XAVIER'S SHAMMA:The legend of Luyota

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This Xavier will never leave you...You are my Shamma ***** In a mysteriously hidden land protected by a powerful generational being called a Protector, crown Prince Xavier is strangely born with a very rare case of having a female protector Shamma, who then unwittingly dissappears under suspicious circumstances yet the ironic part of it all is in that very land called Luyota, a prince without a protector cannot ascend the throne...Will Xavier manage to find his way around and claim what is rightfully his or with stronger and more powerful enemies lurking around will he lose it all forever? Well for that and more stick around and find out in XAVIER'S SHAMMA:The legend of Luyota A story about sacrifice, fated love, power, betrayal, forbidden love amongst others Book One of the book Series XAVIER'S SHAMMA ISBN》978-1-77925432-0 All rights reserved

Mystery / Scifi
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"Congratulations once again my lord"

"Thank you Zuri.Have you aligned the potential protectors as yet?"

"Yes my king nine more babies were delivered on the same day as the little prince i will have to make a selection from there."

"Then usher them in what are we still waiting for." The King said impatiently.He had been married to his Queen for eight years yet there was still no heir hence he had to bear one through another woman.

His happiness was beyond imagination at the news that Catherine had given him a son and he could not wait for a protector to be chosen for the crown prince as custom demanded.Eight couples were ushered in carrying their respective babies who were lucky enough to be born on the same day as the crown Prince of Luyota.

"Zuri."the King motioned him to start.The babies were laid before Zuri,who had the authority to choose his succesor,a protector for the next King of Luyota which was an honerable title to behold.

He moved around checking each baby yet he was unable to find that which he was searching for.

Confusion consumed him as he searched for the mark of a Protector amongst the babies laid before him once more yet he could not find any.

"My lord and king i am afraid neither of these children is the chosen one.Neither of them possesses the mark of a protector.

"What?!"exclaimed King said getting up,"How is that possible check again at once!"

"Again i say my King and Lord, neither of these little boys bear the mark of a protector."he said once again and the parents were very dissapointed

"Are you sure these are the only children born on the same day as my son?"

"There is another, my Lord."Zuri said in hesitation wondering if it was even possible the overlooked child could be the chosen one.It was a very rare scenario and had last occured two centuries back during the reign of Alimo(II)of Luyota

"Then bring him in at once!"said the King now rather agitated

"I am afraid the child is not what you are used to,my Lord."he said lowering his head,the child..the child is female."

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