The Crows Are Coming

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When Agnes Yorkshire had moved to Bear creek it had been to run from her problems in Gordon Hills a town filled many ghosts and supernatural terrors, but it seems that they won't give her a break and it seems like the silly demons, are hell bent on making her life a living hell, bringing all sorts of creatures unto her, and each time in different forms, but this time around it comes in form of a little girl and a bunch of really annoying crows. Will Agnes find the truth behind the diary that she keeps on seeing or will other forces stop her.

Mystery / Horror
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Chapter 1


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is my first attempt at writing a story which I came up with myself, the first few chapters may contain a lot of violence. My English may not be fantastic so any mistakes are solely my fault.

WARNING: Like I said the first time there is a lot of VIOLENCE in the book, if you don’t like don’t read, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

Chapter 1:

Her eyes hurt, her throat was sore and her body was stiff from sitting in her wardrobe for at least an hour or so, her parents were asleep in the room across the hall already having expected her expected her to have fallen asleep, but the sleep wouldn’t come, her mind was plagued with memories of terror, things that she couldn’t say to anyone for fear that they might come for her, they made her promise, they made her swear on her life and the skies above them, they were the reason for her having to keep this dirty secret and she couldn’t take it any longer, it was eating her up inside and she needed to get the weight of her chest, but those creatures were outside, they seemed to stare into her soul like they knew what she was hiding, and deep down in the crevices of her heart she knew they did. “Dear God forgive your daughter, please!” she cried silently, and slowly she began to open the door, the room was dark and the moonlight seemed to cast shadows into her room and she looked up frantically, crawling to the foot of her bed while trying to avoid the windows, she went for a book which was tucked away safely at the back of her bedside table, then she pulled out a pen too, and then she began to right, she wrote everything she had done, her regrets her wishes her pain, she wrote until 4 in the morning, her bac had begun to hurt from hunching over the book and craning her neck, but she wasn’t finished she needed to complete her story, she scampered up trying to make as little noise as possible, grabbing unto a jacket as she padded silently down the stairs, she paused at the door and held her breath, “I love you guys”, she said she wanted to say more but there wasn’t enough time, she had to fix things, immediately.

If anyone had bothered to look out that night they would have seen a young girl running into the woods, with a murder of crows coming after her.

Author’s end note: So here you go the first chapter, I’m still trying to see how far I can go with this book since originally I was supposed to be writing a different book, but there was a problem so here we are, also I don’t now geography so I literally just got my information from the internet. So until next time 😊

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