Legend of the Breeze (vol2) - Killer's victim

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Chapter 43 - Family tragedy

[Kurumi's POV]:

Raindrops thudded on the window, and I opened my eyes. I got up and gently opened the door, careful not to wake Pablo up.
Later, everyone woke up, though I was the first. For breakfast, I ate some sausages. The older adult decided he's going to leave tomorrow. I chose to leave now, not desiring to bother the family.
Mrs. Nakajima gave me a bag for all her gifts. Pablo hugged me outside, kissing me on the lips. "Thank you for the gift, really. You put a lot of effort into it."
"I'm glad you like it." I smiled lightly. For a few moments, we were smiling and locking eyes.

"I'm glad you invited me to your place too. I'm really thankful."
"Yeah..." Pablo looked like he wanted to say something more, but Mai came in.
"Hey, Ku! You're leaving already?! Can't you stay for a little longer?"
"I have to prepare for exams, you know."
"Haven't you practiced enough already?"
"Unfortunately, no."
"Hi, Ku. I'm glad you came to our place." Mizuki appeared beside Mai, giving me a light smile. "The gifts you gave us were amazing."
"See ya, Ku!" Mai waved to me.


I placed a bag with clothes on the ground at home and made myself a cup of hot chocolate. Suddenly I regret coming home. I should stay at lunch too. I'd be with Pablo and Mizuki, my friends. Mai, too.
Everything would have been fine if the voices didn't start again.
"What if it's all a dream?"
"He's trying to kill you..."
"The nightmare warned you."
"Don't you remember?"
"We're warning you, Sakura Kurumi."
"You should listen."
"What do you mean, Pablo's trying to kill me?"
"Wasn't Keichii nice too?"
"Stop dwelling in the past."
"Keichii was nice; you ignored the red flags."
"Listen to us."
"He's planning to kill you."
"He is coming."
"So dumb."
"Lock the door."
"He's out there!"
".... Is coming...
".... for you."
"She didn't realize it."
"Put your rose glasses off."
"Sometimes, people are not what they seem."
"Mei isn't proud."
"You're with him. Not her."
"You want to forget her, after everything she has done for you. Are you crazy?"

"Don't drag Mei into this." My hands shook.
"He's going to end like Mei one day."
"He's just nice to manipulate with you."
"Doesn't love you."
"Will reveal his true colors later."
"Don't you remember the stories about girls who had perfect boyfriends, but then they got pregnant, and the boyfriend's personality changed?"
"He may be a jerk."
"He doesn't love you. It's fake."
"Stay silent."
"What he's gonna do after finding out what monster you are?"
"Mentally unstable. No self-control. Hears voices. Is obsessed with one person. Addicted to only one person. So clingy."
"No wonder nobody loves you."
"Abandoned. Crazy."
".... Abandoned because crazy."
"Worthless. Nobody will be proud of you, no matter what you do."
"Because you don't have anyone."
"Everyone left. Everyone vanished. Everyone died."
"Blood dripped from the knife, blood-colored walls, ground, and lawn red."
"... Someone already died because of you. Because of your actions."
"He feels sorry for you. Probably has a feeling you're weird. She never talks about her family. Just brags, so people feel sorry for her."

I couldn't hold it anymore, and tears soaked my cheeks. If this continues, I'm gonna lose control again, and someone will die this time. A painful memory appeared in my mind.


"It's okay, Ku. We love you." mom smiled. She had raven hair covering the left side of her face and lively light blue eyes. She ruffled through her hair. I shifted my eyes from mom to dad as I sat on her lap. His hair was long and white, eyes green.
I buried my face in mom's chest and inhaled her sweet scent. Mom wiped my tears off. "It's okay. Does it still hurt?"
I nodded, and mom blew on the bruise on my right arm, making me giggle. This was before the tragedy. The family photo is torn apart. My life went downhill. My mom's eyes turned cold. She didn't care anymore. She was different, distant, cold.

I sat at my mother's lap again, and dad stood behind me. I did the 'V' letter with my fingers, smiling into the camera. Three days later, we were sitting on the couch and looking at our family photo. I laughed.
"You will go to school really soon. Are you excited about school, Kuru?" dad asked.
"Sure! Will it be like kindergarten?"
"Well... a little different. You will see." Mom responded. Later she went to sign some papers and announced I would attend school tomorrow. How will it be like?

The first day I've been feeling frightened. Mom showed me thumbs up. The second day was different, but I liked it. I got used to it, and soon that was about to change.

I came home and threw my bag on the floor. "I'm home, mom!"
Mom sat at the table, leaning on her arm. She stared into the dining table, not giving me a reply.
I strolled closer. "Mommy?" she slowly moved her bead to me. "Something terrible happened," she said.
"What?" What happened? What terrible? Where's dad?!"
Mom sighed. "Dad... Dad got hit by a car."
"It happened yesterday. There was nothing that we could do."
"What do y-you mean? Where's daddy?" however, my mother stayed silent, not saying anything, and began signing some papers. What happened to my father?!
"Stop asking; it's annoying!" she barked, "I don't desire to talk about it!"

I twitched and lowered my head while she sent me to my room. Maybe she just needed to be alone. I was in my place hungry and used to my caretaker bringing food, so I stepped into the living room again.
"Mommy, I'm hungry."
"Then, take something from the fridge."

I brought a stool and reached my hand to open the fridge. What I wanted was on the top shelf. While balancing, I fell on the kitchen floor, bruising my knees and crying. Normally, mom would ask me what's wrong. Instead, she told me to stop pitying myself.
The situation at schools worsened too; students noticed I'm different and picked on me.


I've never seen my father again. I don't know what caused mom to change. I was bullied afterward, and unable to handle it, I gave the children a taste of their own medicine. I also made Mei suffer because she had a family; seeing her constantly at the park or anywhere with loving parents made me angry. Shinshu appeared and possessed me. But later, I realized Mei is actually great, apologized to her and the other children... We became friends. So why when I tried to fix my mistakes... Did she have to die? And my mom has taken to the psychiatric hospital. I wished to die, yet, my attempt was unsuccessful. In my next chance to live, Keichii got attacked by me, and now the voices are getting worse.
I wish my own mother loved me, or only if my father was alive. Suppose I knew who killed Mei. If my life is only consisting of pain and suffering, what's the point of me living?
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