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This year, the the weather of Pineland is pretty odd! The winter has already stepped in, in the month of August. Whilst, somewhere in the city, these three friends are yet continuing their casual lives; until, on a fine Monday Beckey moves in their city, with an extraordinary behavior! She sweats in crispy cold weather, she's got burns in her hands. Nobody has any clue, from where did she come!

Mystery / Adventure
Lost Writer
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The Storm


* The places mentioned in this novel (Pineland, Chantelle Island and Cheshire town) are all imaginary! So you won't get them in the internet or somewhere.

* I'd recommend this book to those who are above 14 years as it uses a little science, but if you're not then also it's fine!

It was a frosty day in Pine land; the weather was exploding, black heavy clouds shrouded the clear sky in a couple of minutes.

I am Jack Harts, a guy of 17; getting bored with my two best friends Cassie and Marto in school, it’s recess. We are just trotting around the playground; nothing much is well to carry out. The breezes are bitter and strong. Cassie wrapped her arms stiff and declared,

“I bet a tremendous storm is shortly going to hit the Pine land.’’

“I hope it does not.’’ I spoke, looking at the pale sky. R-R-R-I-I-I-N-N-N-G-G. The bell clanged. Everyone broke into their classes like a massive herd of sheep getting in their pen.

Soon there were no children to be examined on the ground. We also followed to reach our class. It is our science class, which is held by Mr Charles. He’s an elderly fat fellow who owns roughly 3 or 4 hairs on his skull. But his beard is yet coated with thick black furs. Everyone hated this guy, not because of his looks but because he has bundles of surprise tests and neither he admired any of us, particularly Marto. They both argue every particular day.

Mr Charles finally arrived in the class with huge quick steps as he does not wish to reduce even a moment of his class. As he made to his desk, he opened his fat mouth,

“Antonio, get out of the class now!!’’ Everyone was shocked and yet flattered by viewing the scene, since Antonio is the biggest nerd of our class. Every teacher admires him. “But what did I do, sir?’’ complained Antonio. Mr. Charles frowned, “What have you done?? You indeed see what you have done, you were gossiping with that pupil’’. I couldn’t control my laugh as he said the Last word. Antonio complains, "But I just cleared my throat!’’. I can detect how a series of irritation highlighted on Mr Charles’ forehead, “Look boy, I am working here as a teacher for almost 25 years in here, I understand what a kid is moving to make by their expressions, so stop spoiling my time and get out!’’ Antonio just rolled his eyes and strode out. He knew he was arguing for nothing.

“So students,” Mr Charles turned again in a startling sound, “now I’ll-”

“You will take surprise test, isn’t it, sir?’’ Marto gagged.

I snickered,

Marto winked at me.

“No, Mr visionary Marto, today I’m going to explain you all the chemical reactions. But if you wish to make the test, then I can help you with that as well.’’ Mr. Charles hissed.

“No thank you, sir.” Marto snapped.

Marto has curly blonde hairs and eyes of black, he’s a little skinny and has height longer than Mr. Charles, or I should mention Mr. Charles has shorter height than him. As far as I’m concerned, Marto is only best at one job, that is talking and talking and talking. I have never seen him quite for over five minutes, he always makes me laugh... no matter how worst the situation is.

On the other hand, Cassie has smooth black hairs, her eyes are icy blue with large eyelashes and she has dense freckles on her cheeks which make her pretty. Her height is remarkably short to be of 17, she is almost a dwarf. She is contrary of both of us. I mean, she’s wise and useful in everything. Well, she’s not perfect because she keeps arguing with everybody, but I know she will never take that.

“Whatever-” Mr. Charles went on, “let’s start the lesson now.’’ The class fell suddenly silent. I then started setting up my evening plan. ‘’Hey, Cassie!’’ I called her, she was on my front desk. “Clear? When carbon combines with...’’ Mr. Charles already started. Cassie didn’t hear me. She was listening to our science teacher so blissfully that she muted my voice. “CASSIE!!” I cried out again. She got startled and twisted her head back “What’s wrong?’’ She answered.

“Wanna hang out this evening?” I asked.

“Not really.”

“Why not?”

“We’ve got some homework to complete, Jack, don’t you remember?”

“Come on, Cassie, you can do your homework later. Can’t you?”

“No, I cannot!!”

While were bickering, Mr. Charles took us, “CASSIE and JACK, would you like to share your discussion with us, please?” Everyone twisted their heads toward us except Marto. He was busy in establishing a fort of erasers and pencils. Cassie stood up hastily, making some of her stuff fall down. "Sir, we were just discussing chemical reactions, Jack had some doubts, isn’t it Jack?’’ Cassie turned around to face me and started lip sing, which I couldn’t figure out, "What doubts?’’ I asked being puzzled, actually louder than I should have. Cassie gave me the most terrifying look I’ve ever received.

“Both of you make out of the class!” Mr. Charles hissed. We just sauntered out without cluttering up with him.

“Are you being for real or what?’’ Cassie started howling as we approached the corridor, “How can you be so dumb?!”

“By the way, this is much better than those ‘chemical reactions’ Isn’t it?” I tried to make the condition better.

“You are an absolute jerk, Jack. Oh, see, this name fits you so good ’Mr. Jerk Jack‘ I’ll call you this.” she mocked me, yeah she did.

“Your sense of humor is zero, Cassie.” I rolled my eyes.

The day was turning gloomier and gloomier, cooler and cooler. We could feel the winds till the corridor. We could see from the vast glass window that how the shrubs were competing to settle firmly and the unwanted things flying along with the gales. Along with this, we could hear Mr. Charles bickering with Marto inside. Antonio, who was standing near, began to revise the lessons so loud that it was getting into my nerves.

After a while, it was shockingly as quiet as woods, I could no longer receive from Mr. Charles, no screaming of students but the powerful gusts. Maybe Mr. Charles started one of his boring surprise tests. If my assumption is genuine, then we three standing here are the luckiest people in the world, perhaps not Antonio. At the same time, we heard an announcement,

‘Dear students and teachers, we’ve received a notice from the mayor that our city is soon going to hit by a storm. Maybe today, tomorrow or the subsequent days. So, we are finishing our today’s classes here and deeper reports will be handed over to you very promptly. We ask students to head back straight to their respective homes, no need to panic, we all will be secure and no running on corridors. Children’s parents will be notified about this, thank you.’

As soon as the announcement ended, all the children cried so hard that my ears began aching. They didn’t care about the storm; they were thrilled to get rid of the school finally.

While me, Cassie and Marto were on our way back home, Marto said, “You know what? gossiping in science class was rather daring.”

Cassie rolled her eyes and barked, “You know what, Marto? We were punished us for the weirdest situation on Earth.”

I laughed.

‘’I don’t guess it was funny, Jack.’’ Cassie groaned.

“It wasn’t?” I ridiculed her, “I told you before, your sense of humor is zero.”

“Shut up!!” Cassie shrieked.

"Hey hey, slow down you two, stop fighting’’. Marto pulled us aside. Before he could even speak a word, a flying cycle passed by from just above our skulls. "Did you too see what I saw??’’ I said.

"I don’t presume it is usual, is it?’’

Cassie made a strange face and roared, ‘’Don’t act foolish, we need to make home as quick as possible, otherwise we’ll deal with a frigid death."

We started rushing towards our homes in our fastest speed but the heavy winds drove us backward. Especially Marto, the poor soul was toiling to manage his feet on the land because he is too skinny. I assumed he could have reached home by flying.

Anyway, I approached home safely, not a clue about others. And the absence of rain was soon stored.

“My timing is so perfect!’’ I mentioned. I hurried inside.

“Mom, I’m home.” I bawled.

Before I could wrap up my complete sentence, my mother darted towards me and declared, “Jack! Help me fetch the clothes from the yard, quick, quick!”

"Not again!’’ I stomped on the floor. We dashed to the yard and grabbed all the clothes, but we were late; they all were already half wet. "What now?! They are all wet.’’ I asked mom, struggling for breath. Mom threw a nasty look at those clumsy clothes which were stretching on the floor, "It’s fine, I will take care of these, thanks anyway.’’ I nodded.

Now I felt like I’ll pass, I just needed to make to my room and have a nice nap. But before that...G-G-G-R-R-R My stomach rumbled. I beamed . Mom chuckled and declared, "You starving? snacks are on the dinner table, eat something’’. I crept towards the kitchen and found that dad was reading a newspaper on the dining table.

He noticed me on the floor and told "Jack, what are you looking at there?’’.

I clambered up to the chair to rest and explained, "I had a terrible day, dad’’.

Dad studied for a moment and then came back, "Hmm, I have a strange type of son. By the way, we had a message from your school.’’

I picked up a waffle from the table and said, "Yeah, they cancelled our classes because of the storm.”

A blinding lightning dashed outside. "I don’t think it will finish sooner.”

"Yeah maybe.’’ I repeated and left the kitchen. I battled to stroll towards my room, opened the door and hugged my bed. The complete day passed by, nothing different appeared. Few times, the thunder rumbled so obnoxious that I even fell from the bed. But the next day was somewhat freaky, something was wrong with the weather. The whole Pineland was buried with SNOW.

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