The Nightmare World

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Chapter 8

I wake up with a headache and a view of an unfamiliar ceiling. My head feel so heavy.

(Oh. That's right, I got my memories back. Am I back in Ray's house?)

I try to get up,but strong hands push me back gently onto the bed.


Ray shakes his head as if to say "You need to rest".

Thoma:Jessica, are you hurt anywhere?!

Thoma rushes to my side and start asking questions.

Me:n-no I am fine,just a little headache.

Thoma:we were so worried we tried to wake you up,but you would not open your eyes.


I look at the three of them, and Subaru nods.

Thoma:we thought you were a goner!

Ray gives Thoma a swift smack upside the head.

Ray:your pulse was a bit erratic after the rest of us woke up,but it calmed down a few minutes before you regained consciousness.


I place a hand over my forehead.

Me:oh, I umm.....

So much has happened I don't know where to start.

Subaru:we should leave her alone. Atleast we now know that she's safe.

Thoma lifts himself off the bed.

Thoma:we will just be outside if you need anything,alright?

I smile at the offer.


They all head towards the door,but Ray shoot me another glance.

Ray:don't go out of the bed if you feel unwell,got that?


Ray :doctor's order.

I pout.

Me:you are not even a doctor yet!

Ray:I am as good as one.

He smirks,and it makes me chuckles .

(I was wondering where they were. I am glad they woke up okay.)

I settle myself back on the bed.

(I disappears so suddenly from the nightmare world.........I wonder if Licht is okay.)

I suddenly hear a knock on the door. I look towards the door and watch as Ray walks in,holding a tray.

Ray:drink this,it will help you if you feel dizzy.

He hands me medicine and water. I follow his advice and falright back onto the bed after.

Ray fixes some of the stuff by the bed side and leave.

I turn to the other side of the bed and hear the door closing.

I lie alone in the quiet room,thinking about my recovered memories.

(We have all met each other before, but sometime after that we all lost our memories. Why?)

I am not going to get any answer by dwelling on it,so I decide to get some rest.

After I feel rested,we all gather in the living room.

Subaru:I guess its a good thing you got your memories back. We can try to figure out more about the nightmare world.

Thoma :so let me get this straight .

Thoma holds his hand up to count on his fingers.

Thoma :first,we were all in the orphanage. That means we had no parents.

Ray:we were left there.

Ray says it so casually,but I have to agree with him.

Thoma: okay, fine. Next ,you are saying the monster backed off?

Me:after I remembered the past,yes.

Ray :Why?!

Me:I am not sure,but it was pretty restless. Then it deflated a bit and I also felt like it was going weaker and I was growing stronger . Like the monster's energy was flowing into me.

Ray:the monster lost its strength and at the same time you grew stronger.

Subaru:so we can defeat that monster by getting our memories back.

Thoma:that sounds plausible, but then why did Monica got eaten?


Ray:there's still a lot of stuff we don't understand, but we won't get anywhere if we don't try to get our memories back first. Just watch, I will get my memories back next.

Subaru:the sooner we do,the sooner we can defeat that monster.

Me:will defeating the monster get us out of the nightmare world?

Subaru :can't say for sure, but I think it will atleast give us clue to get out.

Thoma :hmm...

Thoma cups his chin.

Thoma :but why did we loose our memories in the first place?

Ray:I bet it has something to do with that man we called "FATHER".

Thoma :what,you are saying our memories might have been erased by that old man ?what a jerk!

Me:is it even possible to erase a person's memories?

Thoma : oh yeah,good point.

Ray scowls at Thoma.

Ray:as far as I know ,there's no way to intentionally erase someone's memories. I haven't heard of any modern successful attempts to do so,anyway.

Subaru :let's search more information about the orphanage.

As I watch them share their ideas,I can't help but feel determined.

(I hope they get their memories back too.)

But there's an uneasy feeling in my heart that I can't seem to shake off.

(They don't know,and I can't tell them,yet. But our past lives weren't as happy as they are hoping.)

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