The Man With No Face.

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