Legend of the Breeze (vol2) - Killer's victim

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Chapter 42 - Christmas 2/2

[Kurumi's POV]:

"I know something that could make you feel better. Follow me." he clutched my hand gently, and we strolled together. I breathed in a red scarf I received, wondering if this is how happiness looks.

Walking for a few minutes, we soon arrived in front of a restaurant close to the park and entered. We sat at one of the last tables. Somebody already placed the menu. Thus we picked it up, and I inspected the menu. In the end, I chose to order tofu with curry rice; disappointed no sausages are on the list. My companion ordered tempura, fried vegetables, meat, and seafood.

The table we sat at appeared to be light brown with a white tablecloth. The walls surrounding us were colored white. On the left side stops big windows, covering the whole wall. The food was delicious, and I wanted to pay. Nonetheless, Pablo refused.

Outside I observed the trees with a ton of lights as if I never saw it before. I moved my head today, Pablo. "I'm glad you brought me here."

"Me too." he grinned at me. "Glad you're enjoying it."

"No, really, this is the best gift ever." I hugged him in front of a lamp.

"Not the only gift." he winked at me, kissing me on the forehead.

I gazed upon the sky, seeing it's grey, and it may begin snowing or raining. It did as we hurried home. We held hands the whole time. Only as we returned to the house, he dropped my hand and unlocked the door.

We undressed from the wet clothes, placing them on the radiator. "Your grandpa is really from Spain?" I questioned as we sat on the couch, holding cups of hot chocolate.


"Can he speak Japanese?"


"Oh, um, how about English?"

"He can't speak English."

"So, he speaks only Spanish?"


"Oh, no... How do I say 'Hi!' to him, if he doesn't speak Japanese?"

"I can teach you a few basic words. 'Hola' is hello, 'Adios' is goodbye, you say 'Me llame' and then your name to introduce yourself."

"Okay, so, Hola, me llame Sakura Kurumi."

"Europeans switch the name; the surname is second."

"Mhm. And how do you say you can't speak Spanish?"

"No puedo hablar español."

"Uhh..." How can his voice sound so native when he speaks Spanish?

By seventeen o'clock, the parents came home. "Good afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Nakajima."

"Hi, Ku," they answered. Mai hugged her mom and automatically talked cheerfully. Marshmallow jumped on their legs, Pablo ordering him to stop, and he listened, sitting on the floor. He received a treat and happily chewed it.

"When will grandpa come?" Mai asked Aaron.

"He should be here soon. Probably at eighteen o'clock."

"Yay! Haven't seen grandpa for soo long!"

Aaron, with Nanami, left for the train station to make sure the older adult is okay. It caused me to think of my grandpa and feel sadness. After the court drama, his condition worsened. The town I lived in appeared small, and people hated me. Someone even threw a rock at me. Knowing it is my fault, grandpa, at some point, collapsed in my arms. He gave me something which disappeared the moment I received it. I guess maybe I was hallucinating. He said: "You'll need this one day." The older adult wished to say something more but died before he could. I still ask myself what did he mean.

Lost in my thoughts, I forgot to notice the siblings' excitement and their parents returning with the older man. All of the siblings hurried and hugged this man. They all spoke in Spanish, and I only awkwardly smiled. Nanami seemed a bit insecure, too; however, she could talk about the language slightly.

"Esta es Kurumi, Nuestra amiga." Pablo gazed at me. The older man also eyeballed me, and I made a step forward. "Um, Hola. Me llame Kurumi Sakura."

"Ah, un placer conocerte, Kurumi."

Mizuki translated what he said: "Pleasure to meet you, Kurumi."

I nodded with a grin on my face. He reaches his hand to me. I stared at it in confusion; this is how Europeans greet each other! We shook hands. He simpered at me through his glasses. I got to shake hands with a real European! Amazing!

The older adult apologized for not having any gifts for me, but I thought that's okay. Afterward, I had dinner with the family, including a pleasant conversation. The members translated the words to me, and I felt thankful for it.

A ton of food covered the table - a strange soup with weird noodles, that Aaron explained is called 'Galets soup.' It is Spanish, Christmas cake, KFC chicken, champagne (only for adults), cola, miso soup, paella (Spanish national food).

I also tasted the Spanish soup and paella. It had a delicious taste to my surprise. I took a bite of almost everything on the table, soon being full.

"We should open the gifts now," Aaron spoke when half of the food disappeared. "Who's going to hand them?"

"I could!" Mai volunteered excitedly and walked to there. She picked the first gift and looked at who it is. "For dad."

She handed him the present. He carefully took the paper off and found a lovely blue scarf. "I needed this! Thanks!"

The following person became Nanami, the older adult, Mai, Pablo, me. Nobody opened a gift from me yet; still, I couldn't wait.

I curiously gazed at the gift, taking the wrapping paper off carefully. Who is it from? What's in the box?

In it was a stuffed ball, a catch flag with eyes - a countryball. It looked homemade.

"Aww!" I hugged it.

Pablo picked the present from me, and I observed him impatiently. He took the paper off, revealing the glass bowl and head it with both of his hands. He gasped. "This is amazing!"

"Do you like it?" I smiled lightly.

"It is from you? It looks beautiful!" he eyed the glass bowl from every angle.

"You can take the dog from the bridge and also the whole thing from the bowl."

Pablo took the dog out and caressed it with his finger. "This is amazing! You must have a secret talent!"

He very carefully placed the glass bowl on the table and hugged me tightly. Pablo looked like he wants to kiss me but is too shy in front of everyone.

"Is the countryball from you?"


"Thank you."

Mizuki opened a gift from me too. "Awwww!"

She received a miniature garden with sakura trees, a bridge, and a koi pond as well. Plus, on a bench sat a girl resembling Mizuki, holding a makeup brush.

Pablo was observing the object, still wonderstruck. "How long did this take you?"

"Uh, about two days."

"You're amazing! This is amazing!"

Mai shared the same opinion as she opened hers. I made her one with miniature bunnies and kittens, sakura trees, a bench, bridge, and a koi pond. "AWWWW! SO, SO, SO CUTE!"

"I love you, lady Ku!" she hugged me.

Aaron, with Nanami, seemed surprised, as they realized I have some for them too. I felt the same when I received some from them.

They hugged to my bigger surprise, and it was like if I belonged to the family. I have acquired many things - holiday desserts, cookies, a treat jar, the countryball, headphones, and much with stars. It also had a quote written on it:

"Good friends are like stars; you don't always see them,

but you know they're always there.

-Christy Evans"

I found this mug beautiful. The next things I was given were a scar, a thermal punch box, a small food keychain, shampoo, and a fake flower crown. Crying, I hugged everyone, including the older adult.

"Oh my god, I n-never expected to get this m-many gifts!"

"Neither did we." laughed Aaron, "You really didn't have to buy so many gifts."

"I h-had to. I w-wanted you to be happy."

"The gardens are amazing! So the dolls!" Mai giggled.

"You did an amazing job." agreed Pablo.

"This is beautiful." Mizuki was lightly smiling.

So much support... I love my friends. I love this family; however, this is too beautiful to be real. Is this dream? If it's the reality, it's not going to last long.

"It's already late, Ku. It would be better if you sleepover here." Nanami worried.

"Yes, I counted with that. I brought clothes and brush and toothpaste with myself."

"I see."

Aaron helped his dad to guestroom upstairs, and Mai disappeared to her room. Mizuki and Pablo viewed Kurumi questioningly.

"In who's room do you want to sleep?"

"Maybe Pablo's...?"


I brushed my teeth and dressed in pajamas I brought from home. I lay next to Pablo, who moved closer and wrapped his arms around me.

"Thank you," he mumbled, which caused me to smile and close my eyes.

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