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Each year when Rubescent Hills Institute Of Vigilantes has their students go into senior year, they sent 10 of their top students to one of the top fighting camps before end of the year. December and her friends have been selected to go, along with some other competition. They soon learn that that’s not the only competition going. The camp will be sharing with their rival school, Bloodmore Elite College with one of the students being the notorious Stellar, a infamous assassin with a bad reputation. Things start to turn for the worse once they enter the camp, they begin to realize that there may be more to the camp then it seems...

Mystery / Romance
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The Beginning

The rain poured down on the smooth ground as footsteps moved towards the car. My head turned to see my friend, Stella putting the last suitcase in the car.

“Come on, Stella. We need to go before the rain gets worse.”

“I know, just making sure we got everything.” She quickly doubled check before shutting the car door, going to the right side of the car, getting in. Today was the day we and 8 other students would be going to camp. Not just an ordinary camp but a fighting camp designed for professional fighters like us vigilantes.

Every year, my school would send their top 10 students in their senior year of college to a fighting camp, and this year Stella and I would be going along with a few of our friends.

I smiled to myself, my excitement taking over. It was truly an honor to be selected to go. From what I heard, we would be sharing the camp with another school. I wasn’t sure which school since they never told us. Either way, I was gonna do my best in Bloodmore.

We finally reached the destined town. Stella looked to the right to see Welcome To Sanguis County was written there. As we enter the borderline, the rain became heavier, lighting striking loud above us. Shit, just our luck.

“Aw man, I was hoping the rain would get less by now!” Stella said.

“Judging by the looks of it, probably not.”

“Damn it!” Stella turned her head to me before looking out. “ it me or...did it get foggy?” Stella looked closer to see the entire road was dark, covered in fog with no one around. My front looked identical except for much eerier and nerve-wracking.

“The...hell? This was not how I pictured the place.”

“You’re telling me...god! I hope it’s not gonna be like this the entire time. It’s giving me the chills!”

“I heard from someone that the weather here isn’t the greatest.” I moved my right arm, putting my hands on her left shoulder, “It’s going to be fine tho, after all...we’re vigilantes.” She smiled.

It didn’t take us long to get to Sanguis Valley. The houses around here felt strangely odd. They all looked almost sinisterly, dread hanging all around their lifeless gloomy presents.

Did anyone live around here? Or maybe no one liked outsiders coming here.

After a short while, we reached an area with a sign high up saying Camp Bloodmore. We could see a bunch of cars was parked around the streets. Guess some students were already here. Once we found a spot, I parked my car in place, shutting off the engine.

Stella then felt her phone ring in her pocket. Picking it up, “Hello?”

“Hey, did you two get here yet?”

“Mhm, we just got here, are you and Thiago here yet?”

“Yeah, we’re up at the front outside near the camp. Head towards the north of the entrance.”

“Got it. See ya soon!” Stella hangs up.

“Was that Rhett and Thiago?” She nods.

Rhett and Thiago were both our good friends from school. We had all known each other since the first day of College.

We started making our way out the car, going to the back to grab our suitcases. Once we got everything we left walking the direction Rhett told us. Looking around as we walked, the camp felt creepy. The fog was everywhere here too. Stella wasn’t kidding when she said the place gave her chills.

We began to see a few students as we continued walking, I had recognized them.

It was Corbin, Vera, and Maverick.

The three were excellent vigilantes, I didn’t know much about them except that both Vera and Maverick liked to be alone.

As we continued the walk, the rain began to get less and less as the cold eerie aura filled the air. Well, at least it stopped raining. I noticed Corbin and the rest ahead of us felt a horrendous feeling. I didn’t blame them for feeling that way because as I looked around walking, I began to feel it too.

then again it was a fighting camp wasn’t it suppose to feel that way?

“Hey! Stella! December! Over here!” Rhett called out, waving to us. We had finally made it to the front of the camp, it felt like it took forever. We ran with our suitcases, going over to the two to hug them.

“Hey, guys! It’s good to see you here.” Stella said.

“Yeah it is, the 4 of us reunited here.” I smiled before I turned my head to the other side, “Hey Thiago, where are the other 3?” Thiago’s face turned to a frown.

“Oh...well about that...”

“They have already arrived!” I recognized that voice, I turn my head to the direction of the voice to see it was Maggie along with her crew Zion and Aspen. They were an asshole of a bunch. They hated us because we would compete in school. We both had something in common, which was trying to do the best.

“Oh, great...your here...” I mumbled.

“Yes, so be prepared, December because I’ll be kicking your ass at this camp!” With that, she turns looking back at me, “So you better bring everything you got!” she gave us one last time smirk before she left laughing with Zion and Aspen following her.

Oh dear god help me.

“So they were the last 3 selected?” Stella asked. Rhett nods. “Well, this is going to be so much fun...” Stella’s voice filled with sarcasm. We stayed silent, I was lost in deep thought before I realized something.

“Oh, I forgot! We would be sharing this camp with another school.” I turned to Rhett and Thiago, “Do you guys know which school?” Thiago and Rhett both shook their heads.

“No, we don’t...” Rhett said. Suddenly we heard a loud noise coming from where we came. What the hell? Everyone turned their heads shocked at what was going on. A big red bus emerged in front of us. “But I’m guessing we’re about to find out...”

We all looked curiously to see which school we would be sharing the camp with. The bus door opened, a student jumped to the ground.

My blood dropped.

It was Bloodmore Elite College. Our school’s rival. Their college was not like ours, no. They were a college that was for assassins. Now we would be sharing this camp with them. Just great...

“Bloody hell! This is the camp we’ll be staying in?!” I gasped. He was going to be here too?! He turned his head toward me, smirking. “Ah, well looks like your here too!” He turns his head now to Stella, “Well, it’s good to see you, little sister.”

“I’m only younger by 2 minutes!” She walked up to him to give a hug, “Yeah, good to see you too, Stellar...” Stellar was Stella’s older twin brother who had a bad reputation. After all, he was an infamous assassin.

Unfortunately, Stella learned in her teenage years that she didn’t want to be an assassin. she then left and ended up joining Rubescent Hills Institute Of Vigilantes. Her family didn’t approve of her school choices which is why Stella and Stellar aren’t on the best of terms.

He happens to not only be rivals with my school but also with me.

Once the bus was emptying the last students, it left disappearing through the fog. For just a moment, as I stared at the bus, my heart panicked as it left, but I quickly brushed it off.

All the students came to stand in front of the entrance, waiting for our instructors to come out. It didn’t take long before 6 people who I assume were them, came standing. Everyone voices began to die down seeing they were here now as the lead instructor spoke.

“Hello everyone! Welcome to camp Bloodmore! Now I assume you all know by now that both your schools will be sharing this camp. Don’t worry! To get to know everyone better, you’ll be sharing with 4 students.” Every student gasped.

We would have to share with them that too?

“Since I’m sure your all tired, we will go over rules tomorrow.” Another instructor spoke. “We will call out the names of who’ll be sharing with who.”

One by one they called out the names and cabins they’ll be staying in. Each student leaving as they left, it didn’t take long before they called out my group.

“Last, Cabin 300 will be December, Stellar, Maverick, and Vivienne.” What?!! “Your instructor will be Robin. See you all tomorrow!” With that, they all left to go back to their office.

Stella gave me a sympathetic look before leaving to go to her cabin.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you inside, cabin mate.” Stellar said as he laughs his way to our cabin. I took a deep breath, trying to compose myself, I turned to grab my suitcase before going to the cabin covered in ghastly feel but again I decided to brush it off.

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