Legend of the Breeze (vol2) - Killer's victim

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Chapter 38 - A psychotic episode

[Pablo's POV]:

I felt better as my fever lowered. My cough didn't get better, though. I texted Kurumi that I'd probably come to school before the winter holidays. Hopefully. I'll be Christmas soon, and I need to recover. Otherwise, I will be unable to be with Kurumi.

Stupid flu! I'm going to miss my exams and receive bad grades. I wonder what am I going to get for Christmas. What did I wish for in the first place? I think a laptop, but parents already told me we couldn't afford it. Not even now. And I already have PlayStation, and we have a family laptop. And I can't have another dog either. Maybe a gaming console?

I sat in front of the black sofa and rug in the living room. In front of me stood a tv on a chest of drawers.

Dad asked me what do I want for Christmas the day earlier, and I decided to write a list. I grabbed a paper and began writing, more likely scratching letters in Spanish for him to be easily readable.

Wireless headphones

New sneakers

Switch console

A few video games (any)

Hoodie or jackets, some books

I can't think of anything else. I don't wish for much. My parents can choose one or two items.

We celebrate Christmas only because we're half Spanish family. Dad always wants to celebrate; it makes him happy and me too. However, it's not celebrated in Japan. Here it resembles Valentine.

I still haven't asked Kurumi out, but I do want to. I am confused about these feelings, though, aren't we supposed to be friends? And I know we are something more... And I like it. Well, enough for that.

I returned to the paper, reading what I scratched and sneezed. "Achoo! Ugh, where is my tissue? I am allergic to my writing!"

I randomly started feeling sad when thinking that I'd spend the event alone and without Kurumi. Besides, I somehow missed her, but why? Wishing she was here with me...

I shook these thoughts and reached the wooden drawer, rummaging through until I found a pack of cookies. Eating the package (well, the chocolate cookies, not the whole thing), I soon realized there's nothing left.

"Well... Hopefully, dad with mom won't get mad!"

They were working right now, however, supposed to come home from work very soon. I don't want them to return yet; now I have the whole house for myself!

I heard someone walking to the door and groaned. Well, never mind. I shouldn't have celebrated so early.

Mizuki walked in and saw the chocolate cookies cover in front of me.


"You ate all cookies? Again?"

"I'm sorry. I was hungry..."

"It's fine. Don't apologize for being hungry. And how are you? Does anything bother you?"

"Huh? No. I'm fine, really. Why do you always ask?"

"You know how it ended before. Gotta make sure you're okay."

"Well, something that does pester me is the flu. Why can't I be healthy?! I'm always healthy! Ugh. At least no school. In there, we don't really learn anything; we just write tests, write and write. I'm not too fond of the school system. Plus, we get a ton of homework on summer break! It's supposed to be a break from school!"

"You ought not to complain. You at least have an education. Mom and dad have to buy more cookies... Since you ate all of them."

"I'll buy new by myself."

"Are you normal? It's cold outside, and you are sick. No, no. If you want to do

anything useful, go back to bed so you won't infect us with the flu."

"Sounds cruel to me."

"It's the best thing you can do, so go."

"But Mizuki! Being in bed is boring!"

"Doesn't have to be. Read some books or play games on your phone."

"My phone has full space so I can't download any more games and the ones I play are boring. Can I play video games here? I don't have a laptop."

Mizuki sighed. "Fine. But take the mask, we don't want to be infected. Even though you already coughed, so we may get infected anyway. Take a blanket with yourself."

I left for my room and returned to the living room with a surgical mask and a blanket. I played some games on PlayStation but kept losing, which made me quite angry. I wanted to curse, but at the moment, the front door opened, and my parents stepped into the house.

Mizuki helped them with bags and made them some food. I didn't join in their conversation or eating, continuing to play games. I started winning a shooting game, and it boosted my confidence.

"Grandpa may come to visit us for Christmas." dad said out of the blue. His words caught everyone's attention. Mom with Mizuki, stared at him, and I lowered the console.

"Grandpa? But Spain is about thirteen hours from Japan! It's going to cost a lot of money. Can he make it?" questioned Mizuki anxiously.

"I'm sure. He knows we don't have much money, and he doesn't want to be alone."

He reminded me of Kurumi, and I had to ask. "Hey, dad?"


"Can Ku celebrate with us too? She doesn't have anyone to celebrate with. I don't want her to be sad."

"Of course she can celebrate with us. But you have to feel well and not be sick. Nevertheless, why doesn't she have anyone to celebrate with?"

"I don't even know if she has a family. She never talks about it."

"Oh. Poor girl. Of course, she can visit. Just remember to at least wear the mask." mom agreed instead of dad.

"I'm hoping my flu will be over. I don't want to wear a stupid mask."

"Even after you'll feel better, people around you can still catch the flu."

"I'm gonna tell Ku she really can come," I replied instead and grabbed my phone, writing Kurumi a message.


[Third Person's POV]:

The raven-haired woman watched the police investigate at night with an evil smile. "Of course. The humans don't know what to do. I knew the creatures are stupid. I should check on other people working for me. They better be working; otherwise, I'm afraid my workers will end like this guy." she lowered her head, staring at the corpse.

She leaned against the corner with her back. Her right arm was placed on her hip.

"You got what you deserved. Your family will never know who killed you. I don't even feel sorry. I never do." She laughed and opened her murder book, crossing one photo. "Just for case, I inserted photos of my workers in my book too. I wonder who's next. With luck, it may be Sakura Kurumi."

Suddenly, the woman heard steps behind herself and turned around sharply.

About five meters away from her was standing a person with a long black cape. It was the same cape as the woman's, except that hers had purple fabric inside, and the Person had light blue fabric inside. They had cheek length forelock covering their left eye and a black fedora with a blue ribbon on their head. The Person's boots were long and black, without heels.

Both of them locked eyes. "And who are you?"

"I'm the mysterious person that lies here in shadows."

The Person's mouth didn't move. She heard their voice in her head. The Person's voice always sounded different, depending on each individual. The woman scoffed. "Oh yeah? And why are you here? Or are you here... Because of Sakura Kurumi?"

The Person quickly reached into their cape and pulled out a sword. The Person's eyes shone for about two seconds. The shine revealed their eye color - light blue. The weapon shone in the same color, and the blade resembled a pirate sword.

The woman summoned her scythe, which jumped in her hand out of the air and glowed blue.

"You're protecting her?" she clenched her teeth.

Her enemy kept quiet but ran to her quite fast. The raven also ran to them, both with raised heads holding the weapons. Both of them dodged and fenced.

"Where is she?" The woman hissed, dodging the Person's attacks.

"Nowhere." the voice in her head answered.


"Nowhere to be found."


"Mysterious person that lies here in the shadows."

"Spirit. You're a spirit. And you're protecting someone. Who?" Raven's blue eyes darkened. "Sakura Kurumi? Or perhaps someone else? Spirits can't die; I have to kill tPersonson whose spirit this is. persons who own you."

She shot them a glare. A person's expression didn't change, and they refused to answer anything. As if they were utterly emotionless.

"I will KILL Sakura Kurumi. She has something that belongs to me." The raven growled. "I tried everything I could to make her commit suicide. I did everything, and still, that little rat survived even when she attempted what I wished. I destroyed her life. And she keeps on living. I hate her. And now I can't even find where she is, because I was brought to a hospital and once I finally got out, getting rid of those annoying creatures called humans, she was gone. She keeps messing with my plans."

TPersonson continued being silent, yet their moves became more aggressive, and so did their enemy's.

"I know who you are."

"Oh, really? I bet not. You don't know who I am. And even if you guessed, you would be wrong. Besides, she has no idea how to use the thing belonging to me—the legendary weapon. Sakura Kurumi has no idea who she is. Where does she come from? And she can't control her abilities, that she doesn't know she has. What a useless child."

"She doesn't remember."

"What does she not remember? Who is she? Oh, poor useless child. I have to destroy her life even more, so I'll finally get what BELONGS TO ME!"

The woman Person on in the shadows took a few steps backward. Although the raven was chubby, her moves were fast. Her enemy was thin and still panted as much as her.

"We will end it in there now, spirit. You're useless. And even if you told her I plan to kill her, I wouldn't mind. Please do it. Do it so she can have attacks of panic."

The woman laughed in a sinister, high-pitched voice, which could give anyone goosebumps.

"See yoPersonson in the shadows. "I bet we will meet each other again."

The female with ahoge on top of her head winked at them. A moon shone down on both enemies and illuminatPerson'sn's fedora and the female's hair.

Raven's skin was pale, shining in the light. She pulled a hoodie over her head, covering her face. The female turned around on her long black boots with low heels and walked off, the scythe disappearing from her hand.

Her enemy jumped on a roof and disappeared.


A girl with a long black cape, black boots, fedora, and red hair jumped on a roof next to the woman and noticed her. She said nothing, only observed the visitor for a while. The girl with red hair had a hunch; she knows who this woman is. She disliked the suspicion.

This enemy is mighty; I can't fight her alone. That's why I must find a companion. I don't know who Sakura Kurumi is. However, I wanted to help her. This future killer's victim has no idea what danger waits for her, she thought.

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