The Nightmare World

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Chapter 5

I slowly open my eyes against the dim light.


???: you are finally back.

I can hear a familiar voice. A figure appears in my hazy vision,and I blink several times to see to see the face I have been wondering about.

Me: Licht?

Licht:you remembered.

He smiles at me sweetly and I sit up.


I just can't shake the feeling that I have met him somewhere before.

Licht:you guys disappeared all of a sudden.

I look around to find Ray, Thoma and Subaru scattered around on the floor. Soon,the room echoes with their voices, groaning as they regain their bearings

Thoma:well, adderall sure didn't work.

Ray:this world forced itself in our dreams.

Licht: are you alright? I have been waiting for you.

(What?he was waiting here?all alone?but why?could that mean....)

Me: didn't you wake up in the real world?

Licht:real world?

His face doesn't show it,but Licht is clearly confused.

Thoma:yeah,we waited for you to come meet up with us this morning. You remembered what Ray said, didn't you?we were supposed to meet at the fountain.

Licht:yes, I heard that. That's why I went to the plaza, but you weren't there.

His words send shivers through my body.

Me:huh?wait.what do you mean?

Licht: I hardly ever go out,so I don't actually know the names of the places around here...but when I went to the fountain down the street and found nothing.

Thoma:maybe you showed up late?

Thoma takes a sideways glance at Ray.

Thoma:see? I told you we should've waited for him.

Ray folds his arms.

Ray: something's not right.

Licht gives me a pleading look.

(Hmm...what should I say?)

Me:hey, Licht,what time did you come to the plaza?you probably came pretty late,right?

Licht:what time...?

Licht tilts his head, looking even more puzzled.

Ray:hey, Licht.

Ray calls out to get his attention,and Licht shifts his gaze from me to Ray.

Licht:what is it?

Ray: what does the real world look like to you?

Licht looks down in thought for a moment.

Then,he gently lifts his head.

Licht: I still don't understand what you are getting at. What do mean by "the real world"? isn't this the real world?

Everyone except Licht:!!!!

(What is he saying? its like Licht isn't from our that even possible?)

Me: didn't you fall asleep along with us? didn't you wake up in a different room?in a different place,under a blue morning sky?

Licht chuckle.

(What's so funny?)

Licht:you say some funny things, Jessica. Isn't the sky always dark?


Me: Licht,you...

Licht: I don't understand what you want me to say,but the only world I know is the place, where the moon shines crimson.

I swallow the breadth I was holding.

(It can't be... Licht has been here since the beginning?)

Subaru:so .....are you saying that this place is your home?

Licht nods.

Thoma:well, I will be damned.

Thoma staggers back, letting himself drop to the bed behind him.

Subaru:if that's true,then does that mean he's from this wirld?

Ray:maybe he knows about the monster.

All eyes immediately turn towards Licht.

Licht:what monster?

Licht smiles excitedly,like a kid listening to a bedtime story. The eerie setting in contrast to Licht's innocent, childlike smile sends daggers into my heart.

Licht:does this have to do with this"real world" you were talking about?


Ray:a monster attacked one of us. She ended dead.

Me: Ray!

A sorrowful expression overtakes Licht's smile. His already pale face seems to grow even more paler.

Licht: I am sorry to hear that.

Ray clenches his fist,his knuckles turning white.

Me:calm down,Ray. He obviously has nothing to do with Monica's death.

The room becomes dead silent. No one says anything but even I know that I have no proof for what I just said.

(I just feel like he isn't danger to us. But how can I get others to believe me?)

Licht looks at my bewildered face and sighs quietly.

Licht: It kinda feels like I'm bothering you. Sorry, Jessica. I didn't mean to.

Licht lightly pats my head and heads out of the room. He wears a smile as he leaves,but I can see the dismay on his face.It cuts me to the heart. The silence in the room continue to linger. Everyone seems unsure of what to do.

Me:hey, guys might not believe this,but I feel I have met Licht somewhere before. It might have something to do with my lost memories. I'm still not sure what the relation between our lost memories and this world is,but I wonder of Licht could be a key part of it.

Subaru,Ray and Thoma quietly listen to my words.

Me:I don't have any proof, though but Licht does not seem to be a bad guy to me.

Ray:we just met him ,so I can't judge whether he is good or bad but Jessica does have a point. Right now we should be trying to get whatever clues we can,that includes Licht .

Thoma gives me a swift nod. I let out a breadth,relieved that they all agree with me. In the end,we all went to the courtyard to look for Licht. The blood moon is high in the sky as we all sit together around a marble table.

Ray:Licht it's not that we totally trust you.However you have some sort of connection to this world. You just might be the key to getting us out of this world. So come along with us.

Me:you heard that Licht,you are one of us.

Licht smiles warmly

Licht: I am delighted ,I had like to help you in any way I can.

Thoma:you said you live here ,right.


Subaru folds his arms as he listens in.

Subaru:is there anyone living here besides you?

Licht:there are some peoples in the city, but they never talked to me.

Ray: how long have you been here?

Licht: I.......

Licht look down at his hands.

Licht:I don't know.

Licht hangs his head down apologetically.

I put a comforting hand on his back,soothing him.

Me:that's okay,don't force yourself.

Ray sighs.


Licht looks up at Ray,curious.

Licht: I am terribly sorry about what happened to your friend.

Me:you don't have to apologise,it was not your fault.


Thoma:well,Monica was just really unfortunate. If that monster is running loose around here,that could mean danger for all of us here.

Licht: this monster you speak of,what does it look like?

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